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Their arrival back at the campsite was later than expected.

It was delayed so they could stop by the city to buy food, ingredients and other necessary items.

Eva, who calmed down after being busy, belatedly recalled Cecil.

She had decided to take her to the hospital after returning from Kensington Palace, but it had gotten later than she thought.

Contrary to Eva’s wish that the wagon would travel a little faster, the speed of the wagon somehow felt slower.

Rex also frowned as if he felt it, lifting the curtain of the carriage and looking outside.

The carriage finally slowed, stopping on one side of the road.

After a while, the horseman approached the window and opened his mouth with a stiff face.

“There are Imperial carriages coming from behind.

I think it’s better to let His Highness, the Crown Prince, and the guards go first.”


As soon as she heard the horseman, Eva stumbled a little but got back into the seat.

She made eye contact with Rex, but she couldn’t even think of avoiding him.

She felt blank at that moment as if her whole body’s blood was draining rapidly.

She had barely gotten out of the hard spot and had finally made up her mind when she ran into him again.


Tell everyone to get off and wait.”

Rex, who ordered the horseman, turned his face and looked at Eva.

“We have to get off.

I can’t help it because of the location.”


Eva’s voice was dragged out with difficulty.

As Rex said, it was right to get off in terms of geographical location and status.

They were in front of a bridge placed over a large river, and if they were to pass first, the Crown Prince and his knights would have to follow their wagon.

It was as scary and uncomfortable as running with a big fire on the back of their tail.

In addition, it was expected to get off and show courtesy as the Crown Prince, the heir of the Empire, passed by.

Even though she knew everything, Eva didn’t want to get off.

She would hate meeting Edward while running away like this.

She didn’t want to see him cool-headedly cut himself off again, saying it was over with her.

She really hated facing him.

“… Really.”

Rex, who was watching Eva, sighed in dismay.

As she forcefully turned her head, he pointed to the end of the seat and spoke.

“Lie down.”


“Lie down.

Hurry up.”

Rex’s voice was fast and firm.

The sound of horseshoes was getting closer.

He leaned forward and forced Eva to lie down in her seat.

Then, he put a cushion under her head, took off his coat, and covered her with it till right under her eyes.

“Pretend to be sick.

I’ll take care of everything.”

Even before Eva could grab Rex in her surprised state, he hurriedly opened the door and went outside.




Edward and the guards, who departed from Kensington Palace, hastened toward the Capital.

From now on, there were to be no more delays.

After meeting the Duke and getting good results, it was time to look at the nobles and Imperial families of the capital.

The security captain, who was ahead, stopped in front of the bridge on the river and raised his hand as fast as he could.

At the signal to halt, the carriages slowed down and then stopped.

“What’s going on”

Count Holland asked the security captain, coming down from his horse.

“There are two carriages in front of us.

Seeing that they’re stopped, I think they mean for us to pass by first.”

“Go and check.”

Count Holland ordered with a displeased look.

As Edward had so many enemies everywhere, they might be under attack unexpectedly.

That had happened recently.

But that was just because Edward was on the western line.

The more unfamiliar people gathered, the more important it was to be careful.

“There’s no need for that.

They’re just passing by.”

Edward lightly issued an order.

There were only two civilian wagons, but they had excessive vigilance.

Who would attack a group of knights in broad daylight when they could come in at night and point a knife at their neck Even so, it was nothing his guards could not overcome.

Edward and the guards began slowly again and headed forward.

Finally, a personal luxury wagon and a cart came into Edward’s view.

In front of it, there were horsemen, two workers, and a handsome young man standing.

Although his attitude was polite, his outfit was annoying because he wore only a shirt and vest.

They stopped and two knights got off their horses.

Edward and Count Holland were sitting on horses and watched them.

The security captain approached the young man.

“Who are you”


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