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Chapter 1016 A Killer Move To Get a Reaction!

Half an hour later...

The three beauties could be seen sitting on a small table in a café that was built on an extremely high branch, giving them an astonishing view over the entire city.

Just like the rest of the buildings, the café was built completely out of dead wood and plants, causing its appearence to be somewhat basic...However, it provided a sense of peacefulness and harmony.

For elves, this was their preferred atmosphere.

Argh, I can\'t believe our cousin Selphie got tricked into falling for a human. Moana grumbled in frustration...She was the beauty with the long braided orange hair and flaming eyes.

I saw it coming the moment she was allowed to go outside. Elnora with the short azure curly hair sighed, She is too naive for her own good.

Ahmm. Carmen nodded silently, appearing as a gentle as a spring wing with her breathtaking long silky smooth green hair.

During their meeting with Queen Alfreda, they were told that Felix had tricked Selphie into falling in love with him even though he already had a partner...This had angered the girls greatly as Selphie was their close cousin and a great friend of theirs.

So, they ended up agreeing to the mission.

What\'s done is done.

Now, it\'s up to us to save her from his demonic clutches. Elnora asked with a serious tone, So, how should we do this

They were told to seduce Felix and record him to show Selphie that he wasn\'t a loyal individual and would never be.

But, as royal high elves, they also lacked experience in matters partaking with the opposite sex.

In other words, they were absolutely clueless about the art of seduction.

He is a human. Moana smiled charmingly, We just need to show our interest in him, and he will fall over heels on his own.

Are you sure about that Carwen spoke softly, You saw his girlfriend\'s appearence.

I doubt he will be too charmed just by our beauty.

Upon hearing so, Asna\'s soul-capturing face resurfaced on their minds making them blush...Even as girls, they felt their hearts strings move purely from Asna\'s appearence.

For the life of me, I can\'t figure out how did such a sleazy human end up with this goddess.

It really doesn\'t make much sense.

She might have gotten tricked like Selphie.

Although they knew about Felix\'s reputation and strength, they still felt that Asna was a million times over his league.

Let\'s try charming him first, if it didn\'t work, we can think of something else. Elnora suggested.

Sounds good. Moana wondered, Should we go one by one or together

It will look suspicious if we went all together. Elnora said, We need a solid plan.

Moana and Carwen nodded.

Based on our Intel, he is still searching for a place to live. Elnora smiled, This gives us the perfect way to introduce ourselves.

Soon, the girls started scheming with each other, trying to come up with the perfect plan to seduce Felix...


As they had assumed, Felix was still struggling to find a place to settle down.

Because visitors rarely show up to Anarth, there were no hotels, motels, or any type of paid residency.

Honestly, the visitors never end up with the same situation as Felix since elves were friendly enough to welcome visitors to their homes.

They had a belief that no one truly owned their houses as they all belong to mother nature and must be shared.

\'Should I just balls up and ask for a room from a random stranger\' Felix thought to himself as he walked on wooden bridge that was leading to a residential area.

\'You can try, but you will defintely get rejected.\' Asna replied.

Unlike the spaceship, the homeowners naturally need to feel comfortable with their guest...This meant, Felix needed to remove his hoodie and sunglasses.

Felix refused to disguise himself as an elf for the sake of making the elves feel comfortable around him.

The last thing he would ever do was support their racism.

\'You should call Lady Yggdrasil...She will help you out.\' Asna suggested.

\'No, I can\'t call her whenever I end up with a small problem.\' Felix shook his head, \'I am not her friend, and she doesn\'t owe me anything.\'

Felix understood that his dealings must be done through Selphie and only Selphie.

She was the one inviting him over to bathe in the life essence fountain.

Although Lady Yggdrasil had agreed to allow Felix, it didn\'t mean that she would go out of her way to facilitate the process.

\'Let\'s just keep searching for an empty house.\' Felix said, \'If we don\'t find anything, we can make our own house.\'

Since houses were considered to be property of none, there weren\'t many rules on building them.

As long as Felix chose a good spot in the residential area and made sure to not harm the environment in the process, no one would come complaining.


\'I guess I can only build my own house.\' Felix chuckled, \'This is a first.\'

He spent an entire hour searching for empty houses to no avail, making him finally take the least favorable option.

Hello there, I hope I am not intruding on your time, but I have seen you walking back and forth for a while now.

Is everything alright Elnora asked with good intentions from the other side of the bridge.

Felix looked to the left and right in confusion before pointing his finger at himself, Are you talking to me

Who else, silly You are the only one on the bridge. Elnora giggled cutely while covering her mouth.

I guess I am searching for a place to stay. Felix smiled, feeling slightly comfortable by the fact that his human accent didn\'t scare her off.

I thought so, you don\'t look familiar. Elnora smiled charming as she approached him.

After she stood in front of Felix, she introduced herself politely, I am Elnora Olafiel, and it will be a pleasure of mine to help you in your predicament.

\'Her last name is Olafiel...Where did I hear this nam...Huh Isn\'t this royal family last name\' Felix raised an eyebrow in surprise after finding out about Elnora\'s identity.

\'I knew that something is fishy about this giggly vixen.\' Asna narrowed her eyes dangerously, \'She is being far too friendly for a royalty.\'

\'You\'re thinking too much into it.\' Felix doubted, \'Isn\'t Selphie a royalty as well...Look how nice and friendly she is\'

\'You will see...My intuition is never wrong when it came to girls around you.\'

Felix ignored Asna for now and introduced himself, Felix Maxwell...The pleasure is mine.

Felix Maxwell I think I have heard of this name somewhere Elnora acted confused by tilting her head.

Maybe this will help. Felix removed his sunglasses and hoodie, exposing his identity before her.

It\'s you! Elnora widened her eyes in surprise.

Seeing that she didn\'t have any other negative reaction made Felix sigh in relief.

I can\'t believe I met you here. Elnora spoke excitedly, Selphie has told me many things about you and requested me to take care of you if you ever visited while she is absent.

She did

Yes, I am her close cousin. Elnora nodded with a sincere look before requesting, Please let me take you to the palace...We have plenty of spare rooms.

Are you sure Felix inquired, Shouldn\'t you receive permission from the Queen first

There is no need to bother the Queen with such a small matter. Elnora went next to Felix and placed her arm around his before dragging him with her.

Thank you for the hospitalization, I guess

Felix could only allow himself to get dragged along, feeling that it would be poor manners to reject her invitation...Especially when she was Selphie\'s cousin and appeared to be friendly.

Plus, he already required a place to stay, saving him from the hustle of building a house.


In a short while, Elnora and Felix had reached the front gate of the palace.

Unlike other buildings, it was made completely out of white wood and was big enough, four towering trees acted as its support.

Naturally, it was also built on many branches stacked on each other, creating its foundation hundreds of meters in the air.

There was a unique elvish touch on the design of the palace, making anyone pause for a brief moment to admire its artistic beauty.

Elnora pulled Felix with her through the entrance, not caring about the two guarding elves in green armor made out of vines.

Although Felix had exposed his human identity, the guards merely spared him a side-glance before returning to their duty.

\'Looks like Elnora has some reach within the royal family.\' Felix thought to himself, believing that he was ignored because he was with Elnora.

In his eyes, he should have been at least asked for identification.

Hmm Why is it so empty Felix wondered as he walked through the palace long corridor without spotting even a servant.

Only the royal family lives here. Elnora smiled as she answered, And we aren\'t that many.

I see. Felix didn\'t believe that even a bit.

He could excuse no servants, but he knew that there was no way the Queen would be left unguarded.

Want me to take you to your room first or do you want to meet the rest of the family Elnora shared, You will be meeting with them often in the palace and I think it will be best to introduce yourself.

Sure, why not.

The moment he gave his approval, Elnora grinned in her mind while sending a message to her cousins.

\'I will be bringing him to you shortly...Make sure to expose as much as you can.\'

\'Ahh...This is really humiliating and embarrassing.\' Moana grumbled while taking off her clothes besides a cozy natural hot springs...Carwen nodded next to her with reddened cheeks.

\'Stop whining, this is a killer move to get a reaction from him!\'

Elnora smiled in a friendly manner as she guided Felix towards the hot springs, who had no idea that two goddesses were bathing there with nothing on them...

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