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Chapter 33 – A new demon king




It sounds like the demon king Ultimelt can’t believe what it’s seeing.

It definitely sent countless slime arms towards the boy injecting himself with demon king cells.

They easily grabbed a hold of him, and turned his small body into a blood splatter.

The demon king transformation didn’t happen in time… Or at least that was what supposedly happened.

And yet, with a sound similar to that of the hand of a clock moving, the shower of falling rubble stopped in mid-air.

All of a sudden, the boy who should be dead was standing on top of the rubble.

It’s like he wasn’t actually killed at all.

It’s like the flow of time became all messed up.

He didn’t just come back to life.

He seems different.

His hair is white, his golden eyes have the face of a clock on them, and he has twelve transparent swords behind him, like hands of a clock.

And his irregular magic energy is like…

A demon king.

Ultimelt realized right away a being similar to itself had just been born.




“Incredible incredible.””

“Now, with that power…”

“Will you play”

It never expected him to be compatible with demon king cells, but there is no mistaking that magic energy in his body.

Still, even if he became a demon king, Ultimelt is on a whole other level.

Although Ultimelt is still immature, it already ate hundreds of monsters and the nucleus of this dungeon.

The demon king Ultimelt is impossible to kill, with its many unbeatable powers.

“Thank you.”

“I’m happy.”

“You’re giving us that power, right”

“With that power…”

“We can do more, right”

“Everyone… Everyone will get to be us!”

Ultimelt sends many arms towards the boy.

Infinite regenerating, shape-shifting slime arms that melt and eat anything.

He has nowhere to run in mid-air.

It’s over… Or at least it should’ve been.

“…It’s no use.

I’ve already seen that future.”

Says the boy while grabbing one of the twelve transparent swords.

“Chronos 《Space-Time Control》, Twelfth Hand 《Zero》.”

The boy holds the sword above his head…

And the sound of a hand of a clock echoes again, coming from somewhere.

At the same time, the arms that can melt anything… Melt.




The arms closing in on the boy fall to the ground, like they returned to being simple cultivation fluid.






It didn’t feel like anything was done to it, and it wasn’t a spell.

Ultimelt should be able to melt and eat any spell targeted at it.


“…Is this…”

“Could it be ‘sorcery’!”

The memories of a human it recently ate explained.

The law that rules this world, ‘sorcery’.

Being able to control this is proof that he reached the level of a demon king.

“It doesn’t matter what you do… I’ve already seen the future until you end.”

The golden eyes with the pattern of the face of a clock began to shine a light similar to moonlight, before the new demon king declared.

“Well then, shall we end this It’s my time now.”



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