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The battle beside them became more and more intense, but everyone seemed to be very sensible.

No matter how intense their battle was, no one came to disturb these two people.

Ye Qiu strolled leisurely with the Immortal Slayer Sword by his side, staring fixedly at the man opposite him.

Ye Qiu silently stared at him as he looked at his evil gaze and his uncontrollable ruthlessness.

As he sneered, the Lord of the Nether Clan revealed a playful smile.


Do you think youre qualified to be my opponent”

He immediately saw through Ye Qius cultivation.

He was just a small cultivator who had just broken through to the Deva Realm.

If he was at his peak, he could kill such a small cultivator with a single glance.

Unfortunately, his strength had gradually dissipated during the years he had been sealed.

His cultivation had also dissipated a lot, and his strength had decreased greatly.

Now, he could only maintain his cultivation at the Perfected Immortal realm.

However, he was not worried about this problem at all because he could quickly recover as long as he was given a few drops of precious blood.

The current him yearned for the taste of blood, and Ye Qiu, who was standing in front of him, had become the most precious blood.

“Primordial Dao Body, the legendary peerless physique.

I believe… it must be very delicious.”

He licked his lips, his gaze gradually becoming greedy.

Ye Qiu could see his greed and felt a chill in his heart.

Fortunately, his heart was strong enough.

He felt a little nauseous being stared at by such a gloomy man.

“Is that so”

Ye Qiu smiled and gently stretched out his right hand.

The Immortal Slayer appeared in his hand.

Then, he said, “Then lets see if you have the ability.

My sword has drunk countless blood.

Compared to the blood on my body, it seems to like the blood on your body more.”

The Immortal Slayer let out an excited sword cry.

Ye Qiu couldnt control it anymore.

Looking at the Immortal Slayer in his hand, the Lord of the Nether Clan was also a little afraid and even a little confused.

“Immortal Slayer”

He was rather confused.

Wasnt this sword destroyed back then Why has it reappeared in the world

Shaking his head, the Lord of the Nether Clan lowered his head and revealed a strange smile.


He, who was originally motionless, suddenly grabbed over with a blood claw.

In an instant, the power distorted the void.

“Then lets fight.”

Ye Qiu looked coldly, withdrew the Immortal Slayer and slashed.

The battle was about to begin.

The two people who were originally calm and chatting happily actually attacked at the same time in the next second.

The battle scene was world-shaking.

There was a loud bang.

The two of them were forced back at the same time, and Ye Qiu was pushed back further.

After all, the difference in cultivation was a little big.

However, this gap did not make him afraid.

Instead, he was even more excited.

“Looks like youre not much.”

With a cold laugh, Ye Qiu instantly used the Cursive Sword Art.

Thousands of sword energy quickly condensed and gathered before slashing out.

The sword energy that was like stalks of grass attacked from various angles.

The Lord of the Nether Clan crossed his hands and instantly formed a barrier in front of him.

He looked up at Ye Qiu and was secretly shocked.

He didnt expect the young man in front of him to be so vigilant.

He had taken the opportunity to launch a sneak attack just now.

He thought that Ye Qiu wouldnt notice and he would succeed.

Unexpectedly, the other party was always vigilant against him and successfully counterattacked the moment he attacked.

What made him even more incredulous was Ye Qius sword technique and the strength of his power.

This was simply not the strength that a Deva Realm cultivator should have.

He could fight a Perfected Immortal head-on with just the strength of the Deva Realm

The Lord of the Nether Clan had never seen such a terrifying existence.

His potential was too astonishing.

How could the Lord of the Nether Clan know that Ye Qiu had a fortuitous encounter under the forbidden area of the abyss

The Lord of the Forbidden Area had spent a hundred thousand years exploring the Dao of Blood.

Ye Qius strength had increased greatly after planting the Dao technique.

His potential had already been developed to the extreme.

If he couldnt even do this, then he shouldnt cultivate.

He might as well go home and raise pigs.

“Good kid, you have some skills.

I like you even more.”

“Please dont.

I cant afford it.”

Ye Qiu refused with a smile.

He could tell that the other party liked his prey.

The Immortal Slayer circled around and returned to his hand.

Ye Qiu calmed down and began to gather his energy.

The Lord of the Nether Clan smiled playfully and slashed out with his claw again.

In an instant, Ye Qiu slashed out again.

Ye Qiu fought him for hundreds of rounds with the Cursive Sword Art, but there was still no winner.

The battle below had also entered a white-hot stage.

Both sides suffered heavy losses.

No one could accept this kind of damage.

Ye Qiu couldnt accept it, and neither could the Lord of the Nether Clan.

The same thought appeared in the other partys mind: He would deal with the other party in the shortest time possible.

After reaching a consensus, the battle completely became intense.

They used all kinds of precious techniques without holding back.


With a furious shout, the blood of the Lord of the Nether Clan dyed the sky.

A terrifying vicious aura covered the world, and a powerful law of order instantly imprisoned the world.

Ye Qiu felt the restrictions in the surroundings in surprise.

He was shocked, but he quickly had a way to deal with it.

“Come and taste my sword!”

In an instant, Ye Qiu opened his hands.

The world seemed to have opened up.

The Immortal Slayer seeped with a blood-colored light and blood dripped down.

In the sky, it gradually condensed into a huge sword, looking especially gloomy under the blood-colored sky.

“This kind of battle is too terrifying.”

Cai Ling, who had been traveling outside the battlefield, was also shocked when she saw this scene.

She maintained the seven-colored divine light to replenish the people on the battlefield while watching the battle.

After feeling Ye Qius terrifying power, she was convinced.

“Divine Sun!”

With a furious shout, Ye Qiu activated another technique and directly used his strongest divine power, Divine Sun.

He had no time to waste.

He had to end the battle as quickly as possible.

The Lord of the Nether Clan also thought so.

After Ye Qiu activated the Divine Sun, he also used the strongest technique of the Nether Clan.

“Come on! Human, feel the anger of my Nether Clan for hundreds of thousands of years.”

With a loud shout, it was as if a huge saber had stretched out from the netherworld and slashed towards the sky.

The huge sword in the sky also smashed down ruthlessly.

The terrifying power collided, instantly producing a destructive impact that spread out.


That shocking force swept through the entire battlefield.

The originally anxious battlefield was immediately dispersed by these two forces and gradually quietened down.

Most people were severely injured by this power and fell into a state of heavy injuries.

“How terrifying! Is this the power of an immortal”

A Martial Monarch expert sighed.

His Dao heart seemed to have become even more determined to become an immortal.


A deafening sound rang out in the Nine Heavens.

The world seemed to be in danger of collapse.

Under the powerful impact, Ye Qiu and the Lord of the Nether Clan were also separated.

Both of them had ugly expressions.

They had actually tied with this move.

This was something neither of them had expected.


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