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Ch 83 Part 4 – Yun Qingyan (IV)

 August 31, 2021October 1, 2021By koffeam

“What are you smiling at” Ji Wujiong snorted again.

“Have you figured out how to utilize the three arrays What did you stealthily do behind the closed door Do you understand that we are running out of time”

“Yeah.” Meng Qi nodded.

Her smile didn’t fade at all.

At this moment, even facing Ji Wujiong’s full sarcasm, her good mood wasn’t affected in the slightest.


“Let’s go to the mayor now.” Meng Qi strode out of the inn.

“I have figured out a method.”

“Just now, you…” Ji Wujiong saw Meng Qi’s abrupt change of mood and couldn’t help asking: “What happened”

“Nothing.” Meng Qi shook her head.

“Liar!” Ji Wujiong snorted again.

However, he knew how stubborn this girl actually was.

If she refused to tell him, there was nothing he could do.

Ji Wujiong followed behind Meng Qi, who looked so happy that even her steps became nimble like a little oriole.

Her usually calm and indifferent face was beaming.

Even the corners of her eyes were full of smiles, which added a touch of youthfulness to her face.

Ji Wujiong was familiar with Meng Qi’s senior sister Lu Qingran, and knew that the girl was a rare beauty even in Three Thousand Worlds.

He never considered Meng Qi to be particularly beautiful.

Unexpectedly, once she smiled so happily, it turned out that she was also very beautiful, not even lost to Lu Qingran.

“Mayor.” The two soon found Fengyu Town’s mayor near the inn.

The mayor’s melancholic face had eased a lot, as if he was very confident that with the two rescuers’ arrival, their town was going to be saved.

“We decided to ambush Tengshe Sect on their way here.” Meng Qi didn’t waste time and straightly began to explain her plan.

“Oh” The mayor’s expression finally changed a bit.

He turned toward Meng Qi, eyes full of surprise: “Ambush”

“Yes!” Meng Qi replied calmly: “Rather than just sitting and waiting for death, we should find a way to fight back.

We are going to ambush Tengshe Sect outside Fengyu Town, so as to maximize the safety of ordinary residents in the town.” She continued: “Otherwise, with only me and him here, we won’t be able to protect the whole town and make sure that no ordinary residents will be harmed.”

As Meng Qi spoke, she observed the mayor intently, as to not miss the slightest change in his expression.

Meng Qi wasn’t sure whether the method she proposed was against the rule set by the barrier or not.

After all, here is inside Apricot Forest, the holy land for the medical cultivators, and her plan was to slaughter the enemies instead of saving lives.

“Fellow Daoist, what you said makes sense!” Unexpectedly, the mayor agreed after hesitating for a moment.

“Rather than waiting for death passively, it is better to fight back with all our strength.

However…” He looked back at Meng Qi: “What do you need me to do”

“We need help.” Meng Qi turned her head, glanced at Ji Wujiong, and said again: “He and I will go out of the town in advance to prepare for the ambush.

Please summon all cultivators of the Golden Core and above.

Leave one-fourth of them to guard Fengyu Town, and the rest are to rush to meet us as soon as possible.”

“Alright.” The mayor nodded.

He pondered for a moment, and suddenly handed Meng Qi a small brocade bag.

“Since two guests are going to ambush Tengshe Sect, this thing should be useful for you.”

“This is…” Meng Qi lowered her head and injected a bit of spiritual aura into the brocade bag.

Her expression suddenly changed, and she looked back at the mayor in surprise.

“What’s inside” Ji Wujiong asked curiously.

“Qiwu Powder.” Meng Qi was a bit stunned.

This brocade bag contained a large box of Qiwu powder, the poison they encountered in the previous test.

It had taken them a lot of effort to get rid of Qiwu powder from the land.

Unexpectedly, the mayor of Fengyu Town, who needed their protection, gave them this thing.

“Hahahaha…” As if guessing Meng Qi’s thoughts, the mayor laughed heartily.

“All medicinal ingredients in the world are the same.

What made one a poison and the other medicine”

Meng Qi was stunned.

“Things that harm people are poisons, and things that save people are medicines.” The mayor walked away as he spoke.

“I will go now and gather those cultivators as per your instruction.

Two guests, please do not worry.

I will definitely send them to the ambush place.

I am handing to you the lives of all residents of our Fengyu Town.

Please do your best to protect everyone.”

Meng Qi held the brocade bag in her hand and looked thoughtfully at the mayor’s departing figure.

She suddenly seemed to understand a little bit about why this holy land was so important for medical cultivators.

The great predecessors from ancient times created this place.

They left behind this barrier was not just to teach younger generations some miraculous pill formula or medical spell, but also to teach the true principles of medical cultivation.

Meng Qi sighed in awe and threw the brocade bag into her storage space item.

“Let’s go,” she said, walking towards the town gate.

The barrier prohibited the usage of flying magic tools.

But Meng Qi and Ji Wujiong were cultivators, so their walking speed was not slow.

They quickly left the town from the west gate, headed towards the direction to Tengshe Sect, and arrived at a place around thirty miles away from Fengyu Town.

“Here…” Meng Qi looked around, “…seems very suitable for an ambush.”

The area outside Fengyu Town was mostly flat land, with nothing to be used as cover.

But the place Meng Qi and Ji Wujiong were now was surrounded by undulating mountains.

The mountains around were pretty high, with only one wide road in the middle.

Compared with the previous open plain, this place was very suitable for setting up arrays and conducting an ambush attack.

“It seems that this place was specially prepared for us.” Meng Qi muttered.

She took out the materials needed to set up arrays from her storage space item.

Ji Wujiong didn’t come to help.

He stood with a cold face on the side, making up his mind to first observe what Meng Qi was going to do.

He needed to know whether she really had found out a way or just being stubborn.

He wanted to see whether she would come to ask for his help in the end!

However, the slender blue-robed girl didn’t even Ji Wujiong a glance as she began to move around swiftly.

“Huh” Ji Wujiong was dumbfounded for a moment.

But the next second, his eyes glinted sharply.

——Very well.

Once they left this damn barrier, he would immediately tie Meng Qi up and forced her to acknowledge him as her master!


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