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Chapter 2094 Youth That Cannot Be Missed

Later, Song Zhiqiu described Principal Chen’s eyes to Ye Jian: they were like a bullet passing directly through the center of his eyebrows, killing him in one shot, just like being on the battlefield.

Those pair of eyes belonged to a world-class sniper, so of course, they were sharp, calm, and deadly!

Yang Heng didn’t have the feeling of being shot by a bullet.

He just felt a little difficult to breathe, and he struggled to walk properly.

In fact, Principal Chen quickly withdrew his gaze, but he didn’t know that just simply looking at them had given both boys tremendous pressure.

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Seeing that the young men were going uncomfortable, he also didn’t stay too long.

When Ye Jian got her ticket, he left with the other soldiers.


Young people had their way of getting along, and his presence there would only make them feel uncomfortable.

“So stressful, I don’t even dare to speak loudly.” When Principal Chen got in the car and left, Song Zhiqiu turned and said to Ye Jian, “It was like seeing the chief; I was so nervous that my palms were sweating coldly.”

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Upon hearing this, Yang Heng nodded in agreement.


After taking a breath, he fanned himself with his ticket, getting rid of his suffocation caused by his breathing difficulties.

Then, he said to Ye Jian, “Let’s check-in.”


Ye Jian didn’t know that Yang Heng would be going together.

So, upon listening to his words, she could not help asking casually, “Your boarding time is about the same time as us” She thought Yang Heng was going to another city.


“Yes, the same boarding time and the same plane.” Yang Heng raised the ticket in his hand, surprising her.

He raised his eyebrows and looked at Ye Jian’s surprised face; he laughed, “Do you need to be so surprised I am acting as a parent sending the two of you back to school.”

“Yeah, right, obviously you want to go out to play.” Song Zhiqiu unceremoniously exposed his cousin’s lie and quickly said to Ye Jian, “Uncle knows that my brother has found a mixed-race girlfriend and threatens to cut off his relationship with him.

My aunt was afraid that the two would fight, so she got him a ticket.

He isn’t here to send us away but to flee for refuge.”

Director Yang was also a rigid-minded father.

He knew that his son had found a foreign girl and was living with her.

At that time, he was so angry that he took out his belt to teach the disobedient son, scaring Yang Heng’s mother into having cold sweats that she quickly let his son escape outside.


As soon as Yang Heng heard it, he suggested that he would better have a look at his cousin’s military academy.

Without any hesitation, Yang Heng’s mother made her old classmate get a ticket and sent her son out of her husband’s sight.


Ye Jian laughed a little unkindly when she heard it, “You look down on so many beautiful women in our country, find a foreign girlfriend and live together with her.

Yang Heng, do you think China is as open-minded as abroad You are living with her now, then if you break up with your foreign girlfriend one day, wouldn’t that make you an irresponsible person It’s no wonder Uncle Yang is angry.”

With Yang Heng’s incident, the tension caused by Principal Chen immediately dissipated.

The three of them talked and laughed, walking past a group of people who had just entered the airport with their tickets and went straight to check-in.

A slender, tall woman in the crowd suddenly raised her head and looked to the left.

She seemed to hear… Yang Heng and Ye Jian’s voice just now!

“Get your ticket first, then have a meal in the restaurant next to you, take a short break and then check in.” Ye Zhifan took out his wallet and took out his ID card, and said to Ye Ying next to him, “Give me your ID.”

Ye Ying, who looked around and didn’t see Ye Jian, took out her ID card and said, “Dad, I seemed to hear Ye Jian’s voice just now.”

“So Why are you so surprised.” Having said that, Ye Zhifan also looked around, but to no avail, then he took Ye Ying’s ID card and went to collect the ticket.


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