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Pei Qin took the opportunity to talk to Lu Zhan.

Lu Beilin was best at dealing with such people.

Pei Qin said, “Brother-in-law is so good to my sister, but I have a hard life.

Why did I marry such a scumbag back then in the first place If only I could find someone like Brother-in-law to protect me forever.”

Lu Beilin crossed his legs and sat lazily.

His tone was also lazy.

“Isnt that so Aunt, why didnt you wear some glasses back then Mom told you that your stepmother was up to no good.

Sigh… If you dont listen to good people, youll suffer.

But itll be difficult for you to find someone like my father.

After all, youre old and have a child, there arent many options out there.”

Pei Qin said, “Brother-in-law, this is a watch I bought overseas.

When I looked at it, I thought of you.

Thank you for taking care of me and Xue all these years.

I dont have as much money as my sister and cant afford expensive things.

I hope you dont mind.”

Lu Beilin was surprised.

“Aunt, you said that my father looks like a watch That cant be right.

However, my mother is indeed quite rich.

After all, my fathers money is being kept by her.

She can use it however she wants.

However, this watch… is indeed not presentable outside.

Its embarrassing for a CEO of my fathers status to wear it.”


Pei Qin was speechless.

The person she hated the most in the Lu family was Lu Beilin.

Every time she said something, he would easily retort back with a vicious tongue.

Pei Anran sat in her chair elegantly, sipping her tea and watching the show.

She more or less understood Pei Qins feelings.

When she first found out, she found it unbelievable.

She had also tried to talk to Pei Qin, but realized that she couldnt get through to her at all, so she gave up in the end.

It was also because of this that her last bit of blood relationship with Pei Qin faded.

It was just that she hadnt fallen out with her in person.

Furthermore, the reason why they didnt stop her from coming to the Lu residence now was that there was something they needed to confirm.


A cold glint flashed across Pei Anrans eyes.


Lu Zhan didnt pay attention to Pei Qin the entire time.

He only fed his daughter the pastries sent by Xiangyunzhai.

The little girl was serious and cute when she ate.

She was a soft little thing, so it was very fulfilling to feed her.

Lu Xiaocha slowly gritted her teeth while holding the pastry that her father handed over.

Her black eyes looked at Pei Qin and her daughter, who were so angry that they almost couldnt maintain their expressions.

Then, she looked at her powerful brother and burped.

She could watch the show and eat her fill.

The world was perfect.

Oh yes, did she forget something

“Mom …”

Pei Anran responded and stroked her daughters furry head in satisfaction.

“I have something for you.”

Lu Beichen remembered it too.

He had been so engrossed in watching the show that he had forgotten about it.

Lu Xiaocha ran upstairs and Lu Beichen followed her.

She couldnt take all those things alone.

When the twins went downstairs again, Lu Xiaocha was holding a pot of orchids.

Under the light, the jade-like orchids seemed to emit a gentle light.

With just a glance from afar, Pei Anran was so stunned that she stood up and stared at the unbelievably beautiful orchid in her daughters arms in shock.

Lu Xiaocha stuffed the orchid into her arms.

“For you, Mom.”

“This… this is White Crown Lotus Cauldron No, this orchid is as white as jade and looks even more elegant than the White Crown Lotus Cauldron.

Ive never seen it before.

Where did you buy it, Xiaocha” Pei Anran was so surprised that her eyes lit up.

Lu Zhan was also surprised for a moment.

Then, his gaze moved from the orchid itself to the flower pot containing the orchid.

He had a hobby of collecting antiques and was particularly fond of china and jade.

Although he was not an expert on firm antiques, he knew a lot about them.

The porcelain jar in his daughters hands used to hold the orchids was very likely to be from the Yuan dynasty.

Blue and white porcelain were elegant and beautiful, and those from the Yuan Dynasty were the most popular.

Many antique lovers liked those from the Yuan Dynasty, especially the officially made ones.

However, at the moment, Lu Zhan couldnt tell if this blue and white porcelain was made by a commoner or an official.

“Sister found this on the mountain!”

Lu Beichen puffed out his chest proudly.

“And this.” He carefully took out the ginseng as thick as his arm.


This time, even Lu Zhan was shocked.

Pei Qin, who had seen the orchids and felt jealous, suddenly stood up.

“Is this… ginseng”

Pei Qin hurriedly said, “This must be fake, right How can there be such big ginseng!”

She couldnt believe her eyes.

Lu Beichen frowned.

“My sister was the one who found this.

I saw it with my own eyes.”

Pei Qin was a little embarrassed.

Such a big ginseng was actually… actually real!

Lu Xiaocha also handed the ginseng to her parents.

“For you.”

Pei Anran didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

“Xiaocha, why are you giving us everything Keep it for yourself.”

Lu Xiaochas eyes were gloomy.

“Can this thing be eaten”

Everyone was speechless.

Pei Qin suddenly raised her voice.

“Do you think this is a radish or something This is ginseng! Do you know how precious this thing is”

She was very envious and stared at the ginseng almost greedily.

She secretly wondered why this thing didnt belong to her.

What kind of luck did this little b*tch have to find so many good things

When Pei Anran heard her say this about her daughter, her smiling face darkened.

“You cant chew it directly, but you can use it for chicken soup.

Its yours, to begin with.

No matter how expensive it is, its just food.

You can eat it however you want.”

Pei Qin was speechless.

Pei Anran was making fun of her!

When she heard that, Pei Qins face turned pale from anger.

However, she couldnt retort and could only look at Lu Zhan pitifully.

Lu Zhan didnt even look at her.

Lu Xiaochas eyes lit up when she heard about the chicken stew, but she stuffed the biggest one at Mom and Dad.

“Take this one.

I have two more, but those two arent as big as this one.”


This time, even Lu Beilin, who was drinking tea, spat it out.

A ginseng that big was enough to shock the world, but what did he just hear His little sister said that there were two more!

This time, even Lu Zhans expressionless face couldnt help but twitch.

“Two more!”

This scream came from Pei Qin.

This time, she couldnt pretend anymore.

Her face was filled with disbelief.

Lu Beichen felt relieved when he saw the familys shocked expressions.

Back then, when they saw Xiaocha find these things one after another, they were also shocked.

His sister was probably the reincarnation of a koi fish.

The few of them had gone around in circles and found nothing, while his sister was digging ginseng out of the ground one moment and stepping on some antique treasure the next.

Their faces were numb with shock.

“Daddy, this is for you.”

Theres more!

Pei Qin was so shocked that she lost her balance and almost fell.

Lu Beilin was speechless.

Lu Xiaocha took out a jade pendant the size of an adults palm.

It was exquisite and white without any impurities.

The little white dragon carved on it was extremely lifelike, as if it would fly out at any time.

Lu Zhans eyes lit up.

It wasnt because of the jade pendant, but because his daughter had given him a gift!


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