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Paul’s face went pale as he flopped down to the floor.

By then, Eva just realized how poor her decision was.

This was a murder case.

It must be too frightening and hard for him to bear.

In addition, it would be revealed that Paul had helped the two women escape at dawn, and then Paul would become their accomplice.

Eva, fearful and in a rush, didn’t consider this more thoroughly.

“I am deeply sorry, Paul.

Pretend you didn’t hear that.”

Eva stepped back while biting her lip.

Her legs were shaking, it felt like she was going to fall.

She decided to run away, but she couldn’t figure out how to, so she was back to square one.

“My lady.” Paul called Eva after he recovered his self-control tardily.

“Where are you going I’ll prepare a carriage, so come here with Cecil.

If you flee from the front of the main building, you’ll get caught, so you’d better take the back road.”

As if he had lost his morals, Paul came up with a solution with a serious face.

He didn’t even ask how she killed Todd, indicating how conscious he was that the situation was urgent.

“Forget it.

You stay out of it.

One wrong move and you’ll be an accomplice.”

“I could say I didn’t know.

If I said you two asked for a ride and I gave it, I’d have nothing to do with it.

Because everyone knows I’m close to both of you.”

“Still I can’t.”

“Why not! You and Cecil always stopped the Baronet when I got hit by him.

You secretly gave me food, bought me clothes, even taught me how to write.

The three of us are family, so it’s only natural to do that, that’s what you and Cecil said.”


Eva choked at the sound of weeping from Paul.

She had mixed feelings when memories of the time with Paul sprung up.

Paul came to Bale Castle when he was ten years old.

He was two years younger than Eva.

She heard that old coachman Brat saw him orphaned and found him pitiful so he brought Paul with him.

Paul lived in the annex next to Bale Castle, doing chores in the stable.

After the death of Brat, not long after he took Paul in, Paul stayed under the care of Bale Castle’s household.

When the Massies went bankrupt and its people scattered around, Paul, who had nowhere to go, was brought by Baronet Biti.

There was only one reason.

Paul was still young, so he was trying to make him his coachman at a low price.

That’s how Eva, Cecil, and Paul came in as Baronet Biti’s people.

From the beginning, they were already close, then added the sense of comradeship, they lived together protecting and taking care of each other.

As Paul said, they were a family.

At this moment, she felt grateful and apologetic for Paul’s words.

“We’re family, so of course I’ve to help.

I’ve always wanted to repay the favor, but I’m glad I could at least do this for you.”

“…Thank you, Paul.”

“Now go quickly.

I have to get ready too.”

Paul pushed Eva’s by shoulder with a determined look.

He opened the door himself and glanced around the outside, he then gave a signal to go out.

As Eva came out, the door closed again quietly.

Eva crossed her arms and wrapped her shoulders while walking in the dark.

The night breeze was as cold as ever.

The same applied to the sense of guilt that came and went.

Still, a little strength returned to her legs.

Once she arrived at the house, Eva opened her room.

Todd was lying still on the floor in the dark.

Eva was trying to fight back the chills while taking her trunk and crossed over to Cecil’s room.

Cecil was sitting on the bed when Eva came in.

She stood up to her feet as soon as she saw Eva.

Her eyes wide open, afraid to ask what had happened.

Eva approached and hugged Cecil to assure her.

“Let’s go, nanny.

Let’s leave this hellish place.”

“Oh…” A sigh of relief escaped Cecil’s mouth at Eva’s words.

She held Eva in her arms with a tearful face and trembling hands.

The two women briefly relied on each other’s warmth and controlled their overwhelming emotions.

Five years of living in this house passed by like a flash.

Tears streamed down their cheeks along with many sorts of emotions.

They always wanted to leave this house, but didn’t want to leave this way.

It was a very harsh fate for them.

Even so, this moment of struggling to survive was unbearably cruel.

* * *

Even though it was late at night, candles were lit at the Crocs Field Cathedral.

Father John Murray, now archbishop, hummed into bed.

Two days later, he would travel to Montana to meet the Holy See group tour, which consisted of 26 people from the highest position cardinals, archbishops, bishops to nuns.

Dreaming of becoming Crocs Field’s next cardinal, it was an opportunity to meet with the Holy See’s representatives and make a good impression.

“Forgive me, Father Elman.”

He offered an apology to someone with an unapologetic expression.

Elman was a bishop of the Ingraken Cathedral next to Crocs Field.

The members of the group tour were selected from each region with only two positions set for Crocs Field and Ingraken.

One seat was already set for a nun while John and Elman competed for the other seat.

Elman had come here three times since John was confirmed to fill that seat.

Not only that, as he couldn’t ask John to give up his seat, all he did was mumble something strange and then returned.

“I thought the most faithful and kind man would go, but it turns out you’ll be the one who goes.


“I don’t think I was chosen because I was greedy.

I feel troubled and happy for you.”

“I sincerely repent and pray that a chance will come.

Regardless, congratulations.”

‘Is he congratulating me or not’ thought John.

He wondered if Elman wished a safe trip for him or wished he fractured his bones so he couldn’t go.

Of course, it wasn’t like he wasn’t swayed at the sight of Elman, someone who had followed God’s will all his life without greed.

But opportunities don’t come so easily.

For John, who had great ambitions, it was something he couldn’t give up.

Besides, who didn’t live faithfully and virtuously

It was about time he got up and put out the candle.


Something small and hard hit the window, making a clear sound.


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