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While everyone was still discussing, the tense atmosphere was still not over.

At this moment, Ye Qiu was in deep trouble and suffering.

“Remember your origins and plant the Dao with your blood.”

“Endless Heavenly Dao, break through with strength!”

“Yin and Yang fused, my Dao is at ease.”

Ye Qiu silently chanted the mental cultivation technique of the Dao of Blood in his heart.

He kept tempering his body to reach the supreme perfection realm.

As the golden blood continued to be refined, it had already reached the most perfect realm.

Unfortunately, it did not have enough energy to reach the legendary limit.

In other words, the supreme invincible realm in Celestial Thearch Zhen Wus theory.

This was a path he had studied, but he had never walked it himself.

Ye Qiu was the first practitioner.

Therefore, he could only rely on himself to comprehend and ponder.

He could not allow any mistakes.

Otherwise, once there was a mistake, they would be consigned to eternal damnation.

It could be seen how difficult this path was.

It was not as easy as others thought.

Nine Heavenly Sanctums circled above his head, gradually expanding.

Once they reached a limit, they would not be able to withstand more power.

Seeing this, Ye Qiu knew that his final impact had arrived.

The power of the twelfth-grade Golden Pill was endless.

Nine Heavenly Sanctums were not enough to support this power.

Therefore, the only way was to continue opening a new Heavenly Sanctum to accommodate more power.

The Ten Heavenly Sanctums would also become Ye Qius primary goal.


Everything was prepared.

Ye Qiu instantly erupted with all the strength in his body.

The golden blood in his body instantly surged crazily, and a powerful force was injected into his prefecture sea, boiling.

In the chaos, his limbs and bones suffered huge injuries.

The pain had already made his face ferocious, and his skin was seeping with blood.

He was incomparably miserable.

As Ye Qiu shouted, a terrifying force was instantly expelled, causing the entire ground to tremble.


With a shocking bang, a violent wind swept past the ten thousand miles of wasteland and instantly turned it into nothingness.

“Oh my god! It succeeded”

A new Heavenly Sanctum gradually formed in the nine Heavenly Sanctums above Ye Qius head.

The tenth Heavenly Sanctum!

In an instant, the thousands of forces that had been expelled were forcefully sucked back.

At this moment, Ye Qiu was in the vortex, enduring the impact of thousands of times the power until it filled the tenth Heavenly Sanctum.

“He actually… really succeeded in opening the tenth Heavenly Sanctum.”

Seeing this, even the proud Ming Yue could not help but reveal a respectful gaze.

She knew better than anyone how difficult it was to break through these ten Heavenly Sanctums.

However, Ye Qiu actually broke through the shackles of the Ten Heavenly Sanctums in front of everyone and successfully became the second person in tens of thousands of years to establish the Ten Heavenly Sanctums.

Once the Ten Heavenly Sanctums were formed, the world instantly trembled.

At this moment, be it the mortal world or the experts of the Nine Heavens and Ten Lands, they all cast their attention over.

Among them were some super mighty figures from ancient large clans, golden bloodlines, and monarch races.

“Ten Heavenly Sanctums! The Heaven Mending Pavilion actually produced another shocking genius of the Ten Heavenly Sanctums.

This is… unbelievable.”

A faint exclamation came from the void and darkness.

Immediately after, another doubtful voice filled with disbelief sounded.

“Is the Heaven Mending Pavilion going to rise How did that old man Meng Tianzheng do it to actually nurture two shocking and heaven-defying geniuses Could it be that… he wants to break the curse of the Longevity Calamity”

For a moment, countless gazes focused on him.

Ye Qiu gradually appeared in the sight of these invincible experts.

From then on, he finally became one of the targets of attention.

No matter which era such a genius was in, he would be the center of attention and the light of the world would gather on him.

What Ye Qiu didnt know was that his breakthrough had indirectly caused the undercurrents in the Nine Heavens and Ten Lands to surge, and the Immortal Ancient Battlefield was also affected.

However, he was not in the mood to dwell on these things because he had something more important to do.

After opening the tenth Heavenly Sanctum, Ye Qiu was surprised to discover that more than half of the medicinal effect of the twelfth-grade Golden Pill had been consumed.

In other words, he still had a chance to take another step forward.

At this moment, a crazy thought continued in his heart, which was to break through to the eleventh Heavenly Sanctum.

You didnt see wrongly.

It was to break through to the eleventh Heavenly Sanctum, not directly break through to the Heavenly Venerate realm.

Break through to the eleventh Heavenly Sanctum What kind of crazy action was this Ordinary people might not even dare to think about it, but not only did he think about it, he actually did it.

He slowly regulated his breathing and gradually calmed himself down.

The golden blood was repairing the injuries in his body.

It wasnt until he reached his peak that Ye Qiu finally began to exert strength.

“Hehe… Whats the point of being the second best If you want to do it, you have to be the first in history.”

The crazy thoughts in his mind gradually became impudent.

Blood filled his heart, and the crazy fighting spirit in Ye Qius body could no longer be suppressed.

The tenth Heavenly Sanctum sounded terrifying, but this record had long been broken by Ming Yue.

Therefore, in his current position, he could only submit to Ming Yue.

How could Ye Qiu, who had always wanted to be strong, submit to others There was no point in being second.

If he wanted to do it, he would be first.

Ye Qiu meditated for a moment and instantly began to accumulate strength.

In an instant, the wind and clouds in the world changed.

The originally calm vortex instantly surged again.

The surrounding crowd was instantly shocked.

They thought that Ye Qiu would stop after breaking through to the Ten Heavenly Sanctums and were prepared to congratulate him.

Unexpectedly, as soon as they took a step, this sudden change instantly made them stop in their tracks.

“What is he going to do”

Even the usually calm Ming Yue could not calm down at this moment.

If she wasnt wrong, Ye Qiu wanted to break through to the eleventh Heavenly Sanctum

“No… this is impossible.”

This guess was instantly confirmed.

The proud Ming Yue could no longer remain calm.

She couldnt accept it.

Ye Qiu was actually crazy enough to break through to the eleventh Heavenly Sanctum.

She knew very well how difficult it was to break through to the eleventh Heavenly Sanctum.

Actually, according to her original guess, she actually had a chance to break through to the eleventh Heavenly Sanctum.

However, because of the previous battle, she had no choice but to forcefully break through in her realm, indirectly causing her to lose this opportunity.

This could be said to be a karma planted by Ye Qiu.

Ming Yue lost this opportunity because she saved him.

However, what Ming Yue couldnt accept was that she had lost this opportunity, and Ye Qiu actually wanted to break this limit in one go.

Suddenly, her expression turned a little ugly.

She was very indignant, but it had already happened.

Ming Yue could only accept this reality.

To be honest, she was very happy that Ye Qiu could break through eleven Heavenly Sanctums, but what she couldnt accept was that she was inferior to Ye Qiu.

How proud and arrogant was she Ever since she debuted, no one had been able to suppress her.

However, because of todays incident, she had indirectly lost her chance to compete fairly with Ye Qiu.

She was very disappointed.

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