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Chapter 2096 Vanity

Sun Dongqing bit back the pain and quickly got up to treat her wound.

The phone rang.

She looked up at the clock on the wall with her finger pressed to stop the bleeding and a deep smile on her face.

Then she took the videotape and put it on the coffee table without worrying about it.

She quickly picked up the phone on the corner of the sofa.

Ye Zhifan didn’t call Sun Dongqing right away.

He got the address wrong with the driver who picked him up, so he had to let the driver find them first.

Seeing his daughter on the phone, he said calmly, “You stand here and wait, and I will go to the front to have a look.”

Ye Ying, who happened to be calling home, nodded hurriedly and said, “Dad, put down your luggage, I’ll watch it.”

 “Okay, don’t walk around, lest I have to look for you too.” The driver who came to pick them up called again.

Ye Zhifan said with a smile on his face while answering the phone, “We have already gone outside, I’m waiting for you up the aisle; you should be able to see me when you turn the corner.”

“Okay, okay, okay, I’m sorry for the trouble.”

The driver was sent by the Du Family to pick up Ye Zhifan, so was naturally polite.

If he had used his identity as the Director of the Yunnan Province Urban Construction Bureau, heh, then he would look down on the Du Family.

The Du Family was giving you a face by sending someone over to bring you.

If you looked down on the driver they sent, didn’t that mean that you looked down on the Du Family Ye Zhifan, who wanted to have a good relationship with the Du Family, would not do such a stupid thing.

At 6:30 p.m.

in Beijing, it was heavily dusk, and the lights were already on.

Ye Ying, who was standing on the aisle of the parking lot, informed her mother that she was safe, and she couldn’t wait to tell her good news, “Mom, Mrs.

Li sent a driver to pick us up.

Later, dad and I will be sent directly to the hotel to meet Mrs.



Li also said that her daughter is also in the art troupe, but it is a pity that her daughter is not in the Beijing political corps.”

If Mrs.

Li’s daughter was also in the Beijing political group, she would definitely coax her every day, just like how she coaxed Yao Jing and the group of girls back then!


Sun Dongqing didn’t even feel the pain on her finger upon hearing this good news; she happily said, “That’s why I’ve said before, my Ying Ying is very likable! You have to listen carefully to Mrs.

Li’s words and coax her more.

Say more sweet words; it doesn’t matter.”

“Mom, don’t worry, I know how to do it.” Seeing Ye Zhifan beckoning, she quickly concealed her mobile phone and said in a charming voice quickly, “Mom, I gotta go.

Dad had called Mrs.

Li’s driver over.

I’ll get in the car.

First, I will call you tomorrow.”

Ye Ying was afraid that Ye Zhifan would hear her conversation, so she ended the call before Sun Dongqing finished speaking.

When the car drove in front of her, she adjusted her expression quickly.

The driver sent by the Du Family pushed the car door and trotted to Ye Ying’s side, respectfully calling her “Miss Ye”.

He opened the door first, then asked her to get in the car politely, and then put the luggage in the rear compartment.

Ye Ying, who got in the car, was unnaturally surprised.

The driver was so polite, like how the drivers in TV shows welcomed rich ladies into the car.

He was so polite that she thought she was really a noble lady at that moment.

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“Director Ye, Miss Ye, my wife is hosting a banquet at Wangfu Hotel.

I will send you two over.

The hotel where you two will be staying is also Wangfu Hotel.

I hope you will be satisfied.”

The courtesy of the driver made Ye Zhifan even more confident.


Li personally arranged food and accommodation for them, which showed that the Du Family fancied both of them.


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