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Chapter 47 – The twelve sages on the move

This chapter is told from the enemy’s point of view.

“Have you heard of the ‘Memory Doll’”

Pages of books flapped as they fluttered away in the main street of the capital Ende.

“They say it’s an abandoned doll that envies humans and eats happy memories.”

“Eh… Scary…”

“Right They say her hair is pure white and… Uh”

“…What were we talking about”

As if the strings holding books together were undone, pages fell from the people walking around town.

Not a single person noticed this, as the pages were sucked into one book.

This book had a thick binding, looking like a grimoire, and the person holding it with both arms…


Was a pale girl.

Her emotionless face felt artificial, like a doll with emeralds for eyes.

The girl staggered her way through town, walking as though she was a lost child.

“That ice cream was really good.

It was worth waiting in line for it.”

“Yes… Uh What did we eat”

“Ah What are you talking about We didn’t eat anything.”

“Ah, you’re right.

I guess my memory’s playing tricks on me.”

Pages danced around the pale girl like a whirlpool.

She grabbed one of them, and licked her lips.

“…Thank you for the ice cream.”

No one paid any heed to the pale girl.

Even if they did see her, they forgot her soon after.

No one could read her, and she left nothing in their memories.

She was like a blank page.

Something was definitely… Abnormal.

But this abnormality was the girl’s daily life.

However, this day was a little different.

The pale girl suddenly remembered the face of the boy she met just before.

(…What a strange person.)

He found her for some reason.

He managed to find her.

And not only that… He spoke to her.

(…It was the first time.)

He talked to her like that, and grabbed her hand.

He looked straight at her.

Thinking about him felt a little warm deep inside her chest.

Because of this, she didn’t want to forget him, even if she never saw him again.

Even if their tales never crossed paths again.

“Did you get lost again, Memoria”

All of a sudden, a man that looked dead appeared in front of the pale girl.

Above his pasty, patched together skin, was a long coat that looked like a mourning dress.

His eye sockets were sunken, but the cold light of his eyes shined from deep within them.


The pale girl named Memoria approached ‘father’ without changing her expression.


How did your mission go”


Memoria opened her book slowly, seemingly because it was heavy.

“…As you said ‘father’, I made everyone forget about the Sorcerer Association and the Almana dungeon.

All that is left is the people of the Scarlet family and Chrom Chronogate.”

“This is taking too long.”

“…I apologize.”

“But it’s fine.

Chrom Chronogate is here in the capital.

Let’s be careful, and ‘reset’ for now.”

Said ‘father’, and the light faded from Memoria’s eyes.

Book pages… Memory pages flew away from Memoria’s body all at once.


The boy’s face she remembered until just now became dimmer as it disappeared from the girl’s mind.

She didn’t want to forget, but couldn’t stop it.

Memoria simply stood still for a while.


She suddenly tilted her head.

“Where am I Who am I”

Like she was lost.

Like she lost her memory.

Memoria looked around her.

“This is Ende, the capital, and your name is Memoria.”

‘Father’ responded as if he was very used to it, and like he was doing maintenance on a tool.

“The tenth seat of the twelve sages, Memory Sage Memoria Lostmemory.

My doll.”

Memory doll.

Memory manipulating witch.

The one who disposed of memories for the Sorcerer Association.

More people called her these things than her actual name.

But that was natural, since almost no one remembered her.

Even she would forget.

“…Yes, memorized.”

Memoria nodded with mechanical movements.

Like a doll.

“More importantly, I have a mission for you.”



Take Chrom Chronogate’s memories.”

“…Chrom Chronogate…”

Memoria vacantly repeated this in her mind as if she were hypnotized.

“…Is he bad”

“Yes, of course.

There is no one in this world who isn’t evil.

And this guy is your enemy.”

“…Memoria’s enemy.”

“He is a hindrance to our plans.

Unless we remove him from our way, we will only be creating demon kings thoughtlessly and for nothing.


Said ‘father’ with a dark smile.

“I definitely want Chrom Chrongate’s memories.”

Chrom Chronogate could be rendered powerless if his memories were taken from him, and all the knowledge and techniques shrouded in mystery would become theirs.

They lost many pawns in Almana’s dungeon, but it would all be worth it if they could acquire his memories.

“Memoria, you are the memory manipulating witch.

No one can defeat you on your first meeting, not even this ‘hero’ who defeated a demon king.”

People were made of memories.

Spells, fighting styles, knowledge, techniques… All were nothing more than a product of memories.

No matter how strong a person was, they would be powerless without them.


If you say so, ‘father’…”

Memoria nodded.

Orders were written on this blank piece of paper.

“I, Memoria, will take away Chrom Chronogate’s memories.”

And as if responding to her voice, memory pages frantically flew away like a paper blizzard.

Once they cleared, no one was standing in that place.



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