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Chapter 9 World One: the Stronger in the End-time World (6)

Han Yanyan went out hungrily.

It didn’t mean she didn’t have food.

She went to other rooms to sell her ice last night, changed some food, and had a pretty good dinner.

But she heard that the team would provide a meal for the search team, and she saved breakfast as rations outside.

The search team was outside, and it was said that they only provided one meal a day, and the rest depended on themselves.

There were crises everywhere, and those who can eat fully will be more effective.

Han Yanyan saved all her food for battle rations.

She rejected Ding Yao twice.

This time she received no special treatment.

Sun Lijun pointed at a truck to her.

Han Yanyan silently climbed into the truck.

The courtyard was noisy and orderly.

The men were carrying backpacks, holding weapons, and boarding the car.

The original shed in the rear compartment of the truck was ragged and full of holes.

A protective layer of the iron bar was welded on the outside of the shed, like a large iron cage with a door.

Han Yanyan sat in the cage and looked out through the hole in the shed, and saw Ding Yao at a glance.

Ding Yao wore a black tight-fitting combat suit and his lean muscle lines were clearly defined.

They all wore camouflage trousers and boots with a nippy air.

Among so many people, this man had a strange eye-catching sense.

The person next to him handed over a tactical vest, Ding Yao took it over and put on his body, but he cast a gaze on Han Yanyan’s truck.

Han Yanyan froze for a second and moved her body subconsciously, avoiding the big hole in the basketball and avoiding his sight.

When the reaction came over, Ding Yao had already walked to an off-road vehicle and did not look at her again.

She wondered if it was just a coincidence.

The convoy drove to Gate Square, and the search team who were waiting early now came together.

There was originally only her and four members of the team on Han Yanyan’s truck, and at this moment there came in a semi-truck of people.

In this hot summer, the smell suddenly was stinking.

Han Yanyan subconsciously moved inward and turned her head.

Through the hole in the carport, Ding Yao was seen again.

He sat in the co-driver’s seat of the off-road vehicle, lowered the window, and stretched out the window with a cigarette in his hand, flicking the ash.

Han Yanyan just thought his action was handsome.

The man who had just turned his face sideways to her turned his head and shut his sights like an arrow.

Han Yanyan’s breathing was paused for a second.

The man’s beastly alertness was really frightful.

She turned her head.

Ding Yao stared at the truck for a few seconds and reached his hand out to call someone over here.

Han Yanyan looked at these people who just got on the car.

These were what Qi Tongtong said the member recruited by the search team, mostly ordinary people or weak talents.

But these people had weapons in their hands, some wooden sticks, some iron, some having choppers tied on their waists, and so on.

Han Yanyan couldn’t help but touch the fruit knife in her pocket.

She only had this little fruit knife, and it was stolen from a market.

Compared with other’s weapons, this one was obviously too small.

When they get to the place, she had to find a good weapon …

When she was thinking about it this way, the truck trembled, and a strong young man got in, showing half of his body.

He was wearing a tactical vest, and it can be seen he was a member of the team.

He glanced around and found Han Yanyan sitting inside.

The young man’s eyes lit up, “Hey! You! Yes, it’s you, beauty.”

Han Yanyan watched him alertly.

The young man grinned and pulled out a machete from the waist, turned the machete handle towards Han Yanyan, “This is for you.”

It was just like sending charcoal in the snow.

Han Yanyan knew that she was about to go to a place where her life would be in danger.

She did not hesitate, got up to take the machete in the envy of others, and said “thank you” to the man.

The young man grinning and jumped out.

Han Yanyan looked out of the hole in the carport and saw that he had walked to Ding Yao’s off-road vehicle, said something to the co-driver and then left.

Ding Yao didn’t show his face anymore, only stretched one hand out the window with the cigarette in his hand.

The fingers of that hand were slender, with clear bones, and looked powerful.

Han Yanyan turned her head, wiped the blade of the machete with her fingertips, and smiled.

When she raised her eyes, several people in the car stared at her.

Most of the people in this car were men, except Han Yanyan, there was only a stout woman in it.

Her face was sallow, and when she looked her closely, she would notice that “stout” was the first impression of a large skeleton.

In fact, she had little flesh and was very thin.

In comparison, Han Yanyan was young and beautiful, and her skin was as delicate as she can scoop out water, which was very eye-catching visually.

When a few team members got into the car, they couldn’t help but glance at her, and then they didn’t look at her anymore.

Later these people seemed to be completely indifferent to her beauty.

In fact, they were not staring at her face now, they were staring at the machete.

It was a good machete.

In the outside fulling of corpse, a good knife may be the hope of survival.

These people didn’t care about the beauty of Han Yanyan.

They could only think about sexual desire when they were full.

They were all struggling at the bottom.

What they cared about now was a living hope.

Everyone in the team wearing the tactical vest.

Han Yanyan looked like definitely a search player like them, and she looked not only slender but also weak.

Some people’s eyes showed a fierce light, and some people couldn’t sit still.

Han Yanyan bet that if there weren’t a few team members sitting in the car at this time, she was afraid someone already got up to grab her knife.

This was indeed a world completely different from the world in which she lives.

Previously, Han Yanyan heard that the Thunder team would provide a meal to searchers every day.

This so-called “meal” was actually a steamed bun.

In the base where the Thunder Team was stationed, the original garden was planted with wheat, and the original water fountain was planted with rice.

Those crops did not grow naturally and were taken care of by wood-based abilities.

Han Yanyan heard that Qi Tongtong said that those wood talents were pretty good, and that wheat and rice could be harvested once a week.

Therefore, people liked Qi Tongtong usually ate real food such as rice and steamed buns, while they collected materials liked biscuits and beef jerky which was gave by men as currency.

With a steamed bun for everyone, the team set off.

Han Yanyan was hungry this morning and took a bite when she got the bun.

When she looked up, she found that everyone didn’t eat.

“It will take several hours on the road, and we will eat when we are about to arrive…” a gaunt middle-aged man across the face whispered.

Han Yanyan understood it, thanked him, bit two more like a filling portion and put the remaining into her backpack.

The convoy rumbled out of the gate.

The gate was not the original binding.

The ancient city wall was only a tourist attraction in the past.

It had lost its old existence significance for a long time, and naturally, there would be no gate.

Later, the zombies erupted, and the survivors retreated into the old city and relied on the ancient city wall to survive.

So they reinstalled the gate, and the ancient city wall renewed its vitality.

Although Han Yanyan’s mind had information about this world, the information was too unilateral, which was far more vividly when she saw it.

Since exiting the city gate, she had been looking out through the hole of the carport.

Outside the city was still Nanling City, and it was much more modern than the old city in the city walls, with many more high-rise buildings.

But now those buildings were very run-down, and there was no crowd.

The doors of the shops on the side of the road were all open, or the glass windows were broken.

Occasionally looked inside, it was empty, and apparently, all things had been swept away.

Occasionally one or two people can be seen on the street, who were all scavengers.

The so-called search team, to put it plainly, was a group of scavengers.

But Han Yanyan never saw zombies.

Han Yanyan came to the world.

She wanted to see the most, one remarkable talents, the other zombies.

Coincidentally, she was preparing to write a zombie eschatology before she somehow encountered a car accident and entered this inexplicable quick-transmigration world.

She originally lived in the suburbs.

That day, she went to the VR pavilion in the urban area, watched a VR zombie movie, and played a VR game of played zombies, to find thought for her new writing.

Who knew when driving home at night, a white light falling from the sky, she came to this **ing quick-transmigration world and became “Han Yanyan”.

She had seen the remarkable talents, and now she was interested in zombies.

But after walking out of the city gate, she never saw the zombies but occasionally seeing some wandering scavengers.

Although the survivors mainly lived in the old city area inside the city walls, zombies had been mopped up almost all over Nanling City.

Han Yanyan finally closed her eyes like other people.

She got up too early and fell asleep soon.

Suddenly she woke up and heard a strange sound.

As soon as her heart contracted, she woke up.

This way of wake-up was commonly known as “awaken abruptly”.

When she woke up, her brain and heart were uncomfortable.

Han Yanyan endured uncomfortably and asked, “What voice”

The person next to her looked at her inexplicably: “Ah”

Han Yanyan said, “What’s calling” She heard strange noises, liked men but not human beings, and not like animals.

Everyone in the car looked at her like she stared at an idiot.

Han Yanyan suddenly understood.

She turned her head and looked out of the shed.

The rotting and inflexible zombies were chasing after the convoy.

Han Yanyan held her breath.

She finally saw the real zombie! This world was really not the world she lived in!

This was the end world of zombies, like in a novel.

Those zombies were ordinary zombies, who run about as fast as humans, or even slower, and they certainly couldn’t catch up with the team.

The team didn’t mean to stop for them.

They passed through several places that looked like towns along the way but only parked for two or three times to let everyone get off the car to solve the physiological problems and exercise their muscles by the way.

Although the search team also had a small number of women, Han Yanyan was the only young and beautiful, she was particularly eye-catching.

She listened to the advice of others and did not eat all the steamed buns for one time, just ate a little when she was too hungry along the way.

As soon as she got back to the car, a member of the team went to the trucks and yelled, “It’s time to eat, and we’ll be in Yihai in an hour.”

Han Yanyan took out the remaining half of the hoe and looked out of the car while rubbing it.

As soon as she took a bite in her mouth, she saw a zombie came out of the bushes near the tree and pounced on the nearest person.

Han Yanyan’s pupil narrowed.

No one screamed, and no one panicked.

The man closest to the zombies was just a little bit embarrassed because he was caught off guard.

The people next to him had already kicked over and dumped the zombie which had been uncoordinated to the ground.

Someone smashed its head with an iron rod, and the zombie was completely “dead”.

Team members didn’t even move, it was over.

People were used to it.

Han Yanyan bowed her head and continued eating.

Fortunately, she had a steamed bun in her mouth when the incident happened, otherwise she really couldn’t guarantee to scream.

After watching so many movies and playing so many VR games when the real zombies appeared in front of her eyes, the inherent fear still occupied her brain.

That did not work.

There were still a few minutes before the start of the bus, Han Yanyan suddenly put away the remaining bun, jumped out of the car, pulled out her handle to open the machete, and chopped it according to the head of the zombie on the ground!

Everyone looked at her anticly.

The zombie was completely dead.

What can they cut

However, Han Yanyan ignored the sights of others.

She put up with nausea and chopped off the head of the zombie, which was stabbed by others, and cut off the neck of the zombie.

Finally, she took a few cuts in all parts of the zombie body.

She rubbed the disgusting thing on the knife in the grass next to her and crawled back to the truck.

Ding Yao was smoking with several men.

Someone scolded: “What nerves does this woman have”

Ding Yao sat on the isolation pier, playing with a lighter, throw a glance over there: “to find the feeling.”


Ding Yao did not explain, put away the lighter and got up: “The whole team, go.”

The convoy started again.

When it arrived in Yihai, it was already afternoon.

The convoy entered the city rumblingly, and the zombies came out of the city and chased the convoy, gradually assembled behind the team.

Han Yanyan took the dead zombie on the road to practice her skill, and also overcome nausea.

It can be said that her adaptability was super strong.

But at this time when she saw the zombies clad at the back of the truck, her nose seemed to smell the rancid odor, with uncontrollable creepy, her breathing was heavy.

The team took a lap, entered a straight road that was not too wide, and suddenly slowed down and stopped.

Han Yanyan’s car was at the end of the line and watched as the zombies approached.

She just felt that her heart was beating like a drum, her mouth was dry and her adrenaline was secreted.

She pulled out a machete and held it tightly in her hand, but found that the four team members on the truck were completely indifferent.

Although the other search members were a little nervous, they did not panic.

Was there any preparation or backhand she did not know about

As she was thinking, a purple power grid formed between the last truck and the zombies, with crackling sparks, pushing towards the zombies …

Han Yanyanyan remembered that there was a laser net in the secret room of the movie “Resident Evil 1”, which instantly cut people into pieces.

Han Yanyan, who jumped out of the truck, stood at the back of the truck and stared at the zombie piled of nearly 100 meters long on the road.

She even smelled the smell of barbecue.

What she just saw made her lose her language, leaving only a word in her mind—



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