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“I’d rather be killed instead!” Cecil scowled and snapped at him as soon as John finished his words.


“You’re well aware of what’ll happen if we go to the Investigation Bureau, don’t you Even if they consider our circumstances, we still have to spend at least 10 years in prison.

If they don’t, we’ll be there for 20 or 30 years.”


John fell silent at Cecil’s desperate outcry.

Because everything she said was true.

Even if the Baronet was living on the outskirts of the countryside, he was still a noble.

Hence it was still reckoned as a great crime to kill the son of a noble.

Even if Eva was an important nobility, she had no one to rely on.

The Massies family was once gloried with great dignity, but it was only part of the past now.

And without a doubt, relatives of the family who had already turned a blind eye to Eva wouldn’t intervene.

Eva was in a very unfavorable situation.

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Supposed that Eva came out of prison, it was obvious how she would be treated by people afterwards and how life would unfold for her.

Considering the close relationship between chief inspector and Baronet Biti, John wasn’t sure if Todd’s attempt to molest Eva would be taken into account.

Even though he encouraged them to surrender knowing that fact, his heart was uneasy too.

“Life after that would be more hell.

Rather than seeing that, I’d rather jump into the Bale River hugging my lady.”

“Why are you saying scary words like that”

“We didn’t do that on purpose.

If Todd hadn’t died, I would have died and my lady would have been raped.

So, should that be how things were done”


“I didn’t know you would be like this.

We’ve been following and relying on you so much, so how could… you say such things…”

Sobs began to break from Cecil.

A woman who was always proud and gracious, a woman who never raised her voice or got enraged no matter what, was shedding bitter tears.

He knew she suffered a severe illness a few days ago as her sick face gave away, but now her face was filled with heartbreak.

As Cecil’s grief was conveyed, John’s heart also ached and pained.

Don’t lie, don’t kill, and repent if you’ve sinned.

It was deplorable of him to say this to the two lost women in this situation, but he had no choice.

As a priest, he only exhorted according to the law, but was it really the right thing to do ‘Perhaps I’m the one who is driving the living into suffering and directing them into death.’

“Cecil, stop it.” Eva embraced Cecil by shoulder, crying together with her.

It wasn’t that she wasn’t resentful toward him who was cold-hearted, she was also a human being, after all.

But, considering his status, his action was plausible.

They shouldn’t have come.

It was much better to somehow persuade Cecil to let Eva turn herself in.

If Cecil still didn’t abide, it should be only both of them who ran away in the dead of night.

Then, even if they were caught, even if they hugged each other and jumped into the river, as Cecil said, they shouldn’t have put other people in trouble.

Eva fixated her eyes on John when Cecil’s tears came to cease.

“My apologies, Father.

I’ve troubled you because I didn’t contemplate this enough.”


“We’ll take care of it.

Whether we’ll turn ourselves in-”

“Go to the capital.”

After being through in deep agony, John finally spoke with glimmering eyes.

His fierce conflict had already concluded.

When the line between right and wrong blurred, when he couldn’t pinpoint which one was God’s intention, following his own heart was inevitable.

If that was painted as a sin for a priest, then he chose to commit it and receive punishment for it.

Let God take care of the rest.

Whether to kill them, save them, protect them or punish them.

“Go to Montana.

I have an acquaintance that can help you there.

You can trust that person because of how reliable that person is.”

He eyed between the two women who were sitting absent-mindedly and couldn’t understand the change of heart.

When he saw their tearful faces, he could feel their desperate guilt and fear.

He felt regret, instead of easing their hearts first, he laid out the choice to make a decision beforehand.

“Montana” Eva asked John in a whisper.

“The merchant group of the Gallahan that is heading to the capital is staying in Ingraken at the moment.

Maybe we can leave when the sun comes up tomorrow, no, today.

Take the carriage secretly and go.”

“But what if we get caught” Cecil asked while squeezing a handkerchief, the resentment in her eyes dissipating a bit.

“We should get going first and talk later.

We have to hurry because we have to arrive before dawn.”


“Paul, go back just in case.

I’ll take Eva and Cecil myself using the cathedral carriage.”

John proceeded with his work with frightening speed.

As he already decided to help, he had to make sure the two women ran away as securely and safely as possible.

Since these two women wouldn’t be able to even make a proper judgment at the moment.

They must be exhausted because of fighting the fear built inside.

Father John gave a few pats on Eva’s shoulder to comfort her before opening the carriage door and went out.

As only the three left again, gloomy silence fell upon them.

Eva saw Paul crying sitting across her when she was finally able to look around.

Paul, who was much taller than her, raised his arm like a child as he wiped away tears.

“I’m sorry, Paul.

For troubling you.”


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