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Chapter 52 – Drago of Scarlet

“The winner is, Mister Chrom Chronogate!”

Those words were followed by cheers.

“You did it Chrom.”

“Well, that’s to be expected.”

El and Labrys were the first two to run to him, but not the last.

“We lost…!”

“Thank you for this battle! It was a good learning experience!”

“Is your fighting style the Moonhart style”

“What kind of training do you usually do”

The maids he was fighting also gathered around Chrom.

And then…

“…Well done.”

Everyone turned around, and saw someone who was not supposed to be there.


Lizbell’s face turned pale in the space of a second.

The one person who couldn’t see this, saw it.

The stern looking man with slicked back red hair.

The father of Lizbell and Labrys, the head of one of the four major houses of this kingdom, and the general of this nation’s army, Drago of Scarlet.

He didn’t introduce himself.

There was no need for him to do so.

His face and presence were his business card.

Chrom quickly corrected his posture, and bowed.

“It is an honor to meet you, Lord Scarlet.

I have been hearing tales of your brave deeds for a long time… I am very grateful for your invitation…”

“I hate this polite way of speaking.”

He said, stopping Chrom’s words.

“I saw your strength.

I heard about it from Sirius too, but your sword is nothing less than tremendous.

I cannot imagine how someone your age reached so far.”

“T-thank you.”

Chrom was casually praised.

Of course, for someone who didn’t know the context, it all seemed very normal, but…

Lizbell and the maids were amazed.

(Father… Complimented someone)

Lizbell had never seen something like this before.

This was someone who would not speak in a diplomatic way.

He would never compliment someone who was not as strong or stronger than himself.

But that meant… This could describe the boy standing in front of them.

“But in comparison, you… Lizbell.”


Lizbell’s father turned to her and glared.

That was enough for cold sweat to break out of her entire body.

The pressure was immense.

Like she was standing in front of a dragon.

“Mister Chrom is my guest.

Do you understand that pointing your sword at him is like pointing your sword at me”

“…I I-I’m sorry…”

Lizbell trembled.

She was scared, and felt miserable.

Tears began to stream down her face.

But then…

“Please wait.”


A shadow stepped forward, like it was covering Lizbell.

When she looked up, she saw Chrom in front of her.

“…Are you attempting to meddle with the business of my house”

Lizbell’s father’s sharp eyes pierced through Chrom.

The head of the Scarlet family was not someone a commoner boy could talk back to.

If he so wished, he could make it so Chrom couldn’t lead a decent life in this country.

And yet, he didn’t seem perturbed.

“She simply accompanied me in my training.”


A foolish sounding voice escaped from Lizbell’s mouth.

“…Is that true”


I don’t feel well unless I swing my sword every day, so I asked her to be my training partner.

Isn’t that right, Lizbell”


Lizbell nodded without thinking.

But she didn’t understand.

She could not figure this boy out at all.


She whispered.

“…Why are you helping Liz”

They were most certainly not friends.

And he was worried about her when they fought too.

He should know by now that she was not a ‘good girl’.

She didn’t understand why he was being nice to her.

“I don’t know how to answer that…”

Chrom scratched his cheek, not knowing what to say.

“Do I need a reason…”

He said like it was obvious.

(…I see.)

She finally understood.

Strong, weak, it didn’t matter.

It was this about him that charmed people.

(…Liz was wrong…)

Lizbell only thought about herself, but this boy only thought about others.

It was like this when she trapped him and pulled him away from her sister too.

『…I’m sorry.

I made you feel lonely.』

『But I won’t take Labrys away from you.』

『If you or Labrys can’t smile because of me, I won’t go near either of you again.』

He apologized even though he did nothing wrong, thinking it was his fault.

That was frustrating.

So much that Lizbell stopped thinking it wasn’t ‘fair’, and felt defeated.

(Ah… I see.)

She understood.

He wouldn’t try to trick someone out of malice.

Why did she forget that Why was she thinking it wasn’t ‘fair’ like before

“…It’s all right Lizbell, leave it to me.”

Chrom said quietly while placing his hand on her head.

Looking at his smile made her feel at ease, even though he was supposed to be her enemy.

“… …!”

For some reason, her face felt hot, and emotions she didn’t quite understand filled her chest.

Lizbell didn’t know what to call these emotions yet, but knew she didn’t want her face to be seen.

“…Acting all cocky…”

Lizbell turned away, just like her sister did.

“…I see…”

Lizbell’s father looked at Chrom as if he were appraising him.

Eventually, he let out a low laugh.

“…It’s just like Sirius said.

He really does have a good pupil.”


“I like you, Mister Chrom Chronogate.”

He snapped his fingers loudly, and maids quickly lined up behind him, before holding their halberds forward at the same time.

“Our Scarlet family welcomes you as my daughter’s fiance.”



Chrom stared vacantly, and Lizbell realized something.

She never really talked about the engagement trial…



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