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Chapter 30 – The second demon king

This chapter is told from Labrys’ point of view.

“I’m ending that future right here.”

After slashing the icicles, Chrom pointed his sword at the mages.

Six glared at him, as he was cornered against one of the cultivation tanks.

“D-damn you, how… How much do you know!”


“A-answer me! Or else…”

The mages threatened Chrom by pointing their staves at him.

“Or else what”

The staves held by the mages crumbled.


Most mages frantically screeched.

None of them understood what was being done to them, and nothing was scarier than what they didn’t understand.


Labrys whispered.

It was a one-sided battle against extremely powerful opponents like the first-class mages.

No, it wasn’t even a battle.

She knew Chrom had gotten stronger… But this was simply too abnormal.

(How is Chrom this strong…)

How was he even so used to fighting, when he was so weak just two days before

How did he know the plans of the Sorcerer Association

She didn’t understand.

She didn’t understand anything.

“I-it’s not over yet!”

Cried out Six while taking something out of his pocket.


Labrys was taken aback, as she saw the syringe filled with demon king cells.


Labrys tried to warn Chrom, but Six was faster.

With a light smile on his face, he pointed the syringe to his own neck.

“Ah, I figured it was about time you’d try that.

That’s the only move you people have left.”


Six suddenly noticed the syringe was gone.

He looked at Chrom, and saw him twirling it in his hand.


“So, where’s the rest of the demon king cells Can you bring it all out”

Chrom also looked at the mages behind him.

“…What are you planning to do with them if we tell you”

“Destroy everything so no more demon kings are born, of course.”

“Fu, fufu… I see.

So that’s your goal…”

Chrom’s sword was still pointed at Six, who realized he couldn’t put up a fight any longer.

“…All right, I’ll bring them.”

He raised his hands and hung his head, seemingly surrendering.

But then, a menacing smile formed on his face.

“Then… Take as much as you want!”


Chrom jumped back, and as Six spread his arms wide and yelled…

“Awaken, monsters!”

The monsters in the cultivation tanks all opened their eyes at the same time.

The glass on the tanks began to crack, until the monsters broke through, sending glass and cultivation fluid flying everywhere.

“Buhahahahaha! Here are the demon king cells you wanted! Don’t be shy, take as much as you want!”

“Kyaah… Uh”

For some reason, only the cultivation tanks around Labrys didn’t break.

“Are you all right, Labrys”

“Eh Uh… Chrom”

Before Labrys knew it, Chrom was standing right in front of her.

“Did you get splashed by that cultivation fluid”

“C-cultivation fluid I don’t think so…”

“…That’s good.”

Chrom looked very relieved.

“Is that fluid… Demon king cells”

“…It is.”

Labrys remembered the syringe from earlier.

When people were injected by those demon king cells, they burst, so what would’ve happened if that cultivation fluid did splash on her


Labrys, sounding anxious, grabbed Chrom’s clothes again.

Chrom responded by smiling to reassure her.

“It’s all right, Labrys.

The plans may have changed, but I intended to fight ‘that thing’ anyway.

It just saves time.”

“…That thing What do you mean Chrom… What do you know”


Chrom silently and slowly shook his head.

“In any case, you’ll be safe if you stay here.

Listen carefully, no matter what, don’t release magic energy.”

“Magic energy… Y-yes…”

She didn’t understand, but at least Chrom’s expression didn’t look pessimistic.

It looked like he had some sort of strategy in mind, and he stared at the cultivation fluid like he was waiting for something.

But the fluid wasn’t the only problem.


The monsters that crawled out of the cultivation tanks approached Chrom and Labrys.

They appeared to be warped chimera created with strong parts of various monsters.

They weren’t fully mature yet, but the magic energy they were carrying in those bodies was already beyond the norm.

And there were hundreds of these monsters.


It was the only way to describe the sight in front of them.

If those monsters got outside… Almana would be destroyed for sure.

But it wouldn’t stop there.

The whole Kingdom of Historia could fall into ruin.

It was a desperate situation… But it didn’t end there.

“Now! Evolve!”

The mages pierced their necks with syringes… And burst.

Only Six retained his form.

“I-I am the only suitable vessel… But that’s fine.

It was a success.”

Six’s entire body began to change and grow rapidly.

With cries of anguish one wouldn’t think came from a human being, his blood vessels expanded, and his robe and mask were ripped apart as horns and wings grew.

“Gu… Yogah, Gagooh!”

And finally, with those roars, what appeared was… A monster many times bigger than a person.

Its horns looked like some sort of twisted crown, and its black wings looked sinister, like those of a demon.

It truly looked like a demon king.

The demon king let out a shrill laugh while breathing erratically.

“Fuhyahhahahaha! I reached it I reached it I reached it! It’s me, I am the second demon king!!”

From this demon-like body, an intense pressure was released in the form of magic energy.


Labrys couldn’t take it, and fell to her knees.

She had never seen such powerful magic energy.

It was unbelievable.

It very clearly surpassed the amount of magic energy a human could hold.

“W-w-w-w-wonderful! Don’t you find this wonderful! You may rejoice as well! You witnessed the birth of the second demon king!”

Releasing magic energy was all it took to distort the scenery around them, and to crack and break the floor.

“T-this is a demon king…!”

It already boasted a hopelessly large amount of power when it was a first-class mage, but now, it was incomparable to when it was human.

This was a disaster.

It was not something humans could simply deal with.

Every few years, a calamity called demon king shook the world, and such a thing was just born right in front of Labrys and Chrom.

Labrys’ face was increasingly painted with despair, but…


Chrom shook his head.


That’s not the demon king.”


“That small fry doesn’t matter.

The problem… Isn’t that former mage, or those chimera for that matter.”

“W-what do you…”

It was then that Labrys noticed.

Chrom wasn’t looking at that demon, or the chimera around them.

His gaze was fixated on the pale-blue cultivation fluid on the floor.

“Fuyahahahahahahahaha! You have a special seat for my presentation! The second act of this calamity is about to begin…!!”

The demon laughed loudly and with a shrill voice.

And then, hundreds of chimera were swallowed by the cultivation fluid.

“Fugyagaga, ha… Ha”

It all happened in front of the dumbfounded demon.

It sounded as though the cultivation fluid was chewing, as it melted the chimera.

It was as though the cultivation fluid had a mind of its own.

Like it was alive.


Is that cultivation fluid… Alive”

After it was done eating the chimera, the cultivation fluid zigzagged as it crept on the floor like slime, and rushed towards the demon.

“W-what do you want! I am a demon king!! All monsters obey me! O-obey me! Why won’t you obey me! Cultivation fluid like this…!”

The demon shot magic bullets and scattered the cultivation fluid, but it was just too much.

In fact, it seemed the more magic energy the demon released, the more the fluid crept around its giant body.

“…Yes, it really will get eaten.”


Labrys mumbled, but then she remembered what Chrom told her.

Don’t release magic energy.

She finally understood what he meant.

This cultivation fluid reacted to magic energy and moved towards it.

“S-stop…! Stop it! It hurts it hurts it hurts! Nooo! Stop! Gu, gah, aaaaaaah! No, no no, no no noooo! I don’t want to die! Someone help! Help… Help, Rains…”

The demon’s voice suddenly stopped, as its giant body was buried beneath the cultivation fluid.

All that was left was the uncontrollable cultivation fluid.

It all gradually combined into a pile that looked like a giant slime.

“W-what is that…”

The demon was strong, but that was still somewhat understandable.

This cultivation fluid on the other hand, was beyond comprehension.

It devoured that immensely powerful demon in a second.

What was the limit of its power Did it even have one

“That’s a demon king.”


Chrom finally answered quietly.

“Those mages never expected the cultivation fluid itself to be a demon king.

That’s why they didn’t keep it in check… I noticed it too late too.”

And then Chrom declared.

“…The second demon king had already been born.”



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