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Ch 68 Part 2 – Spirit Points (II)

 February 18, 2021March 31, 2021By koffeam

“Eh” Meng Qi poured her aura into the bamboo slips.

But when she began to read its content, she couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise.

“This…” She gripped the bamboo slip tightly and raised her eyes towards the old man.

This bamboo slip recorded the information of several different arrays.

Although the arrays looked different, they were all part of the same set, plus two variations derived from the same core.


“What’s wrong” The old man said with a smile, “I just got this set of arrays a few days ago.

I wonder if this is helpful for you”

“Thank you, Senior.” Meng Qi’s eyes flickered.

She bowed deeply.

She didn’t know who this person was or what his identity.

But the more she interacted with Beyond The Heaven, the more she felt awe towards the power of this mysterious and unfathomable place.

Recorded in this bamboo slip was exactly the array she found on Li Che and Xue Lingfeng’s body.

Four Orders And Four Seasons Array

Meng Qi focused her mind and began to study the content of the bamboo slip seriously.

It explained the Four Orders And Four Seasons Array in detail, including the drawing of all arrays in variations, how to deploy them, their effects, and many others.

In the end, there was a line that should be the comment left by the author: “Just a little trick.

Merely using fancy-looking methods to confuse others.”

Meng Qi”…”

This person’s tone was really high.

This Four Orders And Four Seasons Array greatly troubled two large medical sects.

Yet, in this person’s eyes, it was just a little trick

She skipped a few lines, and turned her eyes back to the arrays’ drawing.

In fact, what was really useful was just the core array.

The beautiful flower drawn around it was merely a decoy to confuse people.

People who didn’t understand this array would be fooled if they put their attention on the flowers.

This set of Four Orders And Four Seasons Array looked different from each other, but in fact, had the same effect.

To put it simply, these arrays were named Four Orders And Four Seasons because they could change the order of the seasons.

But the arrays themselves were of course not that powerful.

Its real power was to confuse people trapped inside to make them think they were in different seasons.

It was this illusion effect that confused Xue Clan and Canglang Academy’s people.

When they tried to use detoxification spells on Xue Lingfeng and Li Che, they thought it worsen the poison instead.

In fact, according to the explanation written in this bamboo slip, as long as the healer ignored the patient’s pain and continue to use the detoxification spell, they would find that the poison was indeed getting cured.

However, when they saw that Xue Lingfeng and Li Che seemed to be more painful when a spell was used, they didn’t dare to continue.

Meng Qi frowned slightly.

So, the question was, why did both Xue Clan and Canglang Academy’s people think that only cultivators below the Golden Core could detoxify Li Che and Xue Lingfeng

Meng Qi shook her head and stared once again at the Four Orders And Four Seasons Array in the bamboo slip content.


Meng Qi squinted her eyes.

She got it!

Meng Qi’s gaze swept across one of the arrays’ drawings.

Contrary to her initial hypothesis, the arrays on Xue Lingfeng and Li Che’s body didn’t use the help of the flowers drawn around them to suck their host’ aura.

In fact, the arrays themselves were activated by external aura.

In other words, whenever someone used a spell on the host’s body, the arrays would suck the aura and used it for themselves.

For cultivators below the Golden Core stage, their aura was too low to activate the Four Orders And Four Seasons Array.

That’s why Foundation Establishment cultivator could use spells on Xue Lingfeng and Li Che without making their poison seemingly getting worse.

After figuring out the whole picture, Meng Qi was a little stupefied.

In fact, the poison itself was just a mix of afterimage grass and winter plum blossom juice.

These two poisons were easy to detoxify with a basic spell.

Both Xue Clan and Canglang Academy were a large medical sect.

Naturally, they were good at treating poisons.

Any of the members they brought for this Medical Cultivators Conference could easily solve the poisons.

Therefore, the preparator deliberately drew the Four Orders And Four Seasons Array on Xue Lingfeng and Li Che’s back so that their elders didn’t dare to act rashly and thus had no way to cure them.

As to why they were made to think that only a Foundation Establishment healer could cure the two, this was probably a deliberate misguide from the preparator.

Meng Qi shook her head lightly.

She never expected that the array that made Xue Clan and Canglang Academy hopeless turned out to be just an illusion.

She put away the bamboo slip and returned it to the old man.

“Does it help you, Young Daoist” The old man asked with a smile.

“Yes.” Meng Qi nodded, “Thank you for Senior’s guidance.”

“Young Daoist has spent twenty spirit points today.

If you need anything next time, feel free to come to my Heaven And Earth Book Hall.” The old man smiled again.

“This old man should not delay Young Daoist’s business.


“This junior bids farewell.” Meng Qi respectfully bowed once again before taking her leave.


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