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In an instant, the torch in their hands flickered onto them.

As light casted upon the surroundings, Eva could clearly see the figure standing in front of her.

Tall, slender body, and black hair that naturally fell below the ears.

He had a beautiful face, but with sharp eyes and thin lips, it made him look like a very cold person.

She could tell it as soon as she saw him.

He was the owner of Gallahan Merchant Group.

“Rex Gallahan…”

Without realizing, she muttered the name under her breath.

Eva could sense Cecil getting close to her and squeezed her hand.

Meanwhile, Jack was trembling in the guards’ hold ahead.

“You know me Well, if you have any sense, you can see it right away.”


“Surprised You thought you’re safe but got stabbed in the back”

Rex sneered at her as if the situation was interesting.

The scene unfolded and looked like a grumpy cat cornered a mouse, having fun messing with it.

“I like this situation.

Watching how far this would play out and pretending not to notice.”


“I thought it was strange that the 40th horseman would take his every meal.

Beside that, he also liked to put his wagon in a remote place.

I purposely drove away the guards and observed it.

Turns out, two mice came out from my wagon every night.”

His head turned to the side and flashed a smile, explaining how he caught them.

His reddish lips might be smiling, but his gaze was sharp to the point that it sent shivers down Eva’s spine.

To the point that the difference was terrifying.

“I’m sorry.

I was going to go to Montana, but I didn’t know how.

I heard Gallahan is going there, that’s it.

I’m terribly sorry.”

Eva understood that she and Cecil were on the verge of desperate danger.

They would be arrested immediately if Rex reported them.

But if not, they would get abandoned in the dead of night.

Therefore, she had to apologize as politely as possible and humour him to stay here.

“If you’re sorry, you wouldn’t hide in someone else’s wagon.

What did you do inside it”

“What do you mean by that”

“I’m asking if you touched my stuff.

But, I’ll know once I look through your luggage.”

The man glanced at the guard next to him with a sullen face.

He could immediately see what it meant: to bring Eva and Cecil’s luggage.

As soon as the ordered guard approached the wagon, Eva hurriedly blocked him and made an excuse to Rex.

“You misunderstand.

I did something wrong because I was in a hurry, but I never touched your stuff.”

“Let’s see about that.”

Rex ignored Eva and gave an eye to the guard again.

The guard quickly brought Eva’s luggage and threw it outside.

The lid of the trunk opened and old clothes, underwear, and accessories rolled out.

Her embarrassing stuff was exposed to the world, hit by the cold wind and tarnished with dust.

Just like her.

“Nothing was stolen.” Looking at the revealed luggage, perceiving no need to search further, a cynical smile was playing on Rex’s lips.

“No!” Cecil cried out and slumped down to the floor, picking up things.

Even though witnessing the pathetic figure, Eva couldn’t bring herself to gather her baggage.

Humiliation as well as distress, she shoved it down and calmly faced Rex.

“Now, are you satisfied We’re not thieves.”

A while ago she had a conversation with Cecil, thinking he would be a good person.

How completely wrong she was.

No sympathy filled his mind, his actions held no mercy, and his speech possessed no civility.

Eva knew she was the wrong one, but the anger was still outpouring.

Her tone was getting low to keep her anger at bay.

She had to somehow persuade this man now.

“You’re a thief just by secretly riding in a wagon.”

“I admit that it’s wrong.

But I hope you understand a little bit about our urgent situation.

If you give me a ride to Montana, I’ll give you all the salary I earned.”


Rex burst into laughter as if Eva’s suggestion was absurd.

Like it was really funny, his laugh lasted for a while then grinned and spoke to Eva.

“Look, miss.

Do you know how much my wagons cost to be rented”


When asked by Rex, Eva’s mouth shut.

It dawned on her late why he was laughing uncontrollably.

How much money must she pay the richest man in the Empire It would be ridiculous to propose a small sum of money, even though nothing was determined yet.

At the realization, Eva’s face was beet red.

“It’s done now, so go.

You didn’t steal anything, so I won’t report it.”


Her eyes widened open and confirmed back at his merciless words.

The misfortune that clung on Eva tediously, attacked her once again.

“Get off my wagon and get out of the campsite.”

“But, it’s too late right now…”

Lips trembled, murmuring the sentence.

Her heart was beating fast like a harpoon shot on the fish.

It was far from the residents, she didn’t even know the geography of this area.

Where should she go with Cecil, who was unwell, in the middle of the night The best thing to do was to beg to stay, even if refused, it was hard to leave right away.


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