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When the two were walking towards the mall, Tong Yan suddenly stretched out his hand and came to her.


Mu Qingxin looked at his hand and asked, “Payment”


“Your hand.”




“Be professional.”


In the end, Mu Qingxin didn’t hold his hand and just walked side by side with him, not knowing what to do when she walked into the mall.


Tong Yan also didn’t know what was there to do.

Standing in the mall, he was confused for a while, so he could only take out his mobile phone and ask Wei Lan: [What do couples do on dates]


Wei Lan: [Which direction are you trying to go]


Tong Yan rolled his eyes and continued typing: [We are in the mall.]


So, Tong Yan took Mu Qingxin to buy a blind box(1) according to Wei Lan’s instructions.

Both of them had very unfortunate picks since the designs they got were rather questionable.


(T/N: It’s a mystery box that has a product inside that buyers don’t know what it is until opening.

Often recommended for those who don’t know what to get in the mall or for couples like this duo)


Tong Yan and Mu Qingxin looked at the opened items with heavy faces and then looked at the pictures of the other styles on the packaging.

Tong Yan was so angry that he asked, “Let’s just buy a set.”


“It’s boring to buy a set, so let’s just take these two,” After that, she handed the ugly things to the clerk and asked them to help with the purchase, making them into pendants and hanging them on their bags.


Tong Yan could only hang it on his bag.

He felt that his handsome image dropped from 9 points to 6 points in an instant after hanging up this thing.


After that, Tong Yan took Mu Qingxin to the arcade to play some games.

As a result, while playing, both of them became very competitive.

The competition between the two was inexorable but none of them were willing to give in to the other as they nearly fought because of it.


When the two of them were about to start fighting, Tong Yan finally realised that it was not suitable for the two of them to play this, so he took Mu Qingxin away and went to catch some dolls from the claw machine together.


Tong Yan’s level was not bad as he could catch one in every two tries.

Seeing the high success rate, Mu Qingxin was so excited that she took out the doll and shook it with him, saying, “Wow! You’re pretty good!”


Tong Yan felt like he was floating after being praised, so he continued to take Mu Qingxin to catch some more dolls.


When they left the mall, the two returned with a full load of baggage, which was a result of him emptying the doll machine.


After all, the two of them were more harmonious only when they played this.




After three unsuccessful attempts to break up, Mu Qingxin finally found out that Tong Yan was a rogue.


He was even more shameless than Shen Zhuhang.


Especially when she saw that Tong Yan was transferred to the ordinary class and became her classmate in the Advanced Class, she knew that she might have fallen into a trick.


Mu Qingxin pulled Tong Yan aside and asked him, “What are you doing”


“Oh, I just don’t want to study abroad.”


“Don’t tell me it’s because of me.”


“You really look up to yourself.”


Mu Qingxin made up her mind this time, “Let’s break up!”




Mu Qingxin was surprised at Tong Yan’s cooperation.

She only took two steps away before Tong Yan suddenly stopped her, “You really don’t want me anymore! You scumbag!”


Mu Qingxin looked back at Tong Yan in shock.


Tong Yan was really aggrieved, “I even changed classes for you, but you’re going to treat me like this”


There were other students around, looking at the two of them one after another.


Mu Qingxin’s face flushed instantly as she walked back and asked him, “What are you doing Weren’t we fine just now”


“That’s right, you suddenly decided to mention breaking up and I suddenly felt bad in my heart,” Tong Yan rubbed his heart and said, “Do you think I actually kind of like you a little”


Mu Qingxin looked at Tong Yan, and when she was about to refuse it, Tong Yan suddenly laughed, “Okay, let’s break up.”


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