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Olivia always tried to not show her feelings for Edward.

She knew that for him, she was just a friend.

For that reason, Benjamin sometimes felt sorry for her.

‘What’s wrong with Olivia Why isn’t he interested in her’

He knew her well.

She was beautiful, cultured, nice, and had only ever liked Edward.

Benjamin was hoping Edward would court Olivia.

Not only was she the best candidate to be the Crown Princess, but she’d also bring in Duke Kensington as a solid supporter.

The problem was that Edward’s attention was elsewhere.

He’d never shown interest in women, but Benjamin didn’t know he would be shaken by his fallen ex-fiancée.

He was glad to see him clean up on his own, but he’d never seen him so agitated.

As a secretary, friend, and relative, Benjamin was cheering up and helping Edward.

However, it was the opposite of helping him connect with Miss Massies.

She would be of little help to Edward’s future.

Not only would she not help, but she’d also become a burden and an obstacle.

‘I’m sorry, Miss Massies.’

Benjamin didn’t listen to Edward’s request to find out about her well-being.

Edward said there was no need to report news about her unless anything happened.

It wouldn’t happen unless he told him whether something happened or not.

If something happened, it would disappear with time if he was silent, so there was no need to deliberately instil her name in Edward’s ear.

While checking the names written on the outside of the letters one by one, he suddenly frowned.

A letter had come from an unexpected place.

“Bale Castle”

It was a letter from the general manager there.

The butler left the envelopes according to their arrival dates, so it was almost 10 days ago.

Despite his anxious mind, he opened the envelope with a knife.

His eyes, rolling side to side as he read the letter, swelled with astonishment.

“Oh, my.” 

[I’m posting an emergency report on Miss Massies.]

That’s how the correspondence began.

And the following was worse than any content he could have imagined.

It was an issue that he had no choice but to report to Edward immediately.

But what will happen if I report it Will Edward be able to focus on his work while maintaining his reason as he is now

Benjamin’s worries deepened.




Hot steam rose up from the bathtub.

Edward submerged himself, his arms on the edge of the tub.

It felt like his body was melting in hot water, but his head was hardening with stress.

This was because there was a lot of work after his vacation.

Count Holland would come in a little bit and nag at him, so he wanted to enjoy his time until then.

Edward closed his drowsy eyes, tilting his head back.

“Aren’t you too relaxed”

A crooked, hostile voice was heard.

Thanks to his quick grasp of voices, Edward’s eyebrows naturally frowned.

He slowly opened his eyes and looked at the owner of the voice.

Medium height and skinny body.

Red, wavy hair, shiny grey eyes, and red, thin lips.

A man with a good but pointed face, making him look sensitive and harsh.

His brother, James, was leaning against the wall and glaring at him.

“What’s wrong with you It’s early in the morning.” 

Edward closed his eyes again, replying back.

An expression that showed neither surprise nor hostility meant that James should be worried.

James’ forehead was wrinkled, but he quickly raised the corners of his mouth.

“What do you mean You had been on a vacation, so it’s natural for me to come to see you now that you’ve returned.”

“Aw, you missed me.”

Edward, who still had his eyes closed, smiled unexpectedly.

His look and tone provoked his opponent’s mood and made him feel rebellious.

“As expected, you’re a horrible brother.

You even made a false announcement about the vacation date, and then went around by yourself.

Shouldn’t you control yourself”

James’ tongue moved more explicitly in response to Edward seemingly ignoring him.

Edward had no answer even though the remarks were quite annoying.

James’ veins swelled clearly on his neck due to the insult.

He further increased the intensity of his sarcasm.

“What if you get assassinated while lazing around without defence Then some other man will ascend to the throne in the future.”

“Stop, James.”

Only then did Edward open his eyes and speak with a low voice.

His expression remained unchanged, but the gaze he was shooting at him was sharp as if he were biting his opponent.

“You have to be careful, Your Highness.

Especially in a space where there is no one like now.

What if I made a different decision”

James deliberately continued.

The fact that he was pressed by Edward’s voice a moment ago nipped at his pride and made him explode.

“Will you stay still, Your Highness”

Edward, who was still staring at James, smiled and laughed.

He reluctantly raised himself from the bathtub as if he had become lazy and wanted to stay longer.

His body, with water flowing down, had an elongated scar on his side and was filled with wound marks everywhere.

His large body was strong like a warrior and had muscles that rippled every time he moved.

When Edward stepped out of the bathtub, James unknowingly took a step back.

Strangely, just facing him felt defeating.

Edward approached James while wrapping a gown around his body.

Still, water dripped from the end of his hair and droplets were formed on the back of his neck and chest.

James felt a strange pressure from him even though there was nothing strange about him.

Edward, who stood tall and still for a while, looked down at James with his deep swaying eyes and said.

“There is a sword decorated on the wall outside the bathroom.

It’s quite sharp.

Bring it and stab me, James.”

“My, are you crazy! You want me to be imprisoned”

James spoke with a frightened face at Edward’s proposal.

When closing one’s mouth and ignoring people doesn’t work, crazy jokes do.


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