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However, when he took the jade pendant, he realized that this pendant was extraordinary.

He sized it up carefully for a moment, his eyes filled with a fondness for this jade pendant.

“Im afraid only the royal descendants of ancient times could afford something like this.

Where did you get it, Xiaocha”

“I picked it up from the mountain.”

That casual tone made it sound as if she had just picked up some junk on the mountain.

Lu Beichen testified at the side, “My sister did pick it up.

She was especially lucky.”

Everyone was speechless.

I can see that. They thought.

Seeing that his Mom and Dad both had presents, Lu Beilin leaned over eagerly.

“What about me, sister None for me”

Lu Xiaocha looked over with her clear eyes, her face a little conflicted.

She hadnt prepared a present for her third brother.

She hadnt picked up anything else, except for a zombie, but Third Brother probably wouldnt want it.

She had also given the dagger to Fu Ye.

Oh right!

“You can have this.”

She held out a round egg-sized pearl.

Yin Shian had given it to her.


Lu Beilin took the Night-Luminescent Pearl and was shocked to his core.

Their parents were also speechless.

They looked at each other.

Her good luck could not be described by words.

Pei Qin and Pei Xue could not take their eyes off the Night-Luminescent Pearl the moment it was taken out.

If what Lu Xiaocha took out previously only made them envious, then Pei Qin wanted this Night-Luminescent Pearl for herself.

Women loved jewelry, and Pei Qin was no exception.

If not for her lack of financial resources, she would want the most expensive and best of everything.

“Beilin, its useless for a man like you to have this Night-Luminescent Pearl.

Why dont you sell it to Aunt I really like it.”

Pei Qin spoke eagerly, forgetting to pretend.

Lu Beilin was holding the Night-Luminescent Pearl and looking at it carefully.

When he heard Pei Qins words, he sneered.

“Are you kidding me, Aunt”

The young man smiled and looked very easy to talk to.

“Not only do women like such treasures, but men also flock to them.

Otherwise, the ancient people wouldnt have treated the Night-Luminescent Pearl as a precious treasure and offered it to the emperor.

Besides… Aunt, even if you want to buy it, can you afford it”

Pei Qin felt as if a knife had been stabbed into her heart.

She stuttered.

She was just saying that she wanted to buy it as a joke.

How could she afford it Who knew that this brat Lu Beilin would not give her any face at all

Pei Qin rolled her eyes.

Seeing that Lu Xiaocha had given everyone gifts except her and her daughter, the resentment in her eyes flashed.

With a smile on her face, she suddenly stepped forward to pull Lu Xiaochas arm, but she dodged and missed.

She didnt like the touch of a stranger, or shed be tempted to wring her hand.

The smile froze on Pei Qins face, but she quickly recovered.

“Really, look at me.

I was so excited to see you that I forgot to give you a present.”

With that, she painfully took out an emerald bracelet from her handbag.

“Its a glass-type jade bracelet I bought from an auction.

It cost me three million.

Come here, Ill put it on you.”

“Mom.” Pei Xue bit her lip with unwillingness in her eyes.

This bracelet was originally hers.

Pei Qin glared at her.

Idiot, Lu Xiaocha had so many good things on her.

As long as she could exchange this jade for one, she would profit.

She enthusiastically wanted to pull Lu Xiaocha over to put it on for her, but a slender hand reached over and stopped her.

“Sister, theres no need.”

Pei Anran looked at her with a faint smile.

“You should leave this bracelet to Pei Xue.

Zhan and I will give her presents ourselves.”

“How can that be the same This is my gift to Xiaocha as her aunt.

Sister and Brother-in-law, you wont despise me, right”

Pei Anran was about to say something when Lu Beilin suddenly said, “Sure, you cant refuse an elders gift.

Xiaocha, come accept the gift and say thank you.”

Lu Xiaocha was very obedient and obediently took the gift from Pei Qin.

Lu Beilin blinked at her.

“Little Treasure Hunter Rat, do you still have any other things you picked up on the mountain”

Lu Xiaocha replied with her big round eyes, “No, Ive given away all the things I picked up on the mountain.”

Lu Beilin smiled as he looked at Pei Qin, whose expression had suddenly stiffened and turned ugly.

He almost laughed out loud.

Pei Qin had suffered a double loss.

She bit her lip to keep herself from demanding the bracelet back.

Lu Beilin smiled like a sly fox.

“Aunt is really generous this time.

Its getting late.

Come over often in the future.”

Lu Zhan and Pei Anran didnt say anything to stop them.

Pei Qin was so angry that her fingertips were trembling.

In the end, she left with Pei Xue.

After leaving Lu Manor, her expression completely darkened.

Her eyes were filled with hatred as she angrily flung the bag in her hand!

“Damn, damn, damn! B*tches, a bunch of b*tches!”

Seeing her mother go crazy, Pei Xue hid in fear.

“One day, everything that belongs to Pei Anran will become mine.

At that time, I will make that little b*tch Lu Xiaocha die a horrible death! And Pei Anrans sons too!”

Pei Xue lowered her eyes.

She had heard her mother say this more than a hundred times.

After Pei Qin left, Pei Anran sighed, her eyes filled with disappointment.

How did it become like this

Lu Zhan, who knew her well, patted her hand.

“Its not your fault.”

Pei Anran smiled.

“I just blame myself for not insisting on keeping her with me to raise her myself.”

Lu Zhan pursed his lips and held her hand quietly.

It was easy to say, but under such circumstances, what could she, a little girl who was ostracized and secretly suppressed by her stepmother, do

He was in the same situation as Pei Anran back then, but his wifes stepmother was more scheming and vicious.

After all, he had personally taken care of his younger brother.

“Mom, are you sad Why dont we put a sack over her” Lu Xiaocha looked at Pei Anran and suggested seriously.


Mother Lu immediately smiled and hugged the little girl in her arms, stroking her furry head.

“Im fine.

Shes just an unimportant person.

I just dont know what to tell your grandmother in the future.”

Shed promised to protect her sister, but now things have become like this.

Lu Xiaocha nodded.

“Take her to Grandma to beat her up.

If she doesnt listen, shell behave after being beaten.”

Pei Anran was stunned for a moment before her lips curled into a smile.

Thats right… Her sisters being disobedient.

If Mom was still around, shed give her a piece of her mind.

“But fortunately, you have an uncle.

He may not be related to us by blood, but he treats me like his own sister.”

Seeing that his wife was in a good mood, Lu Zhan changed the topic.

He said, “Xiaocha, Dads got someone to get you transferred.

Youre going to school with your brother.”

Lu Xiaocha was speechless.

Her face cracked.

She had never gone to school in the apocalypse, so she really did not want to go to school.

Lu Xiaocha buried her head in her mothers arms and asked in a muffled voice.

“Can I not go to school”

“No, you cant.”

Pei Anran could satisfy her daughters every request but this.

Children who dont go to school to make friends have no childhood.

Even if studying was painful, school days were precious memories in adulthood.

In the end, Lu Xiaocha had to go to school.

Lu Beichen was the happiest about this.

The noble young master sat upright, the corners of his mouth curling up.


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