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To protect the only direct descendant of the Emperor, some guards only arrived here secretly last night, a result of Benjamin informing a different date from the real one.

Edward only answered with a short “I see” and turned to the window again.

“It’s time to forget about Lady Massies.

She’ll be fine on her own.”

Count Holland brought up Eva’s matter from before, sensing that Edward was conflicted inside.

Although Count Holland knew the truth now, he still felt unhappy with Eva.

“Is that your comment after seeing that”

Edward, who was clasping his hands behind his back, turned furiously.

Whenever he thought about Eva shuddering1 in the presence of that brazen-faced Baronet Biti’s family, his jaw tensed.

“If what you say is true, then she’s no any ordinary woman.

She found a way to persuade Your Highness and me by also playing the stage that Baronet Biti’s people had arranged.

It’s not easy to think like that in a short amount of time.”


His cold gaze slowly softened.

He also agreed with Count Holland.

He never imagined Eva would do that from the start.

Edward had been waiting for Eva to tell him directly it was a misunderstanding or false accusation.

Eva couldn’t be frank telling the truth.

She told the story in a collected manner, but at some point, she gave him a perfect twist.

She swore by the kiss that never came.

Even a fool could recognize that her confession was all a lie.

It was surprising and fantastic, like an unexpected attack, and on the other hand, it also made him smile.

He considered her as a softhearted, kind, and gentle woman, but didn’t know the hiding steadfast within her.

He was proud of Eva.

That’s why he was more concerned.

Life in that house would be more tough, even with her cleverness.

“You’re so into her.

It’s not like you.”

“I know.”

Edward smiled in defeat, admitting it without a fight.

Thinking back on it again, strange things happened to him.

He wondered if it was possible to have this feeling in a short time without affecting him.

“I hope Sir Ruth will be happy too.

It hasn’t been long since we met, but I think you’re very straightforward and strong.

Wherever you are or whatever you do, may God bless you.”

Maybe he had been tired of raising his blade and being wary of his surroundings for a long time, that the moment he heard Eva’s encouragement, his heart was shaking tremendously.

It wasn’t the first time he heard a motivation out of formalities, but he could sense her sincerity and it warmed his heart.

Just like when they were young, Eva was always on his side and the person he was closest to, cheering him on, while also praying for his blessing.

Although she found it late, Eva already guessed that he was her former fiance and gave him support in consideration of his situation.

It felt like their past and present encounters were connected, leaving him with a lump in his throat.

At that moment, he realized the reason why he was shaking.

The past Eva was like a shadow in his mind all the time.

When he met with the present Eva, it brightened his mind.

After it brightened, he could see her soul.

After he could see her soul, he was drawn into it.

After getting drawn, he found her beautiful.

Every part of her was beautiful.

She, who blinked her big eyes while holding her tears.

She, who was in good spirits when riding a horse.

She, who blushed when she got shy while avoiding eye contact or was smiling senselessly.

Seeing her enveloped by the light from the moon and Thousand Moon Stone, he couldn’t take his eyes off her, as if he was possessed.

When he was pulled back into reality, he was holding her and shy away from kissing her.

He was also baffled because that was the first time he ever lost his mind.

“I’m sorry.”

Edward fought himself with all his might as he stepped back from Eva.

It was an inevitable choice, knowing that the action would hurt her.

If he continued the kiss, they would bond and Eva would get shackled to his life.

She was already having a hard time, he didn’t want to drag her into his life, when his future was uncertain.

“Now is not the right moment for you to pay attention to Lady Massies.

We need to think about how to appease Her Majesty’s anger and find a way to win over Duke Kensington.


“Also” Looking at Count Holland who seemed hesitant to talk, Edward asked him.

“Having a Crown Princess might be a help for you now.

For example, Lady Kensington.”

“Why did Olivia get pulled into this” Edward frowned and glared at Count Holland.

They planned to visit Duke Kensington’s castle in the West first, instead of directly going to the Imperial Palace.

It was Count Holland’s idea to meet and build a friendship with Duke Kensington as he was the head of the State Council and from a neutral family.

He accepted it because he thought it wasn’t a bad idea, but soon he realized that Count Holland had other plans.

Olivia Kensington.

He seemed to take interest in the daughter of Duke Kensington, who was two years younger than Edward.

Of course, only as a candidate for Crown Princess, regardless of Count Holland.

“You know that, don’t you I’m pushing her as the Crown Princess.

There’s no better way to propitiate Duke Kensington than this.”

“And I said I didn’t want to, right”

“She’s beautiful and well-educated, not to mention close to you.

You two are perfect together in my eyes.”

“Just because we’re close doesn’t mean we have to get intimate.

Like, we’re cousins but you’re the one who ran out of fortune.”

Although, Edward had to admit he was closer with Olivia than any other lady.

Since childhood, he often bumped into her at royal balls, parties, and other gatherings.

Unlike other ladies, Olivia didn’t treat him as an object to be coveted for.

They held conversations fairly well.

However, it was only that, an acquaintance.

“You’re going too far.

You know how much I suffer because of you.”


Call the attendant.

I’ve to wear armour.” Edward snorted at Count Holland’s retort.


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