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After being beaten one by one, the cloaked man who had finally been sent out squirmed and refused to attack.

In the end, he was pushed forward by the other four.


No matter what, just try!

Fu Ye watched the show from the side without any intention of helping his teammates.

He was really irresponsible as a captain.

The heretic bureau probably knew what kind of person he was, so they didnt expect him to do anything at all.

The cloaked mans name was Yu Jie, and he was severely anti-social.

This was why he was wearing a cloak and wrapped himself up.

If one didnt know better, they would think that he was a villain.

After a while, he closed his eyes and said, “Our heretic bureaus canteen food is delicious!”

This was the first time Lu Xiaocha had heard him speak.

She felt that his voice was trembling slightly.

But what he said made her eyes light up.

The four people from the Heretic Bureau did not notice.

The Daoist priest angrily knocked Yu Jies head with his horsetail whisk.

“Who would join the heretic bureau for food.”

Fan Geng held his machete.

“Youre even less reliable than I am!”

“Hehe, thats ridiculous.

Who would work for the food in the canteen”

The witch said, “We probably cant accomplish our mission.”


Just as they were complaining, they heard the child say something.

They were stunned for a long time.

The flashy man looked at Lu Xiaocha in disbelief.

“What did you just say Did we hallucinate”

Lu Xiaocha asked them with bright eyes, “Is the food in your canteen really delicious”

It was indeed ridiculous.

There was really someone who was willing to join the heretic bureau for food.

All the enviable conditions they had mentioned previously had failed to move her, but Yu Jies seemingly unreliable reason had moved her!

The Daoist priest and the others were stunned for a moment, then excited.

“You really want to join our heretic bureau”

The flashy guy said, “And bring your family!”

He was referring to the zombie, Yin Shian.

Lu Xiaocha persistently asked questions about the canteen.

“The canteen food is really good”

They nodded eagerly.

“Paradise on Earth,” said the Daoist priest.

“Absolutely unique,” said the flashy man.

“Best in the world,” said Fan Geng.

“One of a kind,” said the witch.

Three seconds later, seeing that Yu Jie was silent, they glared at him.

Yu Jie: “…Its super delicious.”

Fu Ye felt his eyes hurt.

“You guys are doing stand-up comedy!”


Lin Qings lips twitched.

Was everyone in this heretic bureau normal

He looked at Fu Ye.

Oh, he was indeed abnormal.


Why are you looking at me like that Fu Ye thought.

Lu Beifeng frowned.

“No, my sister is still so young.

Shes still in school.”

The Daoist priest returned to his sage-likeliar appearance.

“No, no.

The heretic bureau is peaceful in the present world, but its also detached from the outside world.

You can achieve great things if you dont bother with trivial matters like this…”

Lu Beifengs face darkened.

“Speak English.”

The coquettish man coughed.

“Ahem… our heretic bureau is short of people.

No matter what, lets grab them first.”

Everyone was speechless.

“And were not really letting your sister take on missions or anything.

Its mainly for that.

No one in our heretic bureau can control that SS-grade big boss, so were just tricking, no, asking Lu Xiaocha to join the heretic bureau to keep an eye on him.”

Fan Geng shouted loudly, “What are you hesitating for You can get your salary without doing anything.

Where else can you find such a good thing”

Lu Xiaocha nodded like a chicken pecking at rice, mainly agreeing with the last sentence.

Lu Beifeng was speechless.

Youre undermining your brother here! Lu Beifeng thought.

Knowing that Lu Xiaocha cared about food the most, the style of the heretic bureau began to change.

They praised the heretic bureaus canteen to the heavens and the earth.

The look in Lu Xiaochas eyes seemed to be saying, “Why are you still hesitating If you miss this village, you wont have this shop anymore.

Hurry up and take action.”

At this moment, Fu Ye came out and grabbed the child.

“Dont push it.

Ill talk to that old man about the child.”

As long as there was food, this little girl could be tricked away foolishly.

He had to help check on her.

Good treatment could not be lacking.

The child was so young now, so there was no need for her to do any work.

The members of the heretic bureau were speechless.

Damn, this guy must have joined the heretic bureau to pry!

While Lin Qing and Lu Beifeng were still recuperating, Lu Xiaocha couldnt stay idle.

She huffed and puffed as she took a few sacks out of her backpack.

How embarrassing it would be to return empty-handed.

Fu Ye was speechless.

This damned familiar feeling.


“Lets go and find something to eat.”

After saying that, she ran away with Yin Shian.

The others gaped.

“Whats she doing there”

She even carried two large sacks.

Fu Ye was expressionless.

“As long as its edible, she can fit it in.”

Lu Beifeng was very unhappy.

This kind ofoutsider knew his sister better than him.


It seemed that he had to go back and stay for a while.

He happened to be injured and had an excuse to go home to recuperate.

“I also have something to do first.”

The Daoist priest made a show of shaking off the horsetail whisk, then ran off with the wind at his feet.

This mountain range was a treasured place.

Perhaps there was some treasure waiting for him!

“Where is this walnut tree you mentioned”

Yin Shian pointed in a direction.

“That way.”

As Lu Xiaocha walked with the sacks, she instructed, “Pick up more.

Take a few to nourish Fu Yes brain.”

Yin Shian nodded with certainty.

He really needed to nourish his brain.

They came to a large walnut tree and stopped.

“Its huge!”

One of the walnuts wrapped in the green peel was bigger than her fist.

Pick them up, pick them up.

A certain child was like a squirrel hoarding food for the winter.

She began to work diligently.

There was also a person beside her who helped without complaint.

The human and zombie quickly collected a full sack.

Lu Xiaocha put the sack aside.

Just as she was about to continue, the sack she had filled with walnuts suddenly fell.

Lu Xiaocha: “!!!”

In an instant, she pounced forward and grabbed it.

She fell down as well.

“My walnuts!”

Even if she fell, she wouldnt let go.

Seeing this, Yin Shian also jumped down.

The next second, the secret door on the ground closed.

Everything was quiet as if nothing had happened.

It was as if she had fallen into an endless abyss.

She hugged the sack full of walnuts with her hands and feet and fell.

Her snow-white face could still be seen clearly in the darkness, and her clear eyes were sparkling.


The sound of chains sounded.

Yin Shian threw the chains on his body and inserted them into the stone wall.

He stood on the chains and stretched out his arms, holding the sack in one hand and Lu Xiaocha in the other.

Lu Xiaocha flailed her arms and legs and cursed as she looked at the dark place.

“Who did such a wicked thing and dug a hole here I almost lost my walnuts!”

She was so angry that she turned into a pufferfish!


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