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Although the director made light of it, the people in the heretic bureau who heard the news took a long time to digest the whole thing.

What did he say just now That SS grade heretic wouldnt hurt anyone and had even become a member of their heretic bureau.

This heretic had come to their lair.

Was he not an undercover agent

Oh, heretics didnt seem to have brains.

But that was an SS-grade heretic.

To those of them who had come into contact with heresy and understood it, it was simply a god-like existence.

Although it was an evil god.

What was even more ridiculous was that little girl.

Previously, they had seen clearly that when Fu Ye was sparring with Battle Maniac Tang Huan, this SS-grade heretic was standing behind her to protect her.

So that was the good relationship the director was referring to.

From the look of it, the heretic was like a bodyguard and obedient.

But why did everything that happened today feel like a dream

While the others were digesting the news that Yin Shian was an SS-grade heretic, Lu Xiaocha, Yin Shian, Fu Ye, and her brother began to dissect the snake.

It was so big that even if the entire freezer of the heretic bureau was big enough, it definitely wouldnt be able to fit in.

However, it would be much easier after it was broken down.

The scales of the serpent were piled on the ground, and some bones had been disassembled.

This could not be eaten, so Lu Xiaocha generously gave it to the heretic bureau.

There was also the blood and small scales of the snake that they had previously discussed.

As for the other scales, she asked Fu Ye and Lu Beifeng, “Do you want these”

The young lady was very protective.

Of course, she would give anything good to her own people first.

Fu Ye tossed a piece of snake scale in his hand.

This thing was light and tough.

His dagger could only leave light marks on it.

It was the best material for protective equipment.


He couldnt let such a good thing go to the heretic bureau.

Beside him, the director looked at him wistfully, his glare almost piercing.

Fu Ye did not see it as if he was blind.

When the child finished counting her meat, he found someone to help him put it in the freezer.

In the end, Lu Xiaocha brought a lot home.

Fu Ye could not go back yet.

He had to have a good talk with the higher-ups.

No matter what, he had to get some benefits for that little brat.

Yin Shian was also left behind.

There was a separate dormitory on the ninth floor of Building 4.

It was also the highest level.

The people who lived here were the few people who were the most difficult to deal with in the heretic bureau.

To his left and right lived the battle maniac Tang Huan.

Opposite him lived the perverted doctor.

Diagonally opposite him lived Xie Suian.

Two of them coveted his body!

The car drove the Lu siblings all the way to Lu Manor.

Lu Xiaocha carried a sack of things and the huge vase.

Lu Beifengs shoulder was injured, so he could not carry anything too heavy.

However, he carried the sword that his sister had given him.

The snake meat and the sack of walnuts were carried in by a couple of fit bodyguards.

It wasnt that she didnt want to take the walnuts.

It was just that the sack containing the treasure was too heavy.

The four of them probably wouldnt be able to carry it away, so she had to do it herself.

As soon as they entered, the family welcomed them.

The Lu family members eyelids twitched when they saw what Lu Xiaocha was carrying.

Pei Anrans heart ached.

“Xiaocha, why did you come back with so many things!”

They all looked so heavy.

“Let me do it,” Lu Zhan said.

He wanted to help his daughter, but Lu Xiaocha avoided him.

“No, Daddy, I can manage!”

Fu Ye and Fourth Brother could not pick it up.

What if Dad could not pick it up That would be embarrassing.

The child carried something bigger than her and walked towards the Lu family villa.

From afar, it looked like a huge sack with two slender short legs.

The four members of the Lu family hurriedly followed her, afraid that she would fall.

Lu Beifeng was left standing alone at the door.

What about me It wasnt easy for me to come back, but you didnt even look at me! He thought.

“Fourth Young Master.” Fortunately, a butler had noticed him.

The young man winced.

“My dad and the others… didnt notice me”

“How could that be They just havent reacted yet.”

Lu Beifeng chuckled and expressed his doubts.

He fell behind, his face dark as he followed.

It was only when he walked into the house that his mother noticed him.

“Eh Feng, when did you come back”

Lu Beifeng was speechless.

He glanced at the butler. Is that what you meant by not reacting He thought.

The butler smiled but did not respond.

“Yo, Fourth Brother, you came back at a good time today.”

Lu Beilin patted him warmly on the shoulder.

Lu Beifeng shook his hand off his shoulder expressionlessly.

“I came back with Xiaocha.”

Why did his tone sound a little shaky

The family was speechless.

This was a little awkward.

Lu Beilin silently retracted his hand and rubbed his nose, pretending that he had not said those words.

Lu Beichen and Lu Zhan looked away.

Pei Anran said, “Son, when did you practice invisibility”

Lu Beifeng was speechless.

Does this family no longer have room for me Lu Beifeng thought desperately.

“Whats wrong You look awful.”

It was her son after all.

What happened just now was just an accident.

Pei Anran quickly realized that something was wrong with his expression.

Lu Beifeng paused.

He was about to say that he was fine.

Lu Zhan asked, “Are you hurt”

‘Well, Dads eyes were as sharp as ever.


The one on my shoulder isnt much of a wound.

Its been treated.

Ill be taking time off to rest at home.”

Pei Anran looked at it with heartache.

Although she was quite happy that her son could take leave to rest at home, she could not be happy because of his injury.

Lu Beifeng tried his best to calm his family down.

Lu Xiaocha also looked at her fourth brothers wound.

He looked much better after the medicine and the poisonous blood was forced out.

Relieved, Lu Xiaocha placed the porcelain bottle in front of Lu Zhan.

“Daddy, this is for you.”

Lu Zhan quickly steadied himself.

The moment he touched the porcelain bottle, he knew that it was definitely top-grade porcelain.

Moreover, this porcelain was… bone porcelain

The bone porcelain looked crystal clear and lustrous under the light.

This did match, but… such a big bone porcelain

“Mom, this is for you.

This is for Third Brother.

This is for my youngest brother.”

She took out everything and stuffed them into the hands of her family.

She even had gifts for the butler.

Anyway, these couldnt be eaten.

It wouldnt hurt if she gave them away.

It didnt matter if she took more from the underground palace.

Everyone was dumbfounded by Lu Xiaochas gift.

Didnt she go out with Fu Ye Where did she go! Not only did she bring her fourth brother back, but she also brought back so many gifts

Especially when Pei Anran and Lu Beilin opened the box, they gasped.

Pei Anran stared blankly at the huge Night-Luminescent Pearl in the box, and her breathing froze.

As the lady of the Lu family, she had participated in many auctions and seen many good things.

However, she was still shocked beyond words by the things her daughter brought back.


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