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“I don’t care as long as it’s not in my heart.

I will never say that you stabbed me, so go ahead.

I know you want to.”

“Brother, you’ve gone crazy.”

“Or I can stab you.

Should I try Of course, only if I can shut that mouth.”

Edward grinned as he came closer.

His shadow engulfed James’ face like a net.

Edward grasped James’ neck with his wet hands.

Pulling his neck with a strong force, he brought his face close to his.

“You know, sometimes when I’m outside the Imperial Palace, I begin to think I might be a good person.”


“But when I come back, I realize how bad I am.”

“What are you talking about”

James’ eyes widened and his grip on Edward’s arm was losing strength.

Edward’s hold was incredibly strong.

James struggled to hold on, his head tilting forward due to the pressure on his neck.

James had to stand in shame, hanging by Edward’s hand like a rag doll.

“But I don’t feel bad about it, James.

This desire to break the neck in my hand while you look at me hatefully.

This pleasure I feel while imagining you crying miserably.

That’s why the Imperial Palace is quite fun to me.”

Edward continued with a frightening smile.

“So even if you do it, you’ll provoke me just as often as you do now.

My original instinct will stay revived.”

Edward laughed, letting go and slapping James on the back of his head, beginning to walk away.

Watching his back retreat, James clenched his teeth tight.

“People around you don’t know you’re this kind of guy, do they”

James roared behind Edward’s back.

His face was horribly distorted.

He had forgotten Edward’s nature since he had been away for a long time.

How amazing it would feel to hurt him and pay him back.

Olivia didn’t even know his second side and just thought he was good.

While James was hateful, hoping he landed a blow, Edward turned around.

He smiled scarily and answered James’ question.

“Good people don’t need to know.

But you know it best.

Because you’re my brother.”

Edward strode away.

Looking at his back, James resolved he’ll make sure to rip that mouth someday.




It was a colourful and antique bedroom.

Emperor Butterfield VI lay there, in the bedroom of previous emperors for generations.

Louis Butterfield.

The Emperor was once young, handsome, and ruled with strong charisma.

A person who abolished the military service system of the Lords and strengthened the imperial power.

But that was the past.

Now he was old and sick, lying in bed, waiting for the day he died.

Sometimes he couldn’t recognize people even when he opened his eyes, and he couldn’t speak even when he opened his mouth.

He was just weathering like a rock with black fungi on it.

“Your Majesty.”

Edward knelt on one knee and held the emperor’s hand, whose bones were almost exposed.

He arrived at the Imperial Palace last night and stopped by for a while, but he couldn’t properly greet the Emperor because he was asleep.

But before going to the Empress, he once again found the Emperor.

When he heard his son calling his name, the Emperor’s eyes slowly opened.

Looking at Edward with cloudy eyes, he struggled to open his mouth.

“Ed… ward…”

Upon recognizing his son, the Emperor’s eyes opened a little wider.

His fingers, in Edward’s hand, wriggled slightly.

Edward knew that it was his best effort to welcome his son.

“Are you trying to get up, Your Majesty”

Edward grabbed his father’s hand tightly and asked back in a hurry.

The Emperor, who had briefly come to his senses a month ago and called for Edward, was in worse condition now.

He parted his lips as if he was going to say something to his son, but that was also only for a little while.

Perhaps because he was tired, he soon fell asleep again.

“Don’t worry about anything, Your Majesty.”

Edward stood up after being in that position for a while.

When he saw his sick and asleep father, he felt complicated and uneasy.

Seeing his father sleeping like this made him feel sad but also relieved.

Because this way, he didn’t have to see his wife and son fighting for the throne.

Edward felt a moment of remorse, but he soon turned around and pretended everything was fine.

It was his father who instilled in him to become a good Emperor.

Therefore, he shall walk without looking back and showing any weaknesses, until he sits on the throne, wearing the Emperor’s crown.


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