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Ch 44 Part 4 – Master, Do You No Longer Want Me (IV)

“I…” Seeing the accusations in Meng Qi’s eyes, the white-robed man almost admitted guilty.

But his mind suddenly cleared up, and he looked at Meng Qi astonishingly.

The girl was still looking at him with a pair of teary eyes, moist and pitiful like a little deer.

“I’m not your master.” He explained patiently: “I never took a disciple, and never plan to accept any in the future.”

As soon as his words fell, he regretted it.

Meng Qi’s mouth was closed, and she didn’t say anything, but tears falling down even more heavily.


How did she cry so much!

Ever since he was born, the white-robed man never had the experience of coaxing people before.

For the first time in his life, he felt at a loss——this was a feeling of helplessness that he had never felt even when he was seriously injured.

“Don’t cry.” He had forgotten his original intention.

He no longer remembered that he had to ask how Meng Qi learned something as important as the star array.

“Uh…” He stiffened for a moment, totally at a loss.

He then reached out his hand and grabbed a brocade bag from the side, “I’m giving these for you.”

Meng Qi: Woooooo.

She still didn’t speak, but her tears kept falling.

Master really didn’t want to recognize her.


He had said many, many times that she wasn’t his disciple.

Although he never left her behind, he told her that he wasn’t her master.

Is it because of her talent was too bad

When she thought of this, Meng Qi cried even more sadly.

She rarely ever cried, but she was drunk now and was unable to control her emotion.

Tears falling endlessly, and soon soaked the man’s white robe.

“Don’t cry.” The man has never coaxed a girl before, not even once.

He was completely at a loss.

He regretted it now, very much regretted.

Why did he take Meng Qi here!

Why did he need to ask where she learned those arrays

After all, she never used them to harm anyone, only to save people.

So why bother

“Look, I’m giving all of these for you.” The white-robed man tapped his fingers and opened the brocade bag in his hand.

He remembered that Meng Qi really liked spirit stones.

When the bag opened, crystal clear light instantly illuminated the entire room.

Even Meng Qi was startled.

It was a bag full of ninth-grade spirit stones.

They shone so brilliantly, enough to dazzle people’s eyes.

Three Thousand Worlds used spirit stones as the unit to measure the value of items.

It was the currency in the human realm.

Demon and Devil Realms also accepted spirit stones.

Spirit stone was divided into nine grades.

In Qingfeng Valley, when a common disciple completed a basic task assigned by the sect, the remuneration was merely ten to twenty first grade spirit stones.

Later, Meng Qi was able to earn money outside the sect, and her Beiming Pill was sold for more than two hundred eighth-grade spirit stones, which was a very high price.

It was almost equivalent to several years of the entire income of the entire members of Qingfeng Valley, including the sect leader and elders.

It wasn’t exaggerating to say that Meng Qi had become the absolute richest one in Qingfeng Valley after selling the Beiming Pill.

But before her eyes now was a whole bag of ninth-grade spirit stones, whose exact number was unknown.

Even a single piece of these could be exchanged for one thousand eighth-grade spirit stones.

If one ninth-grade spirit stone was used to buy medicinal materials, as long as it wasn’t a particularly precious heavenly treasure, the amount would be enough to overflow Meng Qi’s new storage space.

She stared at the pile of spirit stones blankly.

Her drunken brain could not make up any other thought.

The white-robed man was finally relieved.

Almost too eagerly, he reached out to hold Meng Qi’s hand, guiding her to mark out her spiritual consciousness on the bag.

“Okay, don’t cry.” He said, “These are all yours.”

Meng Qi: “…”

She raised her head to look at the white-robed man.

Her lips pursed, and tears started to fall again.

“Master…” Meng Qi sobbed pitifully, her voice was choked: “This disciple can earn spirit stones by myself, so don’t leave me.

I…” She reached out to clench the man’s robe again, then looked up: “Master, there is no need for you to provide me.

I can earn a lot of spiritual stones.

This time, I can provide you…”

The man sighed.

He shouldn’t make Meng Qi so drunk.

He raised his hand to wipe Meng Qi’s face with his sleeve: “I see.” The man sighed again, even more helplessly: “You are drunk, take a good sleep.”

Meng Qi obediently laid back on the soft bed.

The white-robed man was finally relieved.

Who cared about those questions, he could find out later.

A drunk Meng Qi was scarier than the strongest enemy he ever encountered!


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