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Ch 105 Part 3 – Kiss (III)

 July 14, 2022July 3, 2022By koffeam

Yun Qingyan had witnessed Meng Qi’s stubbornness and tenacity first-hand, and knew that once she made up her mind, she would stick with it to the end, no matter the consequences.

But why Why did she even sacrifice herself to save him!


Falling into heavy silence, Yun Qingyan left the wracked room with Meng Qi in his arms.

He had just stepped out of the room when the door of the opposite room, where Meng Qi originally stayed, was opened from the inside.

Yewu, who had recovered a little, stood at the door.

She didn’t expect that the first person she saw after waking up was not Meng Qi, but a cold-looking man with unparalleled handsomeness she had never seen before.

Yun Qingyan stopped and glanced at the dumbfounded Yewu.

The always vigilant Devil Realm’s war maiden was stunned only for a moment and soon returned to her senses.

Her eyes quickly swept across Meng Qi, who was unconscious in the unknown man’s arm, before she raised her eyes again to stare at the man’s face.

Yewu was powerless at this moment.

Her spiritual sea was shattered, and her storage space item was lost when she fell into the Starfallen Sea.

She had nothing to defend herself — no spells she could use, nor weapons by her side.

However, the situation only heightened Yewu’s vigilance as she looked at Yun Qingyan alertly.

If she didn’t see it wrong, Meng Qi fainted, and the girl who was still in good spirits just a moment ago now had a pale face and was unconscious.

“Who are you” Although Yewu knew she was not this white-robed man’s opponent, she still confronted him, “What happened to Meng Qi”

Yun Qingyan merely gave her a cold look in response.

With Meng Qi still in his arms, he resumed his steps and walked towards the inner part of the manor.

“Stop!” Like a cheetah ready to pounce forward, Yewu lowered her body slightly, glaring vigilantly at the white-robed man whose face was totally cold, “What did you do to Meng Qi”

“Scram!” Yun Qingyan flicked his sleeves.

A strong wind blew toward Yewu, slamming the Devil Realm’s war maiden back into the room and closing the door before her.

“What!” Yewu jumped up and immediately rushed out the door again.

The wind just now was strong, but the man clearly showed mercy and didn’t injure her.

When Yewu opened the door again, there was no one outside, and both the figure of Meng Qi and that mysterious white-robed man were nowhere to be seen.

Yewu was about to rush out, but when she was just taking a step on the threshold, an unseen power threw her back into the room.

Stunned, Yewu jumped out again, feeling her back drenched in cold sweats.

That mysterious man was so powerful.

Meng Qi was now unconscious and fell into his hands, then wouldn’t she…

Yewu stared at the door worriedly; countless thoughts flashed through her mind.

She quickly judged the situation.

This place was obviously a manor, and it was now the second morning after Meng Qi brought her here.

The sun had already risen, but the stars in the sky were still bright, not even lost to the light of the morning sun, proving that she should still be in the Starfallen Sea.

How could there be such a magnificent manor in the Starfallen Sea Yewu found herself shivering.

As far as she knew, not even the lords of the five Great Devil Seats had such a powerful ability.

So what was the origin of this mysterious white-robed man

Yewu stood at the door, feeling incessantly worried.

Did Meng Qi anger this manor’s owner because of saving her Yewu’s jaw tensed.

If this was the case, she must do her best to save Meng Qi, even if she had to risk her life.

Meng Qi didn’t know how long she had been sleeping.

In a daze, she vaguely could feel her empty spiritual sea.

Not a drop of spiritual aura was left in the sea, and there were even many small cracks here and there.

Luckily, her inner core was still turning slowly, dutifully producing thin strands of aura.

However, in just an instant, those aura fell down and flowed away from the crack, never to fill the cracked and dried sea.

Next to the inner core was the prototype of the Five Spirits Cauldron, which looked no different from the last time Meng Qi saw it.

With no aura in the spiritual sea, it was impossible to continue the process of refinement.

The natal magic weapon, which had formed the shape of a tripod cauldron, gradually became dimmer, and it was the bamboo slip surrounded by soft white light next to it that kept feeding the cauldron with strands of aura, preventing the fragile prototype from disappearing during the time Meng Qi was in a coma.

“Ugh—” Meng Qi groaned softly.

The feeling of having one’s spiritual sea totally dried out was very uncomfortable, and her whole body was also sore and painful on top of that.

As if she had just fallen from a high place, Meng Qi felt her limbs were painfully sore, and her head was aching tremendously, so much that she didn’t even have the strength to open her eyes.

But she couldn’t stay like this! Meng Qi struggled hard, trying to wake herself up.

She vaguely remembered that she still had an important matter to do and had to wake up as soon as possible.

It seemed that… yes! Someone is waiting for her!

But who is it

Still lost in a daze, Meng Qi slightly raised her right hand, and her fingers trembled a few times.

“Don’t move.” A man’s low and pleasant voice rang in her ears.

The voice was not only nice but also familiar, making Meng Qi feel that she should listen to him.

Meng Qi obediently put down the hand that she had just raised.

Someone covered her with a quilt and pulled it up all the way to her chin.

“Thank you…” Meng Qi couldn’t open her eyes, but she still murmured her thanks.

Her consciousness was just half clear, caused by both the total overdrawn of her spiritual aura and the powerful side effect of the Cangmingsan Pill.

At this time, her whole body was exhausted to the extreme, and she found it hard to even open her eyes.

But vaguely, Meng Qi knew that someone was by her side.

This person had her wholehearted trust.

With him here, she no longer needed to rush to wake up, so she fell asleep again in relief.


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