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When Tong Yan woke up, Xu Xinduo immediately held the child to show him, “They said the child looks like me.”


Tong Yan glanced weakly and saw that the child had already opened his eyes.

He saw that the child had sanpaku eyes(1) and sighed, “Your family’s eyes are really…”


(T/N: Refers to the type of eyes that still has some white space either above or below the irises.)


“What about it”




Tong Yan’s principles were always bizarre.


He was willing to help Xu Xinduo have a baby, but he couldn’t help her through postpartum confinement.

He said that it was a problem with his principles.


Funny how he himself was not clear with what specific principle it was either.


Xu Xinduo was confined in the confinement centre.

The child slept separately from her and was taken care of by a special child-raising nanny


For Xu Xinduo, the child was like a playmate to her.

When the kid was bored, they brought him to her, letting the mother and son play for a while.

Besides breastfeeding, there was nothing else to do.


She also had special personnel to help take care of her whilst needing to do some rehabilitation exercises.

This life was not too uncomfortable, but Tong Yan couldn’t stand it.


He couldn’t even stand it for a day.


Tong Yan sat beside the bed and calmly helped Xu Xinduo peel some apples, still trying to explain, “I think that I am a free bird—a cage can’t hold me because I want to soar.”


“Mmhm, did you just memorise your example essays” Xu Xinduo raised her eyebrows and asked him.


“That doesn’t count, I just didn’t want to be bored here.

But if you ever want to change to eat something, I’m okay with that.”


“I want to go out for a run.”



Heal up nicely, be good.”


Later Xu Xinduo found out that Tong Yan would deliberately avoid her breastfeeding time.

After breastfeeding, she walked over and asked Tong Yan, “What’s wrong Are you jealous when I breastfeed the child”


Tong Yan’s face was wrinkled for a moment and he snorted softly.


Xu Xinduo continued to ask, “Perhaps, you don’t want to breastfeed the child”


Tong Yan looked sideways at Xu Xinduo.

He hesitated for a while and said, “A bit of everything.

Also, I don’t want to notice your belly now that it’s loose.

I feel terrible looking at it, and I’m worried that I will despise the kid even more.”


After all, Xu Xinduo used to be a model.


She had her own company now, so she didn’t have to model anymore.

But she wouldn’t be completely happy to have her figure ruined, would she


“I like him very much because he is the child of the two of us.

He is really cute— don’t you think it’s sort of healing when he smiles at you”


Tong Yan sighed and hugged Xu Xinduo, “I only like you…”


“Alright, be good.

I’ll go through this confinement myself, so hurry and adapt to being a father.”


They named the child Youxin.


Tong Youxin, which was a homonym(2).


(T/N: The name could also be translated as ‘Tong has Xin’, which is a short form of ‘Tong Yan has Xu Xinduo’)


Tong Yan was also a responsible enough father.

After getting off from work, he would come to see Tong Youxin.

Every day, he stretched out a finger to play with his child and taught him words, “Say ‘mommy’.”


Tong Youxin hadn’t really been in this world for a long time, but he just grinned and looked like he had a good personality.


Tong Yan watched for a while and couldn’t help laughing, “Your mother and your uncle don’t like to laugh, but surprisingly,  you do.”


As Tong Youxin grew up day by day, he would exclaim every time he saw Tong Yan visit after work and rush to him. 


Tong Yan would also crouch down and pick up Tong Youxin at this time.

Then, the father-son duo would play together.


At first, Tong Yan was not used to having an extra family member at home, but he gradually enjoyed it later on.


The more he saw his child, the more he adored him.


After all, it was his biological son and the child really looked like Xu Xinduo.


Of course, there were times when Tong Yan couldn’t accept it…


Tong Yan would always remember that when he returned home and saw the family of four— Mo Yinxun, Xu Xinduo, Mu Qingyi and his son looking at him at the same time, he would always see their family’s sanpaku eyes.

There were no evil intentions behind them, but it seemed as if the family looked down on him.


When these eyes were expressionless, they were really indifferent to another level.


Even if Mo Yinxun was actually a gentle woman, she didn’t have a gentle aura when she didn’t speak.


He had nightmares that night.


He saw a world of sanpaku eyes revolving around him.


It wasn’t until he saw Xu Xinduo holding Tong Youxin, who smiled softly at him, that he relaxed.

The child’s gaze was sharp, but also infinitely gentle.


Tong Yan was alright in an instant.




Author’s note: Thank you for reading this novel.

Hope that you have a great day.


Translator’s note: So we have finally reached the end of our nearly 3 years long journey.

It was certainly a great ride and I hope to see you in my other novels as well.

Have a nice day.

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