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Chapter 2102 Past Life Trajectory

Before seeing Du Jiayi, Ye Ying had long been envious of Mrs.


Now that she saw her, she was not only envious, but she also couldn’t suppress it no matter what.


If, if… If she grew up in the Du Family, she must be… not worse than Du Jiayi, definitely not worse!


She remembered a sentence written in a book, where you are born everything.


She didn’t believe it very much before, but she believed it now… when she saw Du Jiayi!


Origin really determined everything!


In terms of appearance, she was by no means inferior to Du Jiayi! But she didn’t have Du Jiayi’s arrogance between her eyebrows!


In terms of temperament, she and Du Jiayi had their own style; one was arrogant, the other was gentle, but she did not have Du Jiayi’s confident gestures! Not to mention her graceful temperament even when she was carrying a drink!

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Du Jiayi made Ye Ying deeply jealous as soon as she appeared on the stage, but she dared not show it at all for fear that Mrs.

Li would notice it.


Since Du Jiayi came in, Mrs.

Li didn’t care much about Ye Ying, who had made her happy just now.

Her smile was deeply indulgent, and she immediately joked, “Give me three days and three nights; I also can’t finish talking bad about you.

I dare to talk about you in front of you; that means I’m even more dare to speak behind your back.”


“Your mother is right.

You are the least obedient.

If I don’t speak ill of you to your mother, who else should I talk about” Compared with his eldest daughter, Deputy Chief of Staff Du loved his naughty but caring little daughter.

After joking, he introduced her to Ye Zhifan, “Director Ye, this is my little girl Jiayi who likes to give me headaches.

Jiayi, come over and say hello to Uncle Ye.”

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He pretended to criticize, “Look at you, you don’t know what politeness is You don’t know how to greet our guests when you come in”

From the moment Du Jiayi came in, she became the main attention.

She took off her military cap and put it on the dinner table with a witty smile, “You haven’t introduced him; how do I know which uncle it is”


Then she openly stretched out her hand and took the initiative to shake hands with Ye Zhifan, “Hello Uncle Ye, I’m Du Jiayi, the bad things my parents said just now are false; you must not believe it.”


Generous, decent, and sophisticated in treating people.

Ye Zhifan could tell at a glance that these traits were beyond Ye Ying.


He had been an official in Yunnan Province for too long, and he had not met a girl who was as old as his daughter from his superior’s family.

If there was really a girl of the same age, those girls were also from families of lower ranks.

In contrast, he still felt that his daughter had an outstanding temperament.


Compared with Deputy Chief of Staff Du’s daughter, Ye Zhifan couldn’t help feeling emotional as he said to Mrs.

Li and Deputy Chief of Staff Du, “Seeing Miss Du, I really understand the phrase “you are who you are from your origin.”


This one sentence was enough to praise the three from the Du Family in the air.

Du Jiayi whispered to herself, “somewhat interesting”, and then took the initiative to speak to Ye Ying after Mrs.

Li’s introduction, “She’s really gentle, I don’t even dare to speak loudly.

And, more beautiful than my mother described.”


Ye Ying was a little flattered, so she got up a little quickly, with a little admiration in her anxious tone, “Miss Du is more beautiful and cool.”


“You are quite honest, yes, although you are very beautiful, you are indeed a bit worse than me.” Du Jiayi said deliberately with a smile, looking at Ye Ying with her bright eyes that were like diamonds.


Her gaze contained obvious scrutiny, very presumptuous, and very calm.


Ye Ying was initially nervous because of her words, but now that she was even more nervous, having her staring at her like that.


Moreover, from her instinct, even though Du Jiayi smiled at her, she felt an unkindness in it that made her scared, and she felt that Du Jiayi didn’t like her.


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