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Chapter 1014 lncoming Trouble.

A common tree! How did she reach such an unfathomable size then

Felix couldn\'t imagine a normal tree turning into a cosmic entity with the size of half a galaxy.

By using photosynthesis just like any other plant. Lady Sphinx answered, Though, in the case of Lady Yggdrasil, she absorbs light directly from stars and other nutrition from planets.

Is there a limit to her growth

As far as know, there isn\'t. Lady Sphinx replied, Theoretically, she can grow as big as the universe if she had enough sunlight and nutrition.

I see.

Felix understood that it might be theoretically possible but in practice, there was no way it could be achieved.

The fact that Lady Yggdrasil had already reached this size was already an unimaginable phenomenon.

Just like any other creature, growing isn\'t the only thing that needed nutrition.

Self-sustain was also required, which meant that Lady Yggdrasil would probably not push herself to grow more as she had barely enough to sustain her already existing body.


After spending a few more minutes of appreciating the World Tree\'s beauty, Felix returned to his VR Pod and requested Queen Ai to continue her journey.

Sometime later, Felix parked his spaceship inside a glass bubble above a flat green leaf that was as big as three times the surface of Earth...There were millions of other parked spaceships if not more.

Felix exited his spaceship while wearing a hoodie and sunglasses that hid his features.

He was about to enter the capital planet of Forlond, and he knew that he would be attracting unnecessary attention from the High Elves due to his race.

The humans, who stepped inside the capital planet, could be counted in one hand throughout the entire history of the universe.

They really dislike ruining their environment with machinery. Felix mumured while riding on a hover platform towards the transportation station.

He knew that the only way to enter the capital planet was by a public transportation spaceship.

There was no space elevator and private spaceships weren\'t allowed to even get close to the planet\'s atmosphere.

Besides some unique sub-races such as night elves, most elves were born with peak affinity to nature...Even common elves had it.

That\'s why the elves reject machinery to avoid destroying their beautiful natural environments...They were like the advanced version of the Maganda Tribe.

After Felix reached the transportation spaceship, he waited in a small queue of stunning-looking High Elves.

Just like he was checking them out, they were also glancing at him from time to time with curious expressions.

Isn\'t he too familiar to a human A drop gorgeous male elf whispered next to his friend while checking out Felix in front of them in the line.

Human I doubt it...They have no place here.

He must be a winged elf wearing disguise for some reason. His friend replied with a certain tone after spotting a slight bulk on Felix\'s back.

That sounds more plausible.

Upon having his curiosity somewhat seethed, the elf dropped the subject, not planning to annoy Felix to get the bottom of this.

High elves were known for being respectful, gentle, and kind to those within the same level of their social status.

Since they believed that Felix was a winged elf, they respected his privacy.

That\'s because winged elves were the second most authoritative elvish race in the nine realms...They rule the second realm, Harlond.

In terms of strength, runic familiarity, talent, intelligence, bloodline purity, and such, they were almost as equal as High Elves.

This resulted in them having somewhat of a friendly rivalry between each other.

Before long, Felix\'s turn had arrived in the queue.

He walked towards the door of the spaceship and scanned his bracelet.

Almost immediately, he was granted access and stepped inside the spaceship.

\'He really isn\'t a human.\'

After seeing this, the high elf previous assumption was completely killed.

He understood that there might a chance for a human to reach this far if he wasn\'t wearing an AP bracelet and didn\'t get caught by the patrols.

But to enter the transportation spaceship was a different story entirely as not even other elves had this kind of access.

\'You are treated like this even when you have your identity hidden.\' Asna said, \'You should prepare yourself for a new level of racism.\'

\'Nothing new I guess.\' Felix replied calmly.

In the case of dragons, they merely saw themselves as superior to humans instead of actually hating them.

However, elves were different as they disliked humans the most compared to other races.

Honestly, they couldn\'t really be blamed.

Most half-elves were born from rape cases caused by humans.

Elves were simply too beautiful to not be desired by some bastards, making them pay anything to kidnap or buy enslaved elves.

Naturally, this was done by the upper echolone of the humans, which translated to a very, very miniscule percentage of the entire race.

But, the elves didn\'t see it that way as they hated all humans indiscriminately.

If Felix ever exposed his identity, he might not get jumped on by the high elves in this spaceship due to his reputation and strength, but they definitely would give him disgusted looks.

After everyone boarded the spaceship, it took off immediately towards a small green planet.

At first glance, no one would believe that this was the capital planet of one of the top ten rulers of the alliance.

It was barely half the size of Earth, making it resemble a cute green apple floating in space while surrounded by branches and leaves.

\'With their few numbers, this provides more land than they need.\' Felix thought as watched the planet getting larger and larger from his window.

In a short while, the transportation spaceship penetrated the atmosphere and flew as low as it could above a vast forest.

The forest was made out of thick and towering trees, surpassing the height of tallest skyscraper in Earth.

The doors are open.

You can disembark on your own or head towards the aircraft station to drop you on the surface. The spaceship Ai announced monotonously.

Felix removed his seatbelt and went towards the nearest door to him.

The moment he reached it, he saw elves manifest wooden wands and casting flight spells on themselves before jumping out.

Some created wings made out of wind and some used spells to summon a breeze and surf on it.

Each had their own unique way of leaving the spaceship.

After the gate was cleared, Felix looked below him before jumping out with his hands in his pocket, not bothering to release his wings.

When he was about to land on the surface of the forest, he used electromagnetic arcs against the nearest objects to him, slowing himself down until he touched the ground softly without even pulling his hands from his pockets.

\'You have landed on Anarth city.\' Queen Ai informed, \'As an outsider, please read the laws and cultural cues about the city to avoid falling into troubles.\'

In other words, Felix would be responsible over his own actions if he broke the rules even if he had a royal emblem in his possession.

Felix manifested a holographic map and the list of rules...Then, he started reading them while following the arrow in direction of the Anarth\'s main gate.

All he knew was that the spaceship had dropped them tens of kilometers away from the city to avoid affecting its peaceful atmosphere with the spaceship\'s loud engine noise.

Unbeknownst to Felix, the instant he entered the planet, Queen Alfreda was alerted due to his possession of the royal emblem!

He is already here! Queen Alfreda was left startled and mostly livid at the notion of Felix coming all the way here.

She neither knew that Felix was seeking a part of the first world tree root nor bathe in the life essence fountain.

This naturally made her assume that he was chasing after Selphie!

I can\'t believe Lady Yggdrasil handed him a royal emblem...Unacceptable! Queen Alfreda ordered out loud, Guardians, find his whereabouts and keep an eye on him.

Don\'t let him cause trouble before I sort this out.

The same guardians answered her call and made their move immediately.

Queen Alfreda went towards the Lady Yggdrasil garden, wanting to settle this out right now and here.

\'I will never allow his dirty fingers to taint my baby sister.\' Queen Alfreda vowed with a stern expression as she walked out of the throne chamber.

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