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Chapter 49 – Lizbell Scarlet

Labrys manages to get away from the maids under the pretext of showing us the mansion.

“All right… No one should be able to see us here.”

She says after taking us to a very girly pink and white room to escape everyone’s eyes.

There are small flowers by the window, and a cute bunny doll is on the bed resting against the pillow.

“Is this room…”

“…Don’t look around like that so much.”

“Is this your room, Laby”


“It’s not like there’s anything wrong with it.

I just didn’t expect it to be so cute… W-why are you glaring at me”


Labrys turns away.

A week ago when I saved her, I thought we were starting to get along, but… It’s strange, but for some reason I feel like we’re further apart than before.

Every time I come near her she jumps back, she won’t look me in the eyes, and when our eyes do happen to meet, she quickly turns away.

Still, this sulky, clearly displeased face… Yes, this is the Labrys we know.

“Ahh… I’m so tired, even though I can swing a sword all day and not get tired… Ah, sit wherever you want.”

Labrys throws her shoes off her feet and sits down on her bed while sighing.

“Oh Is Laby’s noble lady mode off”

“Ah, obviously I only act that way in front of them! I had to do it in that situation! I sadly had to put on that frilly dress and talk like a young lady!”

Labrys remembers what she was just doing, grabs her pillow, and pushes it against her face.

“Ah… This is so awful… I didn’t want you two to see me act like that… It’s so embarrassing so embarrassing so embarrassing…” Mogugugugugo…”


Labrys swings her twintails while still pressing her face against the pillow.

I guess the emotional damage was pretty deep.

“A-anyway, forget what you saw! Got it!”

“Eh But you looked so pretty.”

“Yes, that dress looked good on you.”

“D-don’t patronize me.

I know a crude girl like me is never going to look good in a dress… I’m not cute like you, El..”

“That’s not true.

You’re cute.”

“Yes, you’re cute, Laby.”

“…! D-don’t say that so casually…!”


For some reason, she only hits me with the pillow.

“A-also… Don’t think I dressed up so Chrom could see it or anything.

Taking care of your appearance is the least you could do when you invite people over.

I wasn’t happy about meeting you again after a while, picked my clothes yesterday, and woke up early today to do my hair or anything.

So don’t misunderstand it in any weird way!”

“My imagination isn’t that strong.”

“A-anyway, that’s the end of it! Got it!”


At the very least, I understand Labrys doesn’t want to touch upon her noble lady mode.

And then Labrys coughs, as if trying to recompose herself.

“M-more importantly… You’re here to meet my father, right Chrom”

Labrys says while peeking my way and fiddling with her twintails.

“… What do you want with Laby’s father”

“There’s just something I want to talk to him about.”

That’s my main goal in coming here, but I can’t talk about it with Labrys and El yet.

“…Is it about the Sorcerer Association”

Labrys guesses it based on the way I’m acting.


There’s something about them I need him to hear as soon as possible.”

“I-I see… I thought it was strange.

It was so sudden…”

“Did you think it was something else”


Labrys turns away.

“But unfortunately, my father had some urgent business to take care of and left.

That’s why I welcomed you instead of him.”

“…I see.”

I guess it’s true that Labrys’ father rules over the Scarlet dukedom, that is about a fourth of the Kingdom of Historia, and he’s also a general of the kingdom’s army.

I can only imagine he’s pretty busy.

“Good grief, and my little sister isn’t here now of all times…”

But then, a mild knock on the door interrupts Labrys.

“Big sister Labrys Are our guests in there”


Labrys is startled, and her twintails tremble.

“What is it Laby”

“Quiet! Chrom and El, let’s pretend we’re not…”

“Labrys I can feel you’re in there from here.”


“Can I come in”


Labrys says, sounding like she’s giving up.

“Big sister!”

The girl opens the door, rushes towards Labrys, and hugs her.

She starts rubbing her cheeks against Labrys extremely fast, and her side ponytail looks like a puppy’s tail wagging.

“Are you Laby’s…”

“…My sister Lizbell.”

She’s like if Labrys was smaller and friendlier.

“Where have you been, Lizbell You’re always the first one to welcome guests…”

“Nevermind that.

Are they our guests”

Lizbell dodges the question while turning our way.

She grabs the hem of her skirt, and does a beautiful bow.

“I apologize for the delay.

I am the third daughter of the duke of Scarlet, Lizbell Scarlet.

I would be happy if you treat me kindly.”


This girl…

I feel like her eyes became very cold the moment she looked at me.

I remember that look.

(Lizbell Scarlet…)

The third of the three Scarlet sisters.

Her name was famous in the future.

Thirteenth hero, The Immortal Phoenix Lizbell Scarlet.

After the destruction of the Kingdom of Historia, she formed the Scarlet chivalric order and was one of the heroes who fought for the survival of mankind.

An ally of justice, a friend of mankind.

But also… An enemy of an evil demon king like me.

(She felt like a ‘queen’ in the future, but… She’s still pretty small.)

She should be around thirteen at this time, and she’s still growing.

“Are you Miss Elluna Moonhart My sister and my father are always being helped by the knight of Almana! It’s an honor to meet you!”

“L-likewise, hello, it’s a pleashure …!”

“I don’t think that’s quite right, El.”

I think El was trying to act like a noble.

“Fufufu, you are as adorable as I have heard.

But you don’t have to try so hard.

Liz is younger than you.”


El looks relieved, and lets out a little smile.

I guess she’s pretty bad at speaking politely.

“And you…”

Lizbell turns my way.

“Ah, I…”

“…I know you very well.

You are Mister Chrom Chronogate, correct”


I wasn’t just imagining it.

When she looks at me, her eyes become a little sharp.

“Labrys has been talking about you for a long time… Thank you for saving Liz’s big sister the other day! Liz has been thinking about wanting to meet you!, Mister Chrom”


It shouldn’t be our first meeting, even in this era.

She could’ve just forgotten about me… But it doesn’t look to me like that’s it.

“You can drop the mister.

I’m not a noble or anything.”

“Ah, same here.”

“Really Then… Big brother Chrom and big sister El.”

“B-big sister Me…”


Lizbell answers energetically, and grins.


I’ve always wanted a cute little sister like you.”

“Liz is happy to get a new big sister too!”

El pats Lizbell’s head.

Her face has completely loosened into a smile.

“By the way Lizbell.

It sounded like you needed something with our guests.”

“Ah, that’s right that’s right.”

Lizbell covers her mouth with her hand.

“Father is calling for big brother Chrom, and asked Liz to come pick him up.”

“…Father Is he back already”

“Yes, and he wants to see big brother Chrom right away.”


Labrys told us he had to leave on urgent business.

Would he really come back that quickly

“Then I’ll also…”

Labrys was just about to get up, when…

“No, please stay here.

Big brother Chrom was the only one who was called.”

“… All right.”

Says Labrys, as she backs down surprisingly easily.

Lizbell looks at her, and nods with a satisfied expression.

“Well then, shall we go… Big brother Chrom”

Says Lizbell, with a sort of shady smile.


I follow Lizbell as we walk around in the mansion.

The mansion itself is quieter than before.

I don’t see any maids either.

I can’t see Lizbell’s expression, but she’s gone completely silent.

We keep walking somewhere with no people around.

“Well… Don’t you think it’s about time you told me what you’re after Why did you lure me out”


Lizbell stops, and looks completely blindsided by my question.

“My father called you so…”

“That’s a lie, isn’t it And we’re heading towards the training ground.”

I’ve been to this mansion’s training ground a few times.

I don’t know much about the rest of the mansion, but I do know this.

“W-well… Liz really wanted to be alone with big brother Chrom…”

“Stop that already.

I hate wasting time.

If you’re going to keep acting like a ‘good girl’, I’ll save us some time.”

This girl and I fought and tried to kill each other for a long time in the future.

I know her personality and how she talks very well.

“You’re putting on this ‘good girl’ facade, to lead me into a trap.

Just like that time.”

“W-what are you talking about big brother Chrom Liz isn’t that kind…”

“You’ve always had that tendency to lose sight of things when it comes to your sister Labrys.

If we’re heading to the training ground… I’m assuming you want to have me beat me under the pretense of training or having a mock battle.”


I walk in front of Lizbell, and step into the training ground, as if to confirm my answer.

What I see are maids of the Scarlet mansion lined-up perfectly like soldiers.

“““Let us begin, Mister Chrom!”””

The maids all bow.

They’re all holding weapons.

It’s like a mock battle is about to begin.

“So I was right.”


Lizbell stays quiet, but that silence itself is a response.

“And now you’re to declare something like ‘if you don’t want to get hurt, stay away from Labrys’, and I’m going to say no.”

It’s with that phrase that Lizbell’s smile changes completely.


It’s like the complete opposite.

The friendly and innocent smile turns into that of a little devil that tricks people.



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