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THDP Ch 111 Part 1 – Treatment (I)

 November 15, 2022November 13, 2022By koffeam

The porcelain bottle Meng Qi took out contained the blood from the nirvana fiery eagle she first encountered right after falling into the Starfallen Sea.

As soon as the lid was opened, a strong and pungent smell came pouring out.

“It’s nirvana fiery eagle’s blood.” Next to Su Junmo, Li Che’s eyes suddenly lit up, and he quickly said, “I’ll help you.”


“Okay.” Meng Qi nodded.

Li Che called out his cauldron again.

Not only was his cultivation base and the medical level above Meng Qi, but he had also raised his natal magic weapon to the third realm.

Following this, Meng Qi slightly tilted the porcelain bottle and dripped three drops of blood into Li Che’s cauldron.

Sikong Xing, who until a moment ago was enthusiastically gluing herself to Meng Qi, quickly took two steps back and hurriedly covered her mouth and nose with her sleeve, “Meng Qiqi, what is this It smells so foul!”

Meng Qi nodded in agreement.

The blood from the normal fiery eagle already had a strong fishy smell, and the nirvana fiery eagle only amplified it several folds.

Even Chu Tianfeng, Qin Xiumo, and Xu Zijun — people who had seen many bloody scenes — took a few steps back subconsciously, avoiding the bloody smell that spread in the surrounding.

However, the foul stench did not affect the medical cultivators.

Meng Qi and Li Che continued their work without a single flinch, and Xue Chengxuan even took the initiative to have a closer look.

“The smell is much stronger, and it also exudes a fierce aura,” he frowned, “This is not the blood of an ordinary fierce eagle.”

“Yeah.” Meng Qi nodded without explaining much.

Xue Chengxuan shot her a glance, but tacitly refrained from asking any further questions.

Li Che, who usually looked more like a refined and elegant scholar, had his eyes totally bright at this moment, showing his usually hidden fanatical side.

He stretched out his hand, sending spiritual aura into his natal magic weapon.

In an instant, the cauldron was enveloped in bright light, and the three drops of blood inside it started to jump wildly.

Li Che steadily supplied his aura into the cauldron until it finally began to spin quickly in the air.

Meng Qi and Xue Chengxuan watched from the side; their gazes were feverish.

Canglang Academy was well-known in Three Thousand Worlds, and they were famous for providing treatment free of charge for ordinary people injured by miasma or poisonous beasts in the Southern Realm.

Canglang Academy’s specialization was their medicines, and they had refined their skills and efficiency to the next level.

Li Che was the most outstanding disciple in the current generation of Canglang Academy.

In terms of refining medicine, he had obtained the full inheritance from his Master, warranting him much respect from his peers.

Even Li Che’s natal cauldron was not an ordinary one.

After spinning in the air for dozens of laps, it suddenly stopped.

“It seems…” Sikong Xing, standing not far behind Meng Qi, suddenly tilted her head and said, “the smell isn’t so bad anymore.”

Li Che’s natal cauldron flew down, dropping the three drops of blood that had turned into a crimson bead around the size of the knuckle of a little finger.

Meng Qi reached out and picked the bead up.

The strong fishy smell just now had completely disappeared.

She then brought the bead close to her eyes and examined it for a moment.

After a while, she turned to Li Che and gave him a smile, impressed by the young man’s adeptness in extracting the essence of spiritual ingredients, which was higher than hers.

Even Xue Chengxuan couldn’t help but give Li Che a thoughtful glance.

Meng Qi picked up the crimson bead, made from the blood of the nirvana fiery eagle, and brought it to Su Junmo.

She then took out a lotus pod from her storage space and peeled two seeds from it.

“This is…” With just a pod and no flower, neither Xue Chengxuan nor Li Che could identify the species of the lotus.

“Zilan lotus.” Meng Qi said.

“Wha-…” This time, even Xue Chengxuan gasped in shock, “Zilan lotus!”

“Heaven!” Li Che stared at the two purple-skinned lotus seeds in Meng Qi’s palm, equally shocked, “That legendary zilan lotus said to be able to cure all kinds of fire poison!”

“Yeah.” Meng Qi nodded.

The blood of nirvana fiery eagle was too strong in fire attribute, but save for this zilan lotus seed, she currently had no other things in hand that could suppress its effect.

Meng Qi proceeded to peel off one of the lotus seeds and crushed it together with the crimson bead.

Her fingertips moved, quickly applying the resulting mixture to the stung wound on the side of Su Junmo’s neck.

Su Junmo sat cross-legged on the ground as the two extreme cold and extreme heat seeped into his body.

He couldn’t help groaning, and his body swayed back and forth.

Meng Qi had already sat cross-legged in front of Su Junmo.

Her fingertips flickered, sending aura into his body as her other hand was gripping the remaining lotus seed, ready to use it at any moment.

Su Junmo’s face suddenly turned very pale, but soon flushed again.

This was repeated many times.

Often, thin frost would appear on his forehead or hair before melting immediately afterward, replaced by fine beads of sweat.

Meng Qi closed her eyes.

She had gained tremendous benefits after the time she used the five aggregates heart clearing spell to restrain Yun Qingyan’s rampaging aura.

Besides getting advancement in her medical cultivation, the medical spells she had trained had now become much more efficient and handier to use.

After applying the blood of the nirvana fiery eagle on Su Junmo, Meng Qi was now using only the qingfeng spell to remove the poison from his body.

Qingfeng spell was the simplest and most basic of all known medical spells, and practically every medical cultivator in Three Thousand World learned it as they first entered the path of medical cultivation.

As Meng Qi kept using the qingfeng spell on Su Junmo, she noticed that the aura swirling in her meridians carried chillness.

The Five Spirits Cauldron floating above her spiritual sea was still pouring snowflakes upon snowflakes into the sea below, covering it with layers of thin frost.

Still, Meng Qi didn’t feel uncomfortable, totally unlike the inner chill brought by the attack of cold poison.

Instead, the chill made her more aware of the flow of her own aura and gave her a hunch – if she kept using spells in this state, the speed at which they grew and reached a breakthrough would improve very significantly.

Meng Qi pursed her lips slightly and put even more attention to the flow of aura in her meridians.

The Five Spirits Cauldron seemed to notice that its master had found out its usefulness.

Just like a child asking for praises, it swayed gently above Meng Qi’s spiritual sea.


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