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The Empress put down her teacup and looked at Edward’s empty seat.

The corners of her lips rose slowly.

Edward was agitated.

The brilliant Crown Prince, who had become more difficult to deal with, put on a blank expression in front of the Empress.

He answered without hesitation, pretending to be calm, but he did not realise that he spoke faster when he was flustered.

And when she spoke of Count Massies’ daughter to provoke him based on her gut feeling, he showed his true feelings.

The woman’s intuition was frighteningly accurate.

When she saw the report, she thought, of course, to talk about the meeting with the Duke of Kensington.

But Edward’s meeting with the daughter of Count Massies strangely scratched at her nerves.

Edward met her by chance while staying at Bale Castle.

It was annoying her, so the Empress brought it up.

And just as she had suspected, there was something between the two of them.


With a graceful posture, she called out to her lady-in-waiting in a sharp voice.

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“Learn about the daughter of Count Massies.

Find out where she went and bring me the information.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

After the aide disappeared, the Empress raised the teacup to her lips again.

Although the tea had cooled, the taste was still sweet.

It was a pleasant day indeed.




Edward’s strides were large and fast as if someone was chasing after him.

He walked, staring straight ahead as if tearing the air with his sharp eyes.

Behind him, an aide followed.

Finally, Edward, who arrived at Count Holland’s office, flung open the door with a bang.

“Your Majesty”

Count Holland, who had been sitting at his desk, stood in surprise.

“Did you get a call from Bale Castle”


“Did you get a call from Bale Castle”

Edward narrowed his eyes and stopped talking.

Count Holland’s reaction was somehow strange.

The pitiful expression suggested there was something Benjamin was trying to hide.

Or the look of embarrassment at Edward’s unexpected words.

He asked once again, his patience running out.

“Did you receive a word from Bale Castle”

“… I did.”

He was right.

Count Holland already knew.


Edward continued to ask questions with a stoic expression to understand Count Holland’s intentions.

“I found out this morning.”

“But you didn’t report it to me right away.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Were you going to”

Edward’s voice was starting to get harsher.

The feeling of betrayal and disappointment at the person he trusted most was filling him up more and more. 

“… To be honest, I was conflicted.”


“I was afraid that your Highness might get distracted.

Now is not the time to worry about such a thing-”

Edward grabbed Count Holland by the neck and rendered him unable to speak.

His body was lifted in an instant, his feet off the floor.

But the most frightening thing was Edward’s furious eyes staring at him.

It felt like his whole body was being torn apart.

“I-I’m sorry, Your H-Highness…!”

Even though Count Holland apologized, Edward didn’t let go of his neck right away.

His sharp black eyes were still glaring terrifyingly.

Count Holland must’ve immediately sent someone to Bale Castle to find out about her since he knew how much Eva meant to him.

But he was unwilling to obey his superior’s orders of informing him.

If Edward hadn’t heard this news from the Empress, he would’ve never known.

“I am grateful that you are by my side.

That doesn’t mean I want you to take my decisions for me or try to control me without my permission.”


ugh, Your Highness.”

Count Holland admitted his mistake as he struggled to answer.

Only then did Edward let go of his neck.

“Investigate the facts now and find Eva.”

“Right away.”

“And from now on, report all news about Eva, big or small, to me.

If you hide it, the relationship between you and me is over.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

Count Holland grabbed his reddened neck and backed away.

Edward left his office without looking back at him.

Eva must’ve been so worried that she couldn’t stay still.

Thinking about all that Count Holland hid from him, he felt like hitting him one more time.


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