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Chapter 1502 - Might of the Umbrella

But his hand was blocked just when he was about to touch An Liuyan.

Lin Yun was standing right beside her, and he naturally wouldn’t just watch her being humiliated.

So he used his arm to knock Xie Feng’s wrist away.

Lin Yun’s sudden interference made a cold light flash across Xie Feng’s pupils.

He had long noticed Lin Yun but didn’t place him in his eyes because he was only at the five-star Heavenly Elysium Core Realm.

So he never thought that a mere fly would dare to make a move against him.

“You’re courting death!” Xie Feng became furious and swung his arm over.

His palm was enveloped in astral energy, and it was enough to crush the heads of others.

But Lin Yun easily used his arm to block this attack.

This made Xie Feng surprised, and his attention turned to Lin Yun.

When they started moving in the air, they were so fast that they only left behind afterimages.

Ten-odd moves later, Xie Feng’s palm came again, and he had brought out his full power at the eight-star Heavenly Elysium Core Realm.

When Lin Yun took the attack head-on, he groaned and took three steps back with blood dripping from the corner of his lips.

Xie Feng was at the pinnacle eight-star Heavenly Elysium Core Realm and was only half a step away from reaching the nine-star.

As Lin Yun’s eyes flickered, he knew he couldn’t face Xie Feng with his current cultivation.

Although he had suffered some light injuries earlier, the frost in his body was also completely removed, making him feel a lot more comfortable.

“You want to play the knight with that pathetic strength of yours” Xie Feng sneered.

Suddenly, his face changed as he returned to his party.

When he raised his hand, he could see a lump of black astral energy enveloping it, devouring his astral energy.

This surprised Xie Feng, before he wore a playful expression when he looked at Lin Yun once more.

He naturally recognized the nether energy.

“Young Master Xie, are you alright” Everyone in his party quickly stepped forth.


This is interesting.

This brat has actually grasped the nether energy.

I’m fine.

I’ll have some fun with them!” Xie Feng snickered as boundless nether energy exploded and devoured the nether energy from Lin Yun.

Lin Yun locked his brows together, and his expression became grave.

He took a step forth, “You guys leave first.

I’ll deal with him.”’

An Liuyan and Xiao Yun wore grave expressions as they began to hesitate.


Don’t worry.

Not a single one of you can escape today!” Xie Feng unleashed his full power at the eight-star Heavenly Elysium Core Realm.

When the eight stars lit up in his violet palace, a terrifying demonic aura swept out from him in the next second.

The wings behind him also suddenly exploded and grew to nearly a hundred meters, with his demonic aura crashing down on An Liuyan and Xiao Yun, making their faces ugly.

The eight-star Heavenly Elysium Core Realm meant multiplying the cultivation by eight-fold.

With such a huge gap, it wasn’t something Lin Yun could face, even if his astral energy ocean had reached 20,000 feet, not to mention An Liuyan and Xiao Yun.

The demonic aura radiating from Xie Feng’s wings was terrifying and had combined a baleful aura with an aura of death.

This was much more bizarre and terrifying than Lin Yun’s Divine Firmament Sword Sutra.

Xie Feng suddenly disappeared, before manifesting into a lump of demonic energy in front of Lin Yun when he reappeared.

He then raised his palm and pushed it forth.

Lin Yun took a deep breath and his astral energy ocean began to boil.

The two thousand saint aura strands then began to fill his body.

Without thinking, Lin Yun threw a punch forth.

When Lin Yun and Xie Feng clashed, Lin Yun was forced to take three steps back, and he could sense the shock in his internal organs.

This scene made both An Liuyan and Xiao Yun’s faces change before they quickly took a step forth, wanting to stop Xie Feng.

“Haha, great!” Xie Feng laughed.

He wasn’t afraid, even if he faced two opponents simultaneously.

An Liuyan performed all sorts of dances as strips of cloth flew around like a wave of sharp swords crashing down on Xie Feng.

Her dance was beautiful, and the cloth came in different colors that made it into a gorgeous scenery.

On the other side, Xiao Yun brought out his Profound Yin Saint Eyes, and he executed a rather rarely seen palm technique.

For a moment, he actually managed to suppress Xie Feng.

“Interesting…” But the stalemate only lasted for a brief moment.

When Xie Feng wrapped himself with his wings and unfolded once more, feathers flew out like arrows, tearing apart the cloth before sending An Liuyan flying back with a palm.

As An Liuyan threw out a mouthful of blood, her face instantly became terrifyingly pale.

“Get lost!” Xie Feng roared and flapped his wings, sending Xiao Yun flying back as well.

When he reappeared, he already came before An Liuyan and pushed a palm out, causing An Liuyan to slam against the wall and inflicting severe injuries on her.

“A bunch of flies dares to stand against me!” Xie Feng said as he reappeared in front of Xiao Yun.

This made Xiao Yun look grave as he kept retreating in his fight with Xie Feng.

When his hands began to form seals, a spiritual diagram slowly appeared behind him.

Meanwhile, Lin Yun quickly came to An Liuyan and fed her a Profound Wither Pellet before transmitting several mouthfuls of astral energy over with his palm.

The Profound Wither Pellet was magical, and An Liuyan’s complexion improved just after she swallowed it.

“Leave with Xiao Yun.

I’ll find you guys later.” Lin Yun said quickly.

“What about you!” An Liuyan said anxiously.

“Believe in me!” Lin Yun replied as he looked An Liuyan in the eyes.

The three weren’t Xie Feng’s opponents, but Lin Yun had a lot of means, and it wasn’t an issue for him to ensure his own safety.

With An Liuyan and Xiao Yun around, they would only be a burden for him because they would divide his focus.

Right then, Xiao Yun flew back and threw a mouthful of blood.

When An Liuyan and Lin Yun raised their heads, they saw Xie Feng tearing that spiritual diagram apart and rushing over before giving Xiao Yun three more palms.

If the three palms landed on someone else, they would’ve died countless times.

But Xiao Yun seemed to have an inner armor that could even withstand the corrosion of nether energy by exhausting astral energy.

“That bastard is too strong!” Xiao Yun cursed as he fell to the ground.

“You guys still want to play” Xie Feng said as he looked at the trio with a playful gaze.

The three didn’t say a word.

Just Xie Feng alone was a formidable opponent, not to mention that there was still another Ku Ying and several eight-star Heavenly Elysium Core Realm experts.

This was a terrifying party, and Xie Feng was just toying with them.

Anyone could tell he had a huge harvest in the Dragon Remnant Astral Realm.

“Leave quickly!” Lin Yun said.

His words made An Liuyan and Xiao Yun exchange glances before they gritted their teeth and left.

“You think you’re worthy to cover them You’re a piece of trash yourself!” Xie Feng snickered.

He didn’t place Lin Yun in his eyes, saying, “Chase after them! Don’t let a single one of them escape!”

Aside from Ku Ying, the eight-star Heavenly Elysium Core Realm experts soared into the sky.

But just when they were about to pass by Lin Yun, a powerful sword aura descended onto them, and they felt as though they had run into a wall because Lin Yun was releasing his firmament sword intent at complete mastery.

“Firmament sword intent” The eight-star Heavenly Elysium Core Realm experts took a few steps back.

It was rare for someone to grasp such a powerful sword intent while at the Elysium Core Realm.

“All of you stay behind!” Lin Yun said indifferently as a twelve-petaled Netherflower bloomed behind him.

When he pushed the Divine Firmament Sword Sutra to the limit, eight thousand dragon runes lit on the surface of his body before his azure dragon aura and firmament sword intent merged.

This boosted his aura once more and forced the eight-star Heavenly Elysium Core Realm experts to take a few more steps back.

“Something is fishy about this kid…” Ku Ying’s eyes flickered as he came to Xie Feng’s side.

“This brat probably has an extraordinary origin!”

He wouldn’t believe someone so young who had grasped such a terrifying sword intent would have no origin.

“Why do I have to care about that Anyone who dares to stand in my way in this astral realm dies!” Xie Feng said with a dark expression.

“So what if he has a firmament sword intent at complete mastery It doesn’t change that he’s still a piece of trash at the five-star Heavenly Elysium Core Realm.

Kill him!”

Two people immediately charged at Lin Yun.

Xie Feng’s eyes were flickering.

He wanted to see what other means Lin Yun had.

While he was somewhat afraid of the Netherflower behind Lin Yun, he was excited at the same time.

Lin Yun didn’t hesitate.

A vortex appeared within his astral energy ocean, and an ancient demonic cauldron slowly rose.

As the destructive aura filled Lin Yun’s pupils, it instantly turned his eyes red.

When half of the cauldron rose from the ocean, Lin Yun turned into two afterimages, pushing his palm out.

This caught the two by surprise, and they took several steps back as they threw out a mouthful of blood.

“H-How is this possible!” Everyone exclaimed because this scene was too unbelievable, and they couldn’t believe what they were seeing right now.

“Pitiful tricks.

Let me handle him!” A cold light flashed through Xie Feng’s pupils.

As a torrential demonic aura swept out from his wings, he turned into a black streak and flew toward Lin Yun.

He was also at the eight-star heavenly Elysium Core Realm, but he was much stronger than others.

Under his terrifying aura, fine cracks appeared on Lin Yun’s firmament sword intent.

“Ha!” Xie Feng’s eyes flashed with mockery.

But right then, a silver umbrella appeared in Lin Yun’s hand, and that umbrella shattered his demonic aura and astral energy around him before he could even react.

The heavy blow instantly sent him flying back before he slammed against the wall.

“A glory saint artifact!” Ku Ying’s face changed with joy as he pounced forth, wanting to snatch the umbrella away from Lin Yun.

“Just what do you think you’re doing” Lin Yun coldly looked at Ku Ying, before he poured his dragon runes into the umbrella.

As a powerful dragon aura swept out, Ku Ying was sent flying away before he could even do anything.


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