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“Sure, I wont tease you anymore.”

Fu Ye raised his hands and promised.

Lu Xiaocha looked at him suspiciously and then stared at the other candied fruits in his hands.


“There you go.”

This time, Fu Ye simply handed them over and rubbed the little girls head.

As passers-by walked past them, many peoples gazes landed on the two of them.

Lu Xiaocha ate very slowly.

Some of the candy melted on her hands, but the girl did not mind.

After eating the candied hawthorns and fruits, she slowly licked her fingers clean like a kitten cleaning itself.

It was adorable.

More and more people stole glances at the beautiful young girl, but they did not dare to approach her.

This was because of the fierce-looking young man sitting beside her.

The two of them did not stay outside for long as Fu Ye still had his own things to do.

It was already difficult for him to make time to accompany the girl to buy candied hawthorns and fruits.

When he left, he looked regretfully at the amusement park.

“I was hoping to take you there.”

Lu Xiaocha also looked at the lively place, her eyes shining.

A calloused palm landed on her head and pressed down gently.

Fu Yes cheerful voice came from above.

“In a few days, when Im done with my things, Ill bring you here to play.”


Lu Xiaochas eyes lit up.

The amusement park before the apocalypse was mentioned in many novels she read.

It was said to be a paradise for children.

She was just a child now, so she could play there!


The girls answer was very clear and straightforward.

Before she knew it, she had become familiar with the young man beside her.

When they returned to the Lu Manor, a tall and handsome young man was sitting expressionlessly on the sofa.

When he heard footsteps, he turned his head to look.

When he saw the young man beside the little girl, his peach blossom eyes behind his glasses were filled with anger.

“Fu Ye, where did you take her!”

He looked at the young man as if he had ruined something precious of his!

Fu Ye looked at the young man who stood up and walked towards them and greeted him.

“We havent seen each other for so long.

Why are you so fierce to me when weve only just met”

Lu Beilin looked down at Lu Xiaocha.

The little girl was drinking a cup of milk tea obediently.

She looked like a weak and easy to bully bunny beside Fu Ye.

“Theres nothing else for you to do here.

Just leave.”

Fu Ye shrugged and raised his hand to rub the little girls hair under Lu Beilins furious gaze.

“Ill bring you more candied hawthorns tomorrow.

I have to go now.”

Lu Xiaocha nodded.


As she watched him leave, she even raised her arm and waved.

“Remember to come early.”

Lu Beilin felt a little jealousy in his heart.


Lu Xiaocha slurped her milk tea and looked up at him with her cat-like crystal clear eyes.

“Third Brother.”

She remembered her mother telling her that her third brother was called Lu Beilin.

Her words were soft, coupled with her cute and obedient appearance, it really hit Lu Beilins soft spot.


“Good girl.

Say it again.”

Lu Beilin stroked her head.

His peach blossom eyes were filled with joy, and a smile appeared on his lips.

“Third Brother.”

Lu Xiaocha obediently called out.

Lu Beilin was overjoyed.

He remembered when Lu Xiaocha had just been born.

Due to the situation at that time, the brothers did not even have the chance to look at their sister before she was stolen.

He had lost the little sister he had been looking forward to for so long!


At the time, they were too young to be of any help.

When they were finally capable of helping, they could not find any leads at all.

Lu Beilin squatted down and touched her face gently with his fingers.

Suddenly, he gently pulled the little girl into his arms.

“Youre finally back.”

He said after a while.

Lu Xiaocha nestled quietly in his arms.

Her third brother had washed away the unpleasant smell from yesterday, and his clothes smelled like the fresh fragrance of shower gel.

Lu Xiaocha did not hate it, whether it was the smell of her brother or this warm hug.

The butler watched from a distance and smiled without interrupting.


Lu Beilin did not go to work today because he wanted to wait for Lu Xiaocha.

That bastard Fu Ye brought his sister out to play and came back so late.

The young man cursed in his heart.

He knew that that guy with thick eyebrows was definitely not a good person!


“Fu Ye is a lunatic.

Xiaocha, try to stay away from him in the future.”

He secretly tried to make things difficult for Fu Ye.

The girl sitting beside him nibbled on a palm-sized pastry and nodded her head.

It was impossible to tell if she was really listening or just patronizing him.

The butler was speechless.

You dont have the right to call others crazy, he thought.

Although he had only spent less than a day with his sister, Lu Beilin quickly found the little girls hobbies.

It was really out in the open.

Anyone could see that she liked to eat.

Even when she was full, she still liked to chew on some dried fruit or small biscuits.

She was also particularly fond of various cartoons and serials.

His favorite thing to do was to sit quietly on the soft sofa, her eyes glued to the television and putting food into her mouth.

Her cheeks were puffed up from eating, and she looked no different from a milky white little hamster.


Lu Beilin was not interested in television.

His slender fingers peeled the plate of pistachios in front of him.

After the small plate was filled with peeled pistachios, he placed it in front of the little girl.

“Thank you, Third Brother ~”

Every time he did that, his sister would thank him softly.

Lu Beilins heart softened as he watched her eat the food he had peeled.

In the afternoon, Lu Beichen returned home.

He was a little surprised to see Lu Beilin.

“Third Brother, why are you back!”

Lu Beilin glanced at him lazily.

The youngest siblings in the family were twins, but even though they had the same face, why did the sister look so much better


“What, I cant come back”

Lu Beichen put down his bag and replied absent-mindedly, “No.”

“Wheres our sister”

He looked around but did not see the little girl.

“Youre talking about Xiaocha.

She went to heat up some milk for me.”

Lu Beilin sneakily bragged, “Hey… Isnt she so sensible”

The butler, who knew that Miss warmed a cup for the Third Young Master only because she wanted to drink it, kept quiet.


You sure do have a way with words, he thought.

However, Lu Beichen believed him and felt a little jealous.

What was going on He was supposed to be the closest with his sister.

After all, they were twins.

Why was she being so nice to their third brother now that he was back!

At this moment, Lu Xiaocha came out of the kitchen with two cups of hot milk.

When she saw Lu Beichen, she naturally greeted him and called him brother.

Lu Beichen was immediately satisfied when he heard this.

“Third Brother, this for you.”

After Lu Xiaocha put down his cup of milk, she took her own cup and took a small sip.

A milky whitemustache immediately appeared on top of her lips.


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