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Chapter 7 – I tried having a mock battle with the prodigy girl

In the middle of my sword training, I was reunited with my childhood friend Labrys.

And then, Mister Sirius said…

“So about today’s training.

I was thinking you two could have a mock battle for the first time in a while and…”

“I refuse.”

Labrys’ response is very quick.

“W-why would I… With this pervert failure”


It sounds terrible, but I also get the feeling that I can’t argue.

“It wouldn’t even serve as training anyway.

The gap between us is too large.”

Well… It’s true.

At this time, she would win in an instant if we faced each other in a mock battle.

Labrys is the opposite of me.

She was always called a prodigy with the sword.

She has high aptitude for physical strengthening and fire magic, and has sharp senses for battle.

She isn’t old enough to be an imperial knight yet, but it’s said that there are already few imperial knights who can defeat her.

“…I have to become strong quickly.

I don’t have time for a mock battle with the likes of Chrom.”

“Yes, I understand how you feel, but I think Chrom is quite strong now.

He could even be stronger than you.”

“Hum, that failure…”

Labrys moves her eyebrows in suspicion.

“…Is that a joke Chrom can’t even use magic.

He has zero magic aptitude and magic energy… I started using a sword after him, but I can already use stage five physical strengthening magic.

He can’t even use stage one.”

And then she glares at me.

“Why is a failure like you even holding a sword Are you still trying to become a knight”

There’s a very cold air between us.

It feels very different than when the two of us and El used to play together.

…Big brother Chrom, let’s become great knights together!

We even made a promise like this when we were kids.

Labrys was a crybaby who couldn’t be left alone, so she was always with me.

(Then again, it feels like I was only a proper senior pupil for a brief moment…)

Her talent bloomed when she was still young.

She quickly surpassed me, and before I knew it she was far out of my reach.

Why is a failure like you with lady Labrys

Can you not disturb lady Labrys’ training, you failure

Adults around us tried to get us to stay apart.

I also felt inferior, and it became harder for me to face her.

Our relationship became gradually more distant, until it turned into dislike.

And in the end, Labrys died before we could ever make up.

“I’m sorry Labrys.

I can’t tell you more about it, but…”

I grip my sword tight.

“There’s a reason why I can’t let go of my sword just yet.”

“…I see.

So you really don’t have any intention of giving up”


I nod, and Labrys closes her eyes for a bit.

“…I guess we can go ahead and do this mock battle.”

She mutters out.

“But if I win… You can never hold a sword ever again.”

“No, that’s…”

Mister Sirius tries to intervene, but…

“All right.

Fine by me.”


Labrys looks at me like she can’t believe it.

I don’t think it even crossed her mind that I would accept.

It’s true.

If I was the same me I was in this era, I would’ve probably ran away from this challenge.

“…Do you really think you can beat me just because you became a little strong”

“Who knows But I have a condition too.”



If I win… Can we become friends like we were before”


She looks like she was completely blind-sided by this.

“W-why would I…”

“It doesn’t look like it’s going to happen otherwise, right”

“Why do you want so badly to…”

“Isn’t it obvious I just want to be friends with you, Labrys.”


The first time around, I didn’t get to make up with her.

She’s very honest, so I know she’ll honor this promise, and at the very least our relationship will be different than the first time.

And if that’s the case, this time…

(…I won’t have to kill Labrys.)

I don’t want to lose her.

No matter how much she doesn’t like me, she’s still a dear childhood friend to me.

“What… Why are you looking at me like that”




You’re not going to beat me anyway.”

“Hum… So can I assume you both agree to this mock battle”



We both nod, leave some distance between us, and hold up our swords.

Labrys has one in each hand.

She’s very good with physical strengthening magic, so she’s very strong despite how slender she looks.

But more importantly, she’s fast.

Any time we had a mock battle, it would end with her sword pointed at me before I could even react.

“The rules will be the same as when you face me.

Magic is allowed, and the battle will be over when one of you is unable to keep fighting or surrenders.

But try to avoid injuring your opponent, even though you are using blades and magic.”

Labrys and I silently nod, and Mister Sirius raises his hand.

“Well then.


And with that, it’s over.”


It ends in a second like it always did, but this time with a different winner.

Labrys is completely frozen, and her eyes are wide open.

And pointed at the white nape of her neck, is my sword.

“…Can we call it here”


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