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Ch7 - The Youth

As time passed quietly, Yan Weiliang was pondering which skirt matched the velvet coat more, the red or the pink, when he heard his door being knocked again. 

Without looking up, he said, “Come in.” Then he selected the red skirt and clicked done. 



It was Joel who knocked on the door.

He said, “Madam, it is time for you to go upstairs and have dinner.”

Yan Weiliang glared at the failing score on his screen.  

What kind of aesthetic disaster was this game’s rating system 


Ryan closed the game, looked up, and murmured, “But mister has not come back yet.”

“Lord Marshal will not be coming back for dinner tonight, so there is no need for you to wait on him,” Joel informed. 

“All right then.” Ryan followed the housekeeper upstairs.

“When will mister be back”


“About nine in the evening.” Joel replied, “You can read in the bedroom.”

Ryan nodded and said nothing more. 

The dinner was very light, not because the servants were lazy during Chu Yuwen’s absence, but because Ryan grew up in the Fourth District and was almost always fed nutritional solutions, so he did not have a strong digestion ability for solid food.

He had eaten two big meals today, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

If he ate more greasy food in the evening, he might feel discomfort. 


The kitchen staff took Ryan’s health into account and made recipes suitable for him.

This was carefully instructed by Chu Yuwen.  

When Ryan was eating, the servants stood at the corner waiting for his orders.

Feeling embarrassed, he looked up at them and said, “You guys can do your thing.

I am not used to being watched eating.”

The servants bowed and obediently left the dining room. 

This left one person eating in a somewhat empty room. 

Ryan enjoyed his dinner alone.

As he noticed that all the prying eyes around him had disappeared, the restraints on his movements suddenly vanished. 

As if his whole temperament had changed. 

Yan Weiliang took his time cutting the food.

His etiquette was very standard and smooth.

He chewed slowly with noble composure.

It was not pretentious, but an elegance engraved into his bones. 

His beautiful eyes were slightly dropped, looking tenderly lazy and absentminded, like someone belonging to the aristocratic class. 

He was indeed someone who came from the royal family.  

Even if it was a simple and light dinner, he still ate it like a feast from the palace. 

It was kind of enjoyable to watch. 


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Unfortunately, there was no one around to take pleasure in this scene. 


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Lf mbeiv rqfcv atf ktbif joafgcbbc bc atlr yfv. 

The indoor air conditioner would automatically adjust the temperature to the most comfortable degree for a human body, without the need for a blanket. 

The youth lay on the bed, propped up his cheek with one hand, and opened the Marvelous Liang Liang with the other hand to continue the unfinished game session.

His soft waist sunk into the bed, and the two slender pale legs were covered under the smooth silk robe, exposing the smooth and delicate ankles.  

Innocent and seductive. 

This was the scene Chu Yuwen came home to. 

Ryan heard the noise of the door opening, so he sat up in a hurry.

He crossed his slender legs, hoisted his gown during the process, and showed some of his thighs beneath. 

As if he realized the indecency of this posture, the boy froze for a second before covering his legs with the quilt on the side.  

“You are back.” Ryan blushed. 

“Yes.” Chu Yuwen glanced at the Achievements History of the Marshal on the bedside table and chuckled.

“Why are you still reading this book”

“Because…what you have accomplished was amazing.” Ryan whispered, “If you had not defended against the zerg invasion ten years ago, I might not have grown up safely.”


Long ago, the gap between the ten districts of the Empire was not as large as it is today.

Later, the zerg became stronger and captured the Tenth District.

People in the Tenth District fled to the Ninth District, with the Tenth District being in ruins. 

The people who did not escape either died in the ruins as food for the zerg, or were exiled as space thieves after losing their homes. 

The corrupt Empire had not produced outstanding generals for a long time, and all the honest and good people have been persecuted to death by the short-sighted and lustful aristocrats.

When the zerg army came, the aristocrats were in distress when they found that they had no available force and power to defend against the invading force. 

Ten years ago, when the zerg attacked once again, the imperial powers were trembling and even wanted to use all available troops to protect only the upper three districts.

They wanted to remove the defense of the other six districts during critical moments and use it all to fortify the upper three districts.  

Who cared about the safety of the other six districts Those were just the lives of commoners, how could they be compared with the lives of aristocrats 

The lives of the middle and lower three districts have become pawns to protect those who were afraid of death in the upper three districts. 


This foolish decision was made by the despicable aristocrats and Yan Weiliang’s dim-witted father, the current Emperor.

And his mediocre brothers all clapped their hands in favor of this cruel proposal. 

The seventeen-year-old Third Prince was the only one who was against this decision.

For the first time, this young man, known by all as a genius since childhood, rebuked the Emperor in front of his ministers against his usual calm and indifferent personality.

“When the nest is overturned, will there be eggs left intact If a ruler cannot protect his people, he might as well offer his neck for execution!”  

The Emperor, who had been humiliated in public, was furious and ordered the Third Prince to be locked up. 

When the Third Prince heard the order, instead of showing rage, he smiled.

His dark eyes stared coldly into the Emperor and chimed each word like a gem, “Father, your virtue is not worthy of your position.” He scanned the room of princes and ministers and sneered, “If the Empire is controlled by a group of immoral and incompetent people only interested in saving their necks, then the Empire is already at death’s door.”

The Third Prince fell completely out of favor because of such rebellious behavior. 

Since then, the Emperor has been extremely unhappy with his son, and there has always been a thorn in his heart.  

He would rather have the jealous and narrow-minded Second Prince, who at least knew how to flatter him, as Crown Prince, than the extremely talented but uncontrollably wild Third Son. 

It was hard to tell how many people secretly laughed at the Third Prince for playing crappy cards in his hand.

With his talent, as long as he was obedient to the Emperor, he would not worry about being crowned as the next in line.

But he had to go against the Emperor. 

Yan Weiliang was confined, but how could those useless people in the palace be competent in trapping him The zerg had already invaded the Ninth District while the people in the First District were continually fighting among themselves.

It was absurd. 

His friend, Lin Shen, from outside the palace brought him news that the Chu Family’s youngest son, Chu Yuwen, was gathering forces to fight against the zerg in the Ninth District, but he was short of manpower.  

There were two well-known geniuses in the imperial capital.

One was the Third Prince of the royal family, and the other was the young master of the Chu Family.

Both of them were born with 3S-level mental power and combat power alphas, other than their ages being only one year apart, they were equal in all aspects. 

The two have been competing since they were children, but they have never been able to determine who is the best among them.

At that time, Chu Yuwen was eighteen and Yan Weiliang was seventeen.

Both of them were the most amazing young talents in the Empire.

Both of them were enemies as well as friends who admired each other.

Even though their families had different stances, they were young and treated each other as friends. 

The Chu Family was aristocratic, one that coveted imperial power.

Especially after the birth of their genius alpha, Chu Yuwen, this ambition went through the roof.

The Chu Family trained him as their next heir and was very strict with him, not even allowing him to have his preferences because that would be a weakness others could exploit. 

They told him from childhood that the Third Prince of the royal family was his enemy.

He should walk around him slightly, then trample the Prince beneath his feet in the future.  

Chu Yuwen, who was young and frivolous at that time, did not heed the warning.

“I can step on him now!” Then he challenged Yan Weiliang at school. 

The result between them was a tie. 

This exchange of blows led to the beginning of friendship between them. 

The sun was shining on that day, and the two teenagers lay on the field after a good fight.

Yan Weiliang took out two pieces of sweet cream cakes from his mental space and shared, “You must be tired from the fight.

Here, eat this to replenish your strength.” 

Chu Yuwen raised his eyebrows and huffed, “A noble prince like yourself indulges in a cake Is cake not something only little girls like to eat”

Yan Weiliang glared at him and said, “Then give it back.”


“No way.” Chu Yuwen immediately stuffed the cake into his mouth, getting cream all over his face and mumbling unclearly, “…You gave it to me, it is mine now.”

They also watched shooting stars together at night.

The clear moonlight streamed into Yan Weiliang’s night-like eyes, and Chu Yuwen watched him and said sincerely, “Your Highness, your eyes are more beautiful than the shooting stars.” 

Yan Weiliang glanced at him.

“Young Master Chu, thank you for the compliment.”

This pretentious courtesy made the two men look at each other and laugh. 

…Those were the good days. 

Sadly, the friendship did not last long because of their families’ stances.  

So in his confinement, Chu Yuwen wanted to go to the lower three districts to join the fight, but he had the feeling of ‘so that was it’.

They always knew the other person was a very good person, with the same passion, the same ambition, the same bravery and fearlessness, and the same determination to go forward. 

After hearing this, Yan Weiliang planned calmly, “I will steal the military tally and let him deploy the army.

I will stay here to guard the imperial capital against the zerg’s air attack.”

The imperial capital was located in the First District.

This was the heart of the Empire.

Once it was lost, the other districts could not hold for long.

A strong fighting force must be left to defend it. 

Yan Weiliang succeeded in getting the military tally hidden in the forbidden area of the imperial palace—only those with royal blood could open it.  

He asked Lin Shen to take the military tally outside the palace and give it to Chu Yuwen. 

When Chu Yuwen received the military tally, he tossed it into the air before catching it.

A burst of determination was displayed in his eyes, with a hint of solemnity.

“Go back and tell his Third Highness that I lost this time, and please rest assured that I will win.”

The Chu Family has always been ambitious, vainly trying to replace the royal family.

But the Third Prince dared to steal the military tally and hand it to him because the Prince trusted his character and sincerely hoped that he could save the people of the Empire. 

This was a real prince who loved his people like his own children.

He was willing to step down gracefully because of his courage and zeal.  

With the authority of the military tally, Chu Yuwen dispatched most of the army from the imperial capital and led them to the lower three districts to fight against the zerg. 

Due to the nonfeasance of the Empire in the early stages, the lower three districts had fallen, and the Sixth District was also in danger.

Chu Yuwen led the army to the Sixth District to fight back the zerg, he took back the lower three districts and even wiped out the zerg in the Tenth District.

From then on, he became famous for a single battle. 

As soon as the army of the imperial capital was allocated out, the defense was weakened, and the aristocrats whose lives were endangered panicked.

When they learned that the military tally had been stolen by the Third Prince, they banded together and demanded severe punishment for the Third Prince. 

However, their anger did not last long as some of the zerg bypassed the middle and lower districts and dropped down from the sky into the First District.  

As Yan Weiliang had expected, the enemies had divided into two groups. 

Looking at the sky full of dark pressure, the aristocrats were scared witless and resented Yan Weiliang.

If he had not stolen the military tally and had the brat from Chu Family led most of the army away, there was no way the zerg would have launched an assault on the First District so easily!


This was great.

Now everyone was going to die together!

But the tragedy they expected did not happen.  

Yan Weiliang led a small number of troops into the imperial capital to hold the First District. 

“I am not protecting you.”

Standing in the middle of the zerg corpses, the young man drenched in blood looked back at the fearful crowd, but it seemed that he was not looking at them at all. 

The golden sunlight of dusk landed on his face as he licked away the blood from the corner of his lips.  

“…I am only protecting my country.”

Just like that, Chu Yuwen defended the commoners and won the love of the people; Yan Weiliang defended the imperial capital and won the support of the aristocrats. 

Chu Yuwen did not take the credit alone.

He announced to everyone in the country that he could not lead the army to defeat the zerg if it weren’t for his Third Highness, who gave him the military tally. 

For this reason, Yan Weiliang was called the ‘Empire’s Moon’ by people who respected him.

However, the respect was not on par with Chu Yuwen, who directly came down from the sky to save them from the burning disaster.

Chu Yuwen was the hope in their despair, the Empire’s Sun, and their faith.  

Chu Yuwen made great contributions, and with the aristocrats realizing that the Empire needed a strong soldier to ensure their safety, he was appointed Marshal, and naturally, he did not need to hand back the military tally. 

In a short ten years, Chu Yuwen completely took control of the military forces and gradually drifted away from Yan Weiliang. 

When they were young, they could still regard each other as both rivals and friends, but now they could only be enemies.

When they met, they called each other ‘Marshal’ or ‘your Highness’.

There was no chemistry between them.

They could no longer look at each other and smile.

Now there was only explicit mockery, dark sarcasm, and plenty of calculations. 

Perhaps only the feelings of youth were pure.

When the positions were clearly defined, the adult world was always cruel and tight.  

It was good to be young.

With just one drop of alteration medicine, the twenty-seven-year-old Yan Weilaing—

Became a seventeen-year-old young Ryan. 


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