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Chapter 36 – The silver haired girl

This chapter is told from another character’s point of view.

In the meantime…

In the town called Almana, a silver-haired girl looked at the sky as the morning sun was just beginning to rise.

She was very reminiscent of the moon, somehow.

Her shadow felt white and cold.

A smile formed on her face, which itself was like a new moon.

“…The third demon king has been born.”

Mumbled the silver-haired girl.

A demon king was said to appear once every few hundred years.

One was enough to bring the world to the brink of destruction… And three appeared in the span of two days.

Not only that, but the third demon king was just too strange.


The girl unconsciously squinted.

It was morning, but some signs of the previous night still remained in the western sky, and stars still faintly shined, but…

As usual, it wasn’t possible to get good or bad omens from the stars.

The motion of the stars had become confused since the tenth day of the fourth month.

It was most likely… Because of that boy.

“…Chrom Chronogate.

I really should have killed you ten years ago.”

The boy who deviated from the rules of this world.

An existence too dangerous for this world.

If left alone, he would invite a huge catastrophe one day.

That bud of disaster had to be plucked before that happened.

That alone was the reason why this silver-haired girl was born.

With this thought in mind, she lowered her sight to the horizon.


She noticed the townspeople’s eyes were focused on her.

It seemed as though she was attracting attention.

“Hn, oh”

One of them approached her.

She was holding a wicker basket with dried medicinal herbs in her arms, and appeared to be a perfectly normal girl.

Surely she was as unconnected to demon kings and menaces to the world as one could be.

The silver-haired girl figured she should ignore her, and was about to leave, but…

“You’re El, aren’t you”

The girl asked while tilting her head.


The girl who was called El didn’t answer.

She just stopped completely, with her leg still raised.

“Something’s different about you, but… What’s wrong, El”


The silver-haired was still silent.

(…Does she know El)

Elluna Moonheart.

Someone the silver-haired girl knew very well.

Someone she probably knew better than she knew herself.

Artificial angel El=Luna.

A successful example of the angel sisters (Elmana) project from fifteen years before, and a copy of an angel born out of code-name Queen (Reina).

An artificial hero created to stand against the prophecy of destruction, and the only target the assassin knight Moonwolf (Sirius) failed to kill…

She had plenty of information about her.

After all, this girl and El were two sides of the same coin.

(This means… I’m out of time…)

The silver-haired girl looked around her.

As the morning sun rose, more eyes were on her.

If she stayed there any longer, ‘dromomania’ wouldn’t be enough to explain it.

It was time to ‘flip’.

(…Wake up, El.)

The silver-haired girl closed her eyes, and the silver hair that looked like a winter’s moonlight fluttered in the wind.

And as if melted by the spring sun, it was painted a warm golden color.

She opened her eyes again, showing eyes the color of a blue sky.

“…Hnu Uh…”

She blinked rapidly, seemingly confused.

The cold atmosphere that surrounded her was completely gone.

If she was like the moon before, she was now like the sun.

She felt as bright and warm as a sunny spot, and had a charming brightness to her.

Two opposites.

Moon and sun.

“El, are you all right”

El noticed a friend looking at her face.

“Oh Sara Hnnn! Why am I outside W-why!”

“Ah, what a relief.

It’s the same old El.”

“U-uh… I was home, waiting for Chrom to come back…”

“Is it your dromomania again”

“I-I guess… It’s been happening a lot lately…”

El tilted her head, and let out a puzzled ‘mumu…’ sound.


She would suddenly find herself in strange places, with no memory of how she got there.

This had been happening to El for a long time, so she didn’t think about it too much.

“Ah, yes! More importantly, did you see Chrom!”

“Chrom Did something happen to him”

“Hum, well… Last night he said he was going out to get Labrys, but it’s morning, and he still isn’t back.”

“T-trouble at home! W-wait, tell me more about it!”

“…Trouble at home”

El asked while tilting her head, before she saw someone walking to town out of the corner of her eye.

“Ah! Chrom!”

El’s face suddenly shined brightly.

The boy was coming back safely, and Labrys was walking next to him.

He saved her just like he promised.

“Sorry Sarah! I have to go!”

“Y-yes, good luck! Don’t be too careless or he’ll get snatched from you!”

“… Hm”

El responded with confusion, before taking off running in Chrom’s direction.

(I have to run to him quickly…)

For some reason, she felt she had to hurry.

She had to go to Chrom quickly.

She had to go, had to go, had to go…

After all, to her Chrom was…

Her fated enemy, who she had to defeat.


She felt like a weird thought crossed her mind for a second.

“No, whatever!”

El forgot about that, and ran towards the boy.



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