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Gu Sanqiu immediately panicked.

He was ordered by the First Elder to help Ye Qiu.

How was he going to explain to the First Elder if anything happened to Ye Qiu Moreover, the potential that Ye Qiu erupted with was no longer inferior to Ming Yue.

In fact, it was even greater.

How could the Heaven Mending Pavilion not grasp such a talented person

“Old thief Nanhua, how dare you!”

In a moment of desperation, Gu Sanqiu punched out angrily towards Nanhuas face, wanting to force him to defend.

Even if he didnt die from such a ferocious punch, he would be seriously injured and would need at least hundreds of years to recover.

Ordinary people would definitely defend against such a huge price.

However, Exalted Immortal Nanhua was determined to kill Ye Qiu today.

He didnt even look at Gu Sanqius punch.

“Haha! Gu Sanqiu, watch carefully.

Watch how I kill your Heaven Mendings Deity with my own hands.”

Exalted Immortal Nanhua revealed a deranged smile and gradually went crazy.

He ferociously punched towards Ye Qiu.

At that moment, the world seemed to have lost its color.

The ground collapsed and the mountains and rivers were broken.

Under this punch, any exquisite immortal technique in the world seemed to pale in comparison.

Exalted Immortal Nanhua had already used his full strength.

Not to mention an Endless cultivator, even a Dao Sacrificial realm expert would not dare to withstand this punch.

Seeing that Ye Qiu was in danger, Ming Yue panicked in her absolute domain.

She ignored the siege of the eight people and wanted to retreat to defend.

However, even she could not withstand such a ferocious punch.

At this critical moment, there was a loud boom.

The world trembled.

Under everyones gazes, a supreme law suddenly charged over from the Heavenly Gate.

The destructive power collided with Exalted Immortal Nanhua.

The world seemed to have collapsed, and the ground trembled.

With a shocking bang, Exalted Immortal Nanhua was sent flying.

This sudden change caught everyone off guard.

Gu Sanqiu was like this, and so was Ming Yue.

Only Exalted Immortal Nanhua spat out a mouthful of blood.

He looked at the Heavenly Gate in disbelief and wailed indignantly.

“Meng… Meng Tianzheng!”

Even though he did not see who attacked, it was not difficult to guess.

In this world, other than the person from Star Picking Pavilion, there was no one else who could heavily injure him so easily.

He finally attacked.

It was also because of his actions that he disrupted all Exalted Immortal Nanhuas previous guesses and completely made him despair.

Meng Tianzheng was not dead.

Not only was he not dead, but his strength had also advanced another step and had already reached that terrifying supreme realm.

As Meng Tianzheng attacked, the figures hidden in the depths of the void trembled.

Their cold and gloomy gazes vaguely glanced in the direction of the Heavenly Gate and silently dimmed.

Yes, they had retreated.

The reason was very simple.

It was because the person guarding Star Picking Pavilion made them feel afraid.

So they retreated.

It was that simple.

Just the name Meng Tianzheng was enough to intimidate the entire Nine Heavens and Ten Lands, let alone him personally taking action.

At this moment, no matter how unwilling Exalted Immortal Nanhua was, he did not dare to attack again.

This was because once Meng Tianzheng attacked, it meant that he wouldnt have a chance to kill Ye Qiu again.

If he continued to tangle, the person who would die might be him.

“Hmph… Heaven Mending Pavilion, one day, I will make you pay a hundredfold.” With a furious shout, Exalted Immortal Nanhua hid in the clouds and left with unwillingness.

His departure also announced the death sentence of the disciples of Mount Yao.

“Patriarch, bring us along.”

Countless people began to kneel and beg Exalted Immortal Nanhua to bring them along.

However, what kind of person was Exalted Immortal Nanhua He was famous for being ruthless and unreasonable.

Not to mention these disciples, even if it was his biological son, he would still ignore him once it affected him.

This mess that was originally impossible to clean up was easily resolved by Meng Tianzhengs light strike.

As soon as Exalted Immortal Nanhua left, Mount Yao was instantly leaderless.

Seeing this scene, Heavenly Venerate Yaoshans expression instantly became incomparably gloomy.

He knew very well that the situation had completely reversed.

He looked at Ming Yue coldly and did not attack again because he knew that even if the eight of them joined forces, they would not be able to take down this woman.

His eyes darted around and he immediately made a decision.

He suddenly withdrew and returned to Mount Yaos team.

Everyone from Mount Yao thought that he would bring them away.

Their originally despairing hearts were revived with hope.

Just as they were about to speak, he grabbed Hua Feiyu and leaped into the Heavenly Gate, successfully returning to the Nine Heavens and Ten Lands.

Seeing this scene, everyone was instantly stunned and at a loss.

They had actually become abandoned pawns, abandoned by their ancestors.

They racked their brains but could not understand that the Holy Land that they were willing to go through hell and high water for would actually abandon them and ignore them.

At this moment, they seemed to have fallen to the bottom of the valley and were in complete despair.

Seeing such a scene, the countless Holy Lands watching could not help but feel sorry for them.

At the same time, they felt that it was not worth it for them.

They should have been prepared to sacrifice themselves for such an ambitious Holy Land from the moment they entered.

However, as pitiful as they were, they were not worth pitying because they had brought this upon themselves.

Qi Wuhui waved his hand coldly and said, “Take them down!”

In an instant, tens of thousands of figures charged out and controlled the disciples of Mount Yao, surrounding them.

They killed all those who resisted.

Ming Yue didnt care about these small fights at all.

Her gaze was fixed on that man.

Her originally calm heart couldnt help but ache because of Ye Qius painful expression.

“Is he really going to break through to the Ten Heavenly Sanctums” Ming Yue muttered to herself.

As an experienced person, she knew very well how difficult it was to establish the Ten Heavenly Sanctums.

That unbearable pain and torture was not something ordinary people could withstand.

At this moment, Ye Qiu was already in a desperate situation.

If he stepped over, he would be the one in a million chosen one.

If he couldnt take a step forward, he would fall from the altar.

The consequence of failing to break through to the Ten Heavenly Sanctums would be his Dao heart being damaged and his cultivation decreasing greatly.

He would completely become a cripple.

This was also the reason why no one dared to rashly try the Ten Heavenly Sanctums for so many years, unless they had the confidence to win or the heart of a brave warrior.

The consequences were too cruel.

Everyone present began to become nervous when they saw Ye Qius pained expression become even more ferocious.

They couldnt imagine what kind of pain Ye Qiu was enduring and how he had endured it.

“Hold on!”

Countless people silently cheered for him.

Unknowingly, they were already drenched in sweat and incomparably nervous, even more nervous than they were in that position.

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