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Chapter 2095: Showed Up

Ye Ying, who was unwilling to give up, looked around again, and after passing by the security checkpoint, she saw a familiar figure passing by.

But when she fixed her gaze, she found nothing again.

“Still looking for her If she is really here, you must greet her openly.

Besides, what’s so surprising about her being here It’s normal for her to fly to the school to report during the start of school now.”


It was not normal that she had to report to school by plane! How expensive was a plane ticket How could she afford it!

Ye Ying whispered to herself.

She didn’t dare to say it for fear that another accusation would be incurred, so she took another look towards the security check and then left.

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 At 12:40 noon, Ye Jian and her friends boarded the plane.

At around 3 in the afternoon, Ye Ying called Sun Dongqing, who was tidying up the living room, and told her that she had boarded the plane and would call again when she arrived in Beijing.

Sun Dongqing, who was tidying up the sofa, picked up the postal parcel she received in the morning and put it on the coffee table, and said to Ye Ying uneasily, “Okay, pay attention to your own safety.

Don’t be afraid to tell your dad if you have any concerns! You have me at home; your father can’t make noise!”

Her voice was so loud that Ye Zhifan, who was turning off his mobile phone, could hear it clearly, but he ignored her and took out the magazines in the plane.


It took more than three hours to travel from Yunnan Province to Beijing, while it only took slightly more than one hour to fly from Yunnan Province to the city where Ye Jian was located.

At this time, Ye Jian and Song Zhiqiu had arrived at the school gate.

Yang Heng, who had accompanied them to school, couldn’t enter the school together, so he left.

NUTD and the army implemented militarized management simultaneously.

Normal people couldn’t enter and leave the school at any time, so Yang Heng couldn’t enter to visit even if he wanted to.

In the end, he had no choice but to go out and play by himself.


“He looks so lonely.

I’ve told him not to travel with me, but he doesn’t believe it.” Song Zhiqiu snorted a few times and smiled at Ye Jian, “But my brother has friends from all over the world.

Don’t worry; he will surely call and tell me that he has a playmate later.”

This was also true.

Yang Heng was very popular when he was in high school.

Everywhere he walked, he was surrounded by a group of friends with different faces.

Twisting up the luggage with her cadet’s military uniform, Ye Jian smiled and said, “Let’s go, it’s a new semes…” Before she said the last syllabus “ter”, she suddenly turned around again, and her eyes instantly became extremely cold, staring at the road.

The moment she turned around, she felt someone staring at her.

At the beginning of the school season, countless motorcycles carrying students stopped at the school gate.

Even if Ye Jian felt someone staring at her, she couldn’t catch it instantly.


An inconspicuous black car slowly passed by the side of the road, and the tea-colored window rolled up slowly.

A man with sunglasses sat at the back faintly told the driver, “Go back to the hotel.”

The driver wearing white gloves respectfully responded with a “yes” and drove into the traffic slowly.


The man in sunglasses took out his cell phone and dialed out a group of calls.

Then his voice was slightly gloomy as he spoke, “I saw her; she looks like her mother.”

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Having said that, he laughed inexplicably, “But she looks a little trickier than her mother.”

Not sure what the other party said but the man in sunglasses replied indifferently, “Don’t have to keep an eye on Ye Zhifan for the time being.

He didn’t interfere with Sun Yaozu.

As for his daughter, …wait till she reports to the army.”

The man’s voice was not young, and it also had a little hoarseness, giving out a cool and sullen feeling, as if every word he said was a plot.

At that time, Sun Dongqing picked up the postal package on the coffee table and cut it open with scissors.

She didn’t know why when she saw the videotape, her eyelids suddenly jumped, and she inadvertently cut her finger with the scissors so that it was even bleeding a little.


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