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Chapter 50 – Engagement trial

Lizbell wants to have me attacked under the pretense of training.

The moment that becomes clear, her smile changes.


It’s like the complete opposite.

The friendly and innocent smile turns into that of a little devil that tricks people.


You’ve become pretty presumptuous haven’t you, weakling big brother Chrom Stalking is pretty creepy, you know”

Lizbell smiles while covering her mouth with her hand.

“It doesn’t matter if you figured it out.

It doesn’t matter what you say.

Who’s going to believe you over the ‘good girl’ Lizbell If Liz raises her voice just a little, your life is over~.”

“…So that’s your true nature.”

“Oh~ Oh, big brother~ Are you scared of a younger girl So sad♪.”

“No, now it makes sense.

You had that smile back then too.”

I think back.

(Why is Miss Labrys with that failure)

(Don’t come near her you failure.)

I’ve been warned several times by servants of the Scarlet family not to get close to Labrys.

And the one pulling the strings back then… Was Lizbell.

‘L-Liz heard all about it…! That older boy is tricking my sister Labrys and is going to do something awful to her!’ she would say.

She would cry and act scared behind the adults’ backs, but just like now… There was a nasty smile hidden in that face.

Lizbell has always been a ‘good girl’, and the adults always believed her little performances.

With me, it was the opposite.

No one believed me.

I even got it in my head that it would be better for Labrys if I wasn’t around, and I ended up distancing myself from her.

“Ahh…If you remember being warned, why is someone like you getting close to Labrys Are you weak in the head too And… And you even went into my sister’s room… Polluting its aroma”

“So you being a siscon wasn’t acting…”

I wish it was.


But it’s all just like you said.”

Lizbell skips in front of me.

“I really want you to train our maids.

According to what I heard, you destroyed a secret base of the Sorcerer Association all by yourself, and heroically saved my sister.

Isn’t that right”

Says Lizbell with her ‘good girl’ face, before turning her back to the maids, and whispering to me with her nasty smile.

“But that’s all a lie, isn’t it”


I have no idea what she’s talking about.


Don’t play dumb.

Liz knows.

People say you’re a hero, and we owe you, but it’s all a lie.

You’re tricking everyone.”

“No, I didn’t lie about any…”

“So someone as weak as you got strong all of a sudden, and destroyed a secret base of the Sorcerer Association that no one knew about all by yourself That doesn’t make any sense.

Magic power is determined by one’s talent at birth anyway.”


That’s true.

Magic power is determined by one’s talent.

I worked like hell for a hundred years to turn that gap in my talent upside down.

But it’s not like I can explain any of that.

“Yes, you have nothing to say, do you big brother♪ Wimp wimp♪.

Liz is right♪.”

Lizbell says while looking smug.

“Liz knows everything.

You orchestrated that whole thing because you’re after my sister to move up in the world.

That’s why Liz is going to show everyone how bad you are.”

Lizbell laughs, like an innocent but cruel child hurting someone weaker.


“Hum, so I just have to go along with this training, right That’s fine.

I wanted to do some exercise too.”


Lizbell is stunned.

She never expected me to accept it so easily.

“And I want to clear up that misunderstanding.”


“You can think I’m weak all you want, but Labrys is my dear childhood friend.

I don’t need any other reason to want to be with her, or to want to protect her smile.”


I look directly at her, and she steps back like she’s feeling pressured.

And then, her face contorts and she presses her head.

“E-eh… You’re talking a whole lot for someone so weak.”

She smiles, but it looks forced.


But you’re actually scared, because your true colors are about to be shown, aren’t you You talked a lot three years ago too, but all it took was for me to mess with you a little, and you ran away from my sister like the pathetic…”

“What do you mean”

Suddenly, a cold voice echoes behind us.

I look around, and see Labrys.

How long has she been standing there

“B-big sister! W-when did you…”

“…I heard everything.

I thought you might be up to something, so I came here to check, and…”

Labrys looks a little awkward.

“I see… So that’s why you distanced yourself from me.

I thought it was weird.

And yet… I blamed you for it.

But you were actually behind it all, Lizbell”

“N-no… Liz was only thinking of you! And Liz didn’t do anything… It’s all his fault…!”

Lizbell tries to defend herself while pressing her head.

“Y-yes! He tricked you! He’s weak, but he’s lying, and pretending he saved you…! That’s why Liz wants to reveal his true colors, and make you see…”



A cold aura is emanating from Labrys.

I think she’s really upset.

Lizbell shrinks back as Labrys’ aura pressures her, and Labrys continues.

“You know, Chrom is a hundred times stronger than me.”

“A-ah W-what kind of joke is that, big sister”

“You think I’m joking Then take a look at his power.”


“You’re about to do ‘that trial’, right Well then, if you do, there won’t be any more doubts about how strong Chrom is.”

“…Are you sure about this”

An evil grin forms on Lizbell’s face for a second.

“Big sister, you know no one has ever completed this trial right”


But that’s the only way we can measure his strength.”

“Eh Did I agree to take part in a trial…”

“…And if he dies, it won’t be Liz’s fault, right”

“It’s all right.

That won’t be a problem for Chrom.”

“Liz will make you open your eyes.”

The two sisters leave me to the side, as sparks fly between them.

“C-calm down you two…”

“Be quiet Chrom.”

“Please be quiet big brother.”

“Ah, yes.”

I quickly back down.

But something is bothering me.

I peek over at Lizbell’s face.

(…Lizbell eyes aren’t normal.)

They aren’t the eyes of someone who is being mind controlled, but something doesn’t feel right.

And she keeps pressing her head, like she has a headache.

I’ve seen this happen to people in the future.

(…Is it really that magic)

In any case, I need to fight Lizbell.

In the future, we couldn’t compromise, and had to fight to kill each other, but… I should be able to change our relationship from here.

“Ehh… You’re really going to accept this trial, big brother Aren’t you going to run away crying like before”

In the training ground of the Scarlet mansion, Lizbell Scarlet faced a boy named Chrom Chronogate.

A talentless boy, who for some reason was admired by Lizbell’s sister.

She never liked him.

(Geez… Liz really doesn’t get how she can be fooled by this wimp.)

She took a good look at the boy in front of her.

He smiled awkwardly, and stood with his natural posture.

No matter how much she looked at him, it was clear he had no magic energy.

He wasn’t concealing it or anything, it just wasn’t there.

(…It’s just like before.)

And yet.

“Chrom! I don’t really get it, but good luck!”

“M-mister Chrom, you are aware that you can’t win, aren’t you”

“Kya! He accepted the trial for Miss Labrys!”

“Hou… This trial… It’s not easy…”

People were cheering for him.

Lizbell didn’t like how they were all on his side.

No matter how hard Lizbell acted like a ‘good girl’…

(…Not fair.)

Bad memories flashed through Lizbell’s mind.

That had been happening a lot that day.

(What’s happening, geez…)

She didn’t want to remember it, but those memories appeared vividly in her mind.

The pain, loneliness, frustration… Everything she felt back then.

(Yes… And it’s all because he showed up.)

No one saw the truth, so… She would make them see it.

She would make them understand.

(…I have to defeat him.

I have to defeat him.

I have to defeat him…)

Urged by her memories, Lizbell tightened the grip on the broom staff she was holding.

“But wait, is everyone my opponent”

Chrom said, sounding incredulous.

Yes… There were a hundred armed maids behind Lizbell.

And they weren’t simple house servants.

They were the covert private army of the ‘Military Scarlet Family’.

“A hundred against one…”

“Oh~ Big brother… Oh~ Are you getting scared But you defeated all those mages, didn’t you I thought for sure you could handle this~.”

This was not a duel, it was a test of one’s power.

And thus, it was not unfair.

Also, Lizbell didn’t mention this to Chrom, but this was an old trial of the Scarlet family.

The engagement trial.

The Scarlet family valued strength, so there was an old tradition that ‘if one can clear the engagement trial, he can marry a lady of the scarlet family regardless of social status’.

That being said, no one had ever cleared it, because no one ever took it, so it was basically forgotten.

(…This trial will unmask you.)

Lizbell figured that if her father was going out of his way to call Chrom to their home, he must have been thinking about a marriage between him and her sister.

And that… She could not allow.

And that led us to this engagement trial.

If one failed this trial, they would be prohibited from becoming engaged to a member of the Scarlet family for one year.

This would be valid even if that person stepped down after the trial started.

That way, Lizbell could expose Chrom as well.

Two birds with one stone.

“You can still run away.

Just apologize for lying.”

“No, that’s fine.

I wanted to do some exercise too.

And if I can clear up that misunderstanding.”

“…Do you still think you can beat Liz I should tell you, every maid here can use level three magic.

And by the way, Liz has reached level four.”

“… You did uh”

“…! You insist on making fun…”

“Eh That wasn’t my intention…”

Lizbell’s face turned red with annoyance.

“…Three seconds.”


“You’ll be covered in blood splatters in three seconds.”

“…Doesn’t that mean you’ll lose”


Anyway, you’ll soon learn who’s best.”

Said Lizbell, as she took position behind the lines, as a commander.

She gave instructions, the maids each took their positions in front of her, and with that… The battle was set to begin.

“Big sister Labrys, give the order.”

“A-all right.”

Labrys, who took position as a judge, raised her arm.


And with that, the maids in the back row holding staves started moving, raising their broom staves above their heads and creating magic circles in a second.

“““Triple Laundry Current!”””

They all fired level three water magic at the same time, and a huge water tornado appeared around Chrom.

If he touched this sharp whirlpool cage, it would be like a person putting their body in the way of a cloth cutting machine.

He could not stop the whirlpool, and there was no sign that he was getting out.

“Oh~ Big brother… Oh~ That was only supposed to be a little test to start off.

Are you already completely helpless Oh well, if you give up, I will hear…”

“First, one.”

With that voice, the broom staff Lizbell was holding was cut by a sword.


Was the only response the surprised Lizbell could give.

Chrom was suddenly in front of her, having seemingly completely ignored the ninety nine maids positioned in front of her.

The maids then quickly turned around, and opened their mouths in amazement, but the boy who was at the focus of their attention only scratched his head, seemingly troubled.

“Hum, so does that mean one of you is out”



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