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Great Sage 36 – Twilight Maid Cafe

September 23, 2022Zathael

The shop on the map Yuikuu sent me was in a warehouse off the main road in a government designated port city near the Lithomanmari trade association.

As I arrive at a park near the spot, the smell of the tide fills my nose and the surroundings begin to be shrouded in twilight.

According to the clock in the park, it’s almost five in the afternoon.

I thought they would aim for the opening provided by teleportation magic but my pursuer simply watched from afar.

I watch the trade ship docked in the port as I walk but nothing changes.

I arrive at the front of the store to find a sign written in strong brush strokes,

[Maid(Underworld) Cafe Scorching Hell]1

What a suspicious sign.

――Did Yuikuu make it I wonder

The store itself looked like a stylish cafe remodeled from a warehouse but,

“That name would make you hesitate to come in”

I take a deep sigh.

Suppressing the urge to go home, I open the door,

“Welcome back, Master!”

A maid with horns like an oni and chestnut hair comes up to me with a smile on her face.

Inside the store is around ten tables plus counter seating and a number of women in similar maid outfits.

It has the same atmosphere as the maid cafes I’ve researched online so it’s safe for now,

“Ah, over here over here!”

A man with komusou clothing and a loud voice waves at me.

“Pretty good store isn’t it”

Yuikuu is eating a fruit parfait inside a beer mug covered in decorations.

I sit opposite Yuikuu and look out the large glass window behind him, past the plants to see the port.

The oni girl who came to take my order earlier had a pretty amazing body, her chest lifts up the apron dress and plump thighs stick out from under the fairly short skirt.

I ended up staring at her,

“The name’s Reina, be sure to remember it”

She points to the namecard on her chest and gives me a wink with her large brown eyes.

The parfait Yuikuu was eating looked good so I ordered one myself,

“First things first, I left the Kashizu Sect”

After giving Reina a smile, Yuikuu puts on a serious face.

“Why’s that”

“After this incident the guys in the head temple working with the Shimogami were removed but that caused a power struggle within the sect…… Although there were some that wanted me in the upper echelon, I guess they’ve lost their fondness of me”

“It seems I’ve caused you some trouble”

“Well it’s a good opportunity.

The Kashizu had reached the top of the anti demon warrior organisations and was rotting away after becoming complacent.

A bit of change is good for them”

A maid in cat ears brings the parfait I ordered over.

On top of the coaster was a small note.

“Was there a need for Yuikuu to retire”

I pocket the note and stick a spoon into the parfait.

“Hey do you know the phrase, the customers are gods”2

Yuikuu looks at the maids and throws up a peace sign with his left hand.

Looking at the note, [Your friends are here♡] is written on it.

Then there must be two people following me, and they’ve made it to the front of the store.

“I believe it’s the words of an old popular singer…..”

“I don’t know what the singer meant by that but it doesn’t mean that the people paying to listen to him are gods”

I tilt my head.

“There’s a similar thing in the teachings of Buddha.

Work is something that you dedicate to the [Gods] or [Buddha] that you believe in and by following through on your ideals and beliefs, it will come around to support others and society.

Therefor it’s not about the company or organisation that gives you money, or the client behind it all”

I nod my head in understanding,

“I am a practitioner of Buddhist teachings not a servant of the Kashizu.

Well that’s all there is to it”

Yuikuu laughs.

“So I have a request for you”

“What is it”

“Could you look after the young ones who want to follow after me Alona said she would take care of the finances but I need someone to organise it all”

“What will you be doing”

“I intend to wander and retrain myself for a bit.

I wasn’t looking to temper my strength any further but…..

I met an interesting man and changed my mind”

Yuikuu gives me a sharp look,

“When you dealt with old man Ashiya, I had yet to use my trump card.

It’s just that you dealt with him first”

He makes a wide smile.

Search magic gives off a warning signal, one that didn’t sound even when I faced against the Demon Lord with the power of the gate in the other world.

The heart pounding illness strikes again, but this must be from joy.

Ever since obtaining the title of great sage, I had never fought seriously against an opponent before, but the man in front of me is clearly different from the rest.

“I understand, I look forward to seeing the results of your training”

I’m sure I too had a smile on my face like Yuikuu’s.

He looks me in the eyes and nods,

“You can get the details from my younger brothers”

He gulps down the rest of his parfait.

“Then I’ll be off on a trip but, as a tip I’ll show you something good on my way out”

He dons his hat and leaves with his robes fluttering.

…..from the maid cafe.

“See you later, Master!”

I sighed as I heard the long haired twins behind me desperately trying to hit on the maids.

“Welcome back, Master!”

The voice of the beautiful women sound out in the store once again.

It looks like a couple has arrived.

They’re both dressed in casual jeans and hoodies with the hoods up, the woman is wearing sunglasses even though the sun has gone down.

The woman stumbled slightly at the entrance,


The man clicked his tongue as he supported her, causing the woman to flinch.

It seems they don’t get along.

Perhaps the woman is blind.

“Would you like to order anything else”

The maid with cat ears that brought the parfait comes to my table to speak to me.

“I’d like to go now”

I whisper,

“Understood, Master”

Her black straight hair sways as…..

The beautiful girl in maid clothes bows deeply to me.

Translator’s Notes:

1: The word for underworld is meido.

2: The japanese equivalent of the saying ‘the customer is always right’


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