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Chapter 1015 Queen Alfreda\'s Scheme.

Good morning, mother. Queen Alfreda greeted as she stepped inside a cozy well-lighted garden within a glass dome.

Lady Yggdrasil was seen reading a book under the shade of a tree...Just like her appearence in the UVR, she was made out completely of wood.

She was wearing a dress made out of leaves and string of flowers on top of her head, resembling a crown.

Obviously, her main consciousness reside within the world tree while this body was being controlled by a wisp of her consciousness.

Morning my child. Lady Yggdrasil greeted back with a kind smile.

Queen Alfreda\'s anger was melted right away after seeing that smile as she was unable to get mad at the mother of elves.

Unlike Selphie, Queen Alfreda and the rest of the elves refer to Lady Yggdrasil respectfully as mother tree.

That\'s because everything they have right now was heavily influenced by her even though she had no relation to their race.

I am really perplexed about your reasoning for helping out that human be close to Selphie. Queen Alfreda sighed as she sat next to her, You know that he will just hurt her deeply and leave her uncapable of trust ever again.

Child, don\'t cast your trauma on your sister. Lady Yggdrasil answered with a gentle tone, Selphie is old enough to explore her life and have her own choices.

If they are wrong, then they will become important life lessons.

I don\'t care about her making other mistakes, but this is her love life. Queen Alfreda argued, You know that we elves find it almost impossible to recover from a heartbreak.

If her relationship with that idiot ended up in the same manner as mine, she will never ever feel another thing for a man in her life.

Is that what you want for her

What Queen Alfreda mentioned what indeed correct.

Elves had a good/bad tendency to fall in love with one person in their lives and be completely and utterly loyal to them.

When elves get together and marry, it was impossible to betray or break each other\'s hearts...So, they truly live happily ever after just like a fairy tale.

On the other hand, human\'s love could be as fickle as a particle in space.

One day, a couple claim that they love each other, and they couldn\'t see themselves apart...The next day they break up and start hating each other\'s guts.

Queen Alfreda feared that if Felix and Selphie ever got together, they wouldn\'t last long because of humans\' difficulty to love one person truly for the rest of their lives.

We know that bastard will be fine after a month in case they broke up.

But, Selphie will never be the same again. Queen Alfreda smiled bitterly, I am just trying to protect her.

You are seeing things without knowing the full picture. Lady Yggdrasil shook her head and asked her, Who told you that the little human is the one chasing after Selphie

Hm What do you mean Queen Alfreda frowned in confusion.

Selphie is the one smitten by him. Lady Yggdrasil shared, She has confessed to him and got rejected more than two times because he already has a partner in life.


This was enough to shut down Queen Alfreda\'s brain for a few seconds as she couldn\'t believe what her ears were feeding her.

Her own little sister got rejected by a human The only heir to the nine realms Not once but more than twice

If this didn\'t come out of Lady Yggdrasil\'s lips, she wouldn\'t have even tried to consider it.

You understand now Your situations are entirely different. Lady Yggdrasil smiled, You got tricked into loving the wrong person and betrayed while Selphie is trying her best to win over her man without any results.

Who does that bastard think he is to reject my sister! Queen Alfreda got pissed off again but for a different reason this time, Does he think that his girlfriend is better than Selphie!

Lady Yggdrasil snapped her finger without saying a single word, manifesting a holographic picture of Asna.

Queen Alfreda\'s rant was forced down her throat the instant her eyes landed on Asna\'s goddess features.

My sister is safe...

The first thought that came up to her after seeing such godly perfection was that her sister had absolutely no chance to win over Felix!

She didn\'t pity or feel sympathetic about it...In fact, she was happier than ever.

If only she bothered to do a basic research on Felix, she wouldn\'t have been worrying all this time over nothing.

How can you be happy in this situation Lady Yggdrasil scolded her, Selphie isn\'t quitting her chase even when she got rejected...This means that she will never bother to be with another man unless it was with him.

Upon hearing so, Queen Alfreda\'s expression turned for the worse.

She realized that Selphie\'s was defintely going to be obsessing over Felix for the rest of her life, which would also completely destroy her love life.

In other words, there was no winning in this, regardless of what she did!

You should help her get together with him. Lady Yggdrasil advised, He is a good kid and destined for greatness...He will help her move forward instead of dragging her behind.

Help her get together with a human Queen Alfreda felt disgusted just by the thought as horrible memories resurfaced in her mind.

That\'s your only solution if you truly cared about your sister. Lady Yggdrasil waved her hand away, Now leave me read in peace.

Queen Alfreda excused herself, knowing that Lady Yggdrasil wasn\'t too interested in this subject as her.

However, just as she was about to exit the garden, Lady Yggdrasil said calmly, Remember, don\'t mistreat our guest.

Queen Alfreda\'s shoulders tensed for a moment before replying, I had no such thoughts.


After Queen Alfreda returned to the throne chamber, she ordered coldly, Alvin, bring me Moana, Elnora, and, Carwen.

Yes Ma\'m.

One of the fish in the pond turned into a stunning man and nodded respectfully before taking his leave.

Help them get together He is a good kid Queen Alfreda scoffed, I would rather relive my past than subject my sister to the same pain as I.

Queen Alfreda was simply uncapable of seeing a human more than a cunning and evil schemer in heart.

Nothing anyone said would ever change that...Even if it was Lady Yggdrasil herself.

In a short while, Alvin returned to the chamber while being followed closely by three drop-dead gorgeous beauties.

The girl to the right had a short azure curly hair that matched amazingly with her purplish lips and ashen gray eyes.

The one in the left had a long braided orange hair that reached her curvy waist...Just like the hair, her eyes were the color of flames, making her seem feisty and difficult to handle.

Last but not least, the girl in the middle was the personification of nature goddess in the humaniod form.

She had a smooth silky green hair that was long enough it touched her ankles.

Her blue eyes were as pure and tranquil as a lake in the center of a forest...She had a couple of piercings in her long curvy ears for tiny flowers to rest on them.

If any of those girls ever participated in a beauty contest, they would have demolished their competitors without even showing a smile.

Alvin nodded at the Queen and turned into a fish.

Then, he returned to the pond again, swimming peacefully with the rest of the fish.

Greeting my Queen.

The three girls greeted formally and remained silent with their heads lowered, waiting for orders.

I have a mission for you. Queen Alfreda said.

The girls\' long beautiful ears perked up in curiosity and excitement, knowing that most of the Queen\'s missions were related to outside the first realm.

All of them were royal High Elves and considered to be cousins of Queen Alfreda...In other words, they weren\'t allowed to exit the first realm without a real reason just like Selphie.

Alas, Queen Alfreda shattered their hopes by displaying Felix\'s holographic picture before them and requesting, I want you to seduce this bastard by any means possible.




The three of them lifted their heads and eyed Queen Alfreda with stunned expressions before they turned to look at each other for confirmation.

You heard it right. Queen Alfreda said, I have no clue how long this bastard will remain, but I want him to fall under your grasp before he leaves.

\'My only solution is to help them get together\' Queen Alfreda smiled coldly, \'Why do that when I can show my sister how much of a pig a human can turn when his desires are stimulated.\'

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