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Taking advantage of the time when Alex was washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen, Guo Zhi went into the bathroom in her room to take a soothing shower.

When she returned to the living room, Alex still was not done cleaning, so she took her laptop and half laid down on the sofa to check Weibo.

After a moment, Alex came out of the kitchen.

“Eat some fruit.” He said as he placed the plate on the coffee table.

A watermelon was cut into tiny cubes and placed on a plate along with two forks.

Guo Zhi ate a piece and noticed that it was iced. Such a good service!

Guo Zhi was so moved that tears almost came out. When will I ever be able to get this type of treatment in my own home in the capital Even at my parent’s home, mom only cuts it in the traditional way without icing it, and then calls everybody to eat.

Guo Zhi remembered that once, she mentioned this way of eating the watermelon, saying that it was easier to eat the tiny cubes with a fork.

At that time, her mom had looked at her with a pair of eyes that said ‘I know what you’re thinking of’ and stared at her for a while before saying: “Wouldn’t it be better if you flied to the skies”

Thinking about the past and looking at the service right now… Nice! Really nice!

Lady Guo looked that the young handsome boy with affection and said gently: “Look at you, take a break, don’t risk becoming sick because of tiredness…”

Alex felt something creeping on his back and shivered.

He touched the back of his head and said simple-mindedly: “It’s okay, I’m not tired, I’m used to it.

I’ll go take a shower…”

“Go, go…” Guo Zhi felt that Alex was very pleasing to the eyes no matter how she looked at him right now.

When he was taking a shower, Guo Zhi began writing a post on Weibo with the fork bit in her mouth.

Alex finished showering very fast.

When he came out, the post Guo Zhi was writing was still not done.

She lifted her head and saw a boy with an alluring body that only wore jeans that were loosely hanging on his hips.

The lines of his muscles were clear, especially the mermaid line that had a drop of water sliding down.

Guo Zhi’s gaze returned to the screen and discovered that not only had she typed many words wrong, but also that the last two words written were ‘mermaid line’ What

She immediately deleted them.

Alex initially planned on washing himself until he was spotless and offering himself on a plate with the fruits so that she could eat them.

The result, however, was that by the time he came out, Guo Zhi was writing on Weibo, so he did not bother her.

He checked her Weibo before. How to describe it… I can only say that I only understood half of it. He knew that she was incredible because there were many people that liked and commented on her posts.

All those people talked professionally, so he did not understand.

He walked over.

Guo Zhi briefly glanced at him and returned her attention back to her laptop, very concentrated.

It was like her working mode.

Alex wanted to tease her, but he knew that it was not the right time.

He walked closer and patted her legs.

Guo Zhi curled her legs and Alex sat on the sofa.

He lifted her legs to straighten them and placed them on his own legs.

Guo Zhi was still biting the fork; she moved her body around to find a comfortable position and continued typing.

Alex ate two pieces of watermelon, placed the fork on the edge of the plate, took out his phone, and checked WeChat, QQ, and Weibo.

All the people on QQ were his classmates.

Some went on to university and others directly became part of the work force.

The group was created in their student’s days.

The group that Alex talked in the most was that one.

It was because the friendships made in that time were comparatively purer.

Talking with his classmates was more relaxing, and there was a stronger sense of trust.

Most of the contacts in WeChat were people that he knew from the capital; there were all types of people.

When talking to them, it was mostly general talk and matters that included wine and flesh.

However, it was not possible to completely ignore them, and the relationship had to be maintained so that they could help each other mutually by helping to get jobs or things like that.

He opened Weibo last.

His username was ‘Alex’s alpha world’.

He did not remember why he used that random name at that time.

He posted a recently released poster photo of himself.

He learned that from another model, to constantly post his own poster photos in Weibo as a way of advertising.

He had around four to five hundred fans, including models, photographers, and people that he knew from the same industry.

The rest were girls.

He did not how those girls found his Weibo.

But anyways, every time he uploaded a photo, these girls would rapidly like them and then comment some screams like ‘Ahhhhhhhh’ or praise him with ‘Our Alex ah, very handsome! Very handsome!’.

They would always be very excited, but Alex would be indifferent.

He was not very keen on things on the Internet.

He felt that it was illusory and unreal.

For example, the ‘him’ that the fans fervently loved were not the real him.

Those poses and the gazes were all to fulfill the demands of the photographers.

They were also completely far away from his real self.

When he saw the comments, he would always see fans discussing and imagining about his life.

In their impression, his life was very bright and colorful.

But he knew that it was not like that.

His life was very rotten, lacking life.

He did not work as a model because he loved his line of career; it was only because he needed to earn money so that he would not die of hunger.

He did not have any long-term goal.

Some of the models that he knew were not the same.

They really had a goal, dreamed of becoming international supermodels, and could work hard to fulfill their dreams.

Alex knew very clearly in his heart that, compared to those who had dreams, he really could not be considered as hard-working.

At most, he would be considered obedient.

Whatever the photographer, editor, or manager told him to do, he would do.

He would obediently listen to everything they said and perform as such.

That was all.

The main reason was because he did not have a strong will to create a goal and pursue his dreams.

The best he could think of was to earn more money so that he could treat himself better.

As for a dream and his life, he always felt indifferent.

Just like with love, indifference.

It could not even be compared to desire, which could occasionally stimulate him.

He leaned over to get another piece of watermelon and returned the fork again.

He lowered his head and saw Guo Zhi’s legs.

Guo Zhi was wearing a tight and comfortable, but short dress.

A pair of straight, long legs were on his legs.

Straight and white as snow, the type that was not thin as a firewood stick, but firm and strong.

Alex knew.

Sometimes, she held onto him so tightly, that he had to use more strength to move his waist.

The resistance was big, but the power and the feeling were good.

That was a desire that appeared naturally and could not be controlled by himself.

It was not the type of desire that came to be because he wanted to fawn over some woman.

It made his body feel a sense of life, and made it have an air of vigorousness.

He wanted to do it.

But he did not dare to bother Guo Zhi.

Guo Zhi had a habit.

She did not like it when other people or matters interrupted her work.

Alex had felt her concentration and temper during work.

The thing in Weibo… should be considered as an extension of her work, right At least when Alex sneaked a glimpse at her, he felt that she was super concentrated.

He was a bit downcast.

He was not a sex fanatic who was prepared to tease Guo Zhi at any moment.

The truth was that… he had long found out that between him and Guo Zhi… there was a lack of common topics.

When they conversed, he could feel that Guo Zhi understood a lot of things and that her vision was wider.

Compared to her, he knew a lot less.

If the matter of hobbies was brought up, they were even more different.

It was as if it was telling her at every moment about how old she was, old enough to the point of having a generational gap.

That was why, when he interacted with Guo Zhi, if there was no help from sex, Alex would be at a loss.

Just as he felt downcast and lost, Guo Zhi suddenly lifted her eyes and looked at him once.

Then, her legs moved, and the left and right legs changed places.

Alex got an idea.

He looked in her direction, and sure enough, saw that she was faintly smiling.

So, sister Guo did feel the change in my body, and she wasn’t annoyed.

She liked it.

Alex’s mood suddenly brightened and was even flying.

I overthought.

Me and her, we are not lovers and are not even planning on living together for the rest of our lives, so why should I care about having common topics.

The two of us only feel that we do not hate each other.

No, no, no, the main thing is that sister Guo does not hate me.

Having sex together happily is enough.

Alex mouth curled up.

His left hand continued to hold on to his phone to check Weibo, and his right hand tentatively became disobedient… Mm, it sure is a person who exercises periodically, the feel is really great.

The most important thing is… He sneaked a glance at her, Guo Zhi did not reveal a hint of irritation, and contrary to expectations… seems to enjoy it Then I’ll keep it up.

Just like that, the boy enjoyed that great feeling on his hands while checking Weibo.

Without surprise, a flame was lit up for both.

And, his hand was becoming more and more disobedient, a man’s nature… tsk!

“Stop that!” Guo Zhi pinched his hands, “Wait a moment! I’ll be done soon!” The sound of typing increased in pace.

Alex wanted to laugh but also did not dare to, so he held it back.

He forced his attention to his cellphone.

He scrolled on the main page of Weibo and checked posts while sharing some.

Suddenly, a post appeared in his eyes…

[Daily things from dating: I want to hug your neck, I want to embrace you in the sofa, I want to watch movies with you, I want to rip off your shirt buttons, I want to touch your spine, starting from your neck, one by one, until I reach your tailbone, I want to put my head in your shoulder and breath, I want to draw your mermaid line, I want to listen to you panting beside my ear, I want to hear you saying softly that you like me!]

“…” It’s really cheesy.

It was written by a woman, right

Alex did not know about this ‘Daily things from dating’.

His friends were mostly young people, and many of them followed that account.

Other than teasing people, it posted warm things.

Everyday, there was something new to brag about dating.

Alex had only dated once, and it was after he came to the capital.

The ending was not good either.

At the end of the relationship, he was scolded by his girlfriend like a dog, saying that he had nothing other than his handsome face.

Just that once was enough to extinguish his longing for love.

Because at that time, he finally truly understood that the so-called love, after they had liked and loved, was followed by responsibility and the future.

His own life was a mess; another person’s life was not something that he could support.

That was why, whenever he saw a friend in Weibo sharing the posts from that ‘Daily things from dating’, he indifferently scrolled past it.

He could not eat the bragging from other people.

Today was a special time.

He unconsciously read that post another time.

Under his hands, he was touching Guo Zhi… He thought about her strength while holding on to him and her wantonness when she rose her body to welcome him.

He suddenly understood the meaning of those words that  he thought that he had understood in the past, but that in reality had never truly understood.

Those things could be found in Guo Zhi, and a lot.

Women… thriving desire and fiery passion.


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