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Ch.9 Part 2 – Back to Qingfeng Valley (II)

 July 2, 2020February 15, 2021By koffeam

“Little guy.” Meng Qi took a pill from the storage bracelet and stuffed it into the tiger’s mouth.

“Your injuries are very complicated.

For the time being, I may not be able to heal you.” She rubbed his fluffy head: “But rest assured, I will definitely heal you.”

Meng Qi’s voice was soft and sweet.

Even when she spoke very seriously, she wouldn’t scare people.

So when she whispered gently like now, it seemed to make the little tiger more relaxed.

And it also made Chu Tianfeng, who was standing nearby, felt an indescribable feeling arose in his heart.


“Until I can cure you, can you hide the thing in your eyes….” Meng Qi made a spoon-shaped gesture with her hand, “So to not let other people discover your identity, okay”

This little white tiger was actually pretty similar in appearance to the little tiger native to Three Thousand Worlds commonly used as the cultivators’ spirit beast.

Except that spirit beast tigers from Three Thousand Worlds didn’t have a Big Dipper formation in their eyes.

Because demon cultivators depended on the power of star formations to cultivate, the stronger was a celestial demon clan, the stronger was their star shadow formation.

Seemingly understood Meng Qi’s words, the little tiger’s eyes slightly dimmed.

He closed his eyes for a moment.

When he opened them again, his blue eyes seemed to become deeper.

The Big Dipper shadow that initially visible was now completely hidden.

Chu Tianfeng stepped closer.

With an unfriendly gaze, he bowed his head to examine the little demon cub.

“I really cannot feel his aura anymore.” Chu Tianfeng’s voice was heavy.

He knew that it would be very difficult to stop Meng Qi from saving a patient.

This girl was so enthralled with the medical practice that her hands felt itchy wherever she encountered such complicated wounds.

However, the most important reason was that she couldn’t stand letting others die without lending a helping hand.

This side of her, Chu Tianfeng knew extremely well.

The little white tiger glanced at him lazily.

These pair of indifferent eyes were on the fluffy, obviously cute, little guy.

Yet Chu Tianfeng was surprised to see complete disdain from the blue eyes.

Meng Qi had already leaned over to pick up the small white tiger and kissed his semi-circular, plushy small ears: “Very obedient.”

Chu Tianfeng: “…”

“From now, I’ll call you Xiao Qi1.” Meng Qi added: “For the time being, you’ll follow me, wait until I find a way to heal you.

After that, you can go wherever you want, okay”

The little white tiger’s whole body was completely frozen.

Surrounded by fresh medicinal fragrance, he still hadn’t recovered from the kiss that fell on his ear just now.

Fortunately, Meng Qi didn’t mean to get his answer either.

She reached out and rubbed his fluffy little head: “Don’t worry, I will surely heal you.”

She hugged the little white tiger again and looked up at the spiritual herb that grew on the mountain wall.

Meng Qi carefully put the little guy back on the grass.

Then she went to pluck a large number of spiritual herbs, alongside its seeds.

Wait until the time was right, then she would plant it back.

Chu Tianfeng kept looking at her silently.

Until Meng Qi once again picked up the little white tiger and walked on the way back, he quickly followed from behind.

Both were utterly silent on their road back until they reached Qingfeng Valley.

At the main gate, they saw Lu Qingran, who seemed to had been waiting for a while.

Seeing Chu Tianfeng’s figure finally appeared, she quickly rushed forward.

“Tianfeng.” Lu Qingran was a little surprised to see that Chu Tianfeng was together with Meng Qi, “Junior Sister Meng.” She nodded at Meng Qi.

“Senior Sister Lu.” Meng Qi flatly replied the greeting.

“This is …” Lu Qingran’s gaze was quickly attracted by the little white tiger.

Like any girl who saw a cute plush toy, her eyes light up instantly.

“How cute!” Lu Qingran reached out her hand, trying to rub the little guy’s head, “Junior Sister Meng, this… is this a spirit beast you just captured A little tiger, right Really cute ah!”

Meng Qi subconsciously took a step back.

She didn’t want her little white tiger to meet Lu Qingran.

“Uh…” Lu Qingran was a little hurt.

“Junior Sister, can you let me touch him He is so cute.”

“Tianfeng.” She said, turning her head to look at Chu Tianfeng, “Did you help Junior Sister Meng to catch this spirit pet”

In Three Thousand Worlds, many cultivators had spirit beasts as their spirit pets.

Still, the majority of the spirit pet owner was at least at the Golden Core stage.

Spirit beasts weren’t like ordinary animals.

Cultivators who were still at Qi Condensation or Foundation Establishment stage might not even be able to chase one.

Even if they manage to corner a spirit beast, they wouldn’t be its opponent, let alone catch it.

That’s why Lu Qingran naturally thought Chu Tianfeng must have helped Meng Qi to catch this cute little white tiger.

Chu Tianfeng looked at Lu Qingran with disappointment.

When he followed Meng Qi, he could clearly see that the little white tiger was injured and needed treatment in a single glance.

Didn’t Lu Qingran suppose to be more talented than Meng Qi Yet why she couldn’t see it

“No.” Chu Tianfeng replied with a dull voice.

“That little tiger was injured.

Meng Qi found and wanted to heal him.”

“I see.” Lu Qingran was envious.

“Little tiger with white fur is rare.

Junior Sister is very lucky ah.”

Meng Qi simply glanced at Lu Qingran lightly.

She hugged the little white tiger and walked into the main gate: “I have to bandage his wound.

I’m going first.”

Lu Qingran watched Meng Qi walk away with an envious look.

She sighed and once again said: “Junior Sister’s luck is so good.

She can catch a rare spirit beast when she goes out.”

If it were before, Chu Tianfeng would definitely promise Lu Qingran to accompany her to find a spirit beast.

But now, he just felt her voice annoying: “That little white tiger is injured and might not be cured, moreover……”

His eyes slightly became colder.

Just a few days ago, he felt that this girl was kind, brave, and pure, far better than Meng Qi.

But now he had remembered everything, about the cruel past that was worse than the death itself.

So when Chu Tianfeng heard Lu Qingran repeated her words, he only felt an extreme disappointment that made his heart hardened even more.

“When your junior sister saw the little tiger, her first reaction was to pity him, and she only wanted to save that injured tiger.”

He lightly curled his lips, and for the first time, talked to Lu Qingran with an ironic tone: “Perhaps, she would hope that the world would be peaceful, free from disease, pain, and disaster.”

After that, Chu Tianfeng strode to the main gate, following Meng Qi’s direction, without caring about Lu Qingran’s reaction.

Xiao Qi: Means ‘little seven’.

Not the same ‘Qi’ character as the one used in ‘Meng Qi.’


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