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Elsewhere, Leo was putting some extra thought into strangling Han Yanyan.

But at that moment the person was in the system monitoring together with him lamented, "This lady is quite cruel to herself.

Where did you manage to pick up such a woman "

"Somewhere so primitive and backward that birds don't even ** there," Leo replied grumpily.

"Is she going to incite him through betrayal" the other asked.

"Will that work"

"Heh, hard to say." Waving a hand, Leo pulled a chart out from thin air.

"Look at this line, see how smooth it currently is Just one little stimulation and whoosh, it'll rush up! I'm looking forward to it!" There was real happiness in his laugh.

She might be a hateful woman, but she really was an excellent architect.


When Yao Chen got home, he saw the gauze wrapped around Han Yanyan's neck and his pupils shrank immediately.

"What happened"

"Sst! Don't touch it! Ouch!" Han Yanyan yelped.

"My hand slipped while I was playing with the throwing knives."

Looking at the bloody blade, the blood on the carpet, and the bar stool she had deliberately kicked in the basement, Yao Chen believed what she had said.

Everything looked like an accident.

"Be more careful in the future and don't play with them again!" He was a little scared.

He had always been obsessed with knives, and had honed these throwing knives very keenly.

Such an accident was indeed possible.

"It's fine.

I was just lost in thought and fumbled," she said.

"What were you thinking about" Yao Chen asked.

Sitting in his arms, Han Yanyan looked up at him.

"I was thinking about listening to you and going off birth control."

"You thought it through" Yao Chen was pleasantly surprised.

"Timing-wise, it will take about half a year if I go off birth control now to be able to conceive.

It's not like you can get pregnant immediately just because you want to.

I've already started on my thesis, so that will be enough time for me to graduate."

Han Yanyan had always refused to have children before.

Yao Chen had always doubted and worried that she was leaving herself a way out.

Her being willing to give him a child meant that she was truly thinking of making a life with him.

There were always some men who thought that women gave birth to children for the sake of a man, and that once she did so, she would be tied down to the father of her child for life.

Just like his mother.

His damnable father had beat her like that, and he had tried so many times to get her to run away together, but she felt that she couldn't live without the man who beat her everyday.

In the end, she was beaten to death.

Han Yanyan's words made sense.

Yao Chen was elated.

He picked her up and swung her around in circles.

"Yanyan, give me a son!" he said.

"In the first half of my life, I lived for myself.

In the next half, I'll fight for you and our children!"

Annoyed, Han Yanyan chided, "And what if it's a daughter"

Yao Chen roared with laughter.

"A daughter is fine too! Either way works."

That night, Yao Chen avoided the wound on her neck, made love to her carefully, and sprayed his seed into her.

It was an act of sowing that often gave a man a sense that he had completely conquered and possessed a woman.

Afterward he caressed Han Yanyan's flat belly, wishing that it would bulge up right now and give birth to a child at once.

Han Yanyan laughed until she couldn't breathe.

"How is that possible You can't even start trying for another half a year.

Until then, you'll have to use contraception."

Yao Chen sighed regretfully, then took contraception seriously after that.

Han Yanyan gave him a long lecture on popular science, and he didn't want a disabled child.

He had seen with his own eyes deformed children born due to poisoning, and for a child like that, living was a debt.1

Han Yanyan finished her graduate studies, got her master's degree, and was still not pregnant with a child.

Yao Chen was in a hurry, but it seemed as though he had been reading some articles online about pregnancy recently, and he didn't dare to pressure her.

All he could do was sow more diligently and look forward to winning the bid.

After making love, he no longer allowed Han Yanyan to take a bath immediately, but instead had her "lie down for another five minutes" to increase the chances of conception.

Finally allowed to take a bath, Han Yanyan stood in front of the bathroom mirror afterward and reached out to wipe the fog off the mirror.

She looked at herself in the mirror and put her hand gently on her lower abdomen.

"Leo," she said, "I need to get pregnant.

I must be pregnant."

Leo's mouth twitched. This mother**ing woman was ordering him around left and right!

"Can she get pregnant and have a baby in there" The person who was monitoring together with him asked.


As long as she wants to, she can," Leo answered.

The other person contemplated it.

"And the child would also be..."

"Also yes." said Leo.

The man was silent for a moment before saying, "That's pretty **ed up." After all, the woman didn't know anything.

She was a woman, was it possible for her not to feel for a child

If your **ing mother was so benevolent, then why don't you leave me alone too! Leo cursed in his heart. You're **ing pinching this old man's life in your hand, is that **ed up!

"Who told her to be an architect" Leo sniffed, gloating over Han Yanyan's misfortune.

The person glanced at him.

"Do all of your architects end up badly in the end"

"What are you talking about They have a great life in the 'worlds', eating, drinking, having fun, living the high life," Leo protested.

So what If it were them living through worlds, they would probably have gone crazy by now, the person thought.

But they needed an architect, and they needed Han Yanyan.

Even though they felt a little sympathetic, their position meant that it was impossible to help her.

After all, in comparison, Han Yanyan was insignificant.


Han Yanyan decided that she had to have a child for Yao Chen, and became pregnant.

It was when she became pregnant with Yao Chen's child that he finally trusted her completely.

"Rest at home, don't worry about the company," he said.

"That won't work.

I'll suffocate," she refused.

"It's not manual labor, so what are you afraid of"

Yao Chen consented.

Not only did he agree that she should continue to help him, but he finally handed over his key accounts to Han Yanyan.

"From here on out, they all belong to you and our child," he said, holding her hand.

Han Yanyan was elated.

She kissed him and said, "I'm glad you trust me so much."

It could be said that she was very glad indeed.



Hello! Sorry I'm late.

I'm actually in Spain right now!! My husband got sent here for a work trip and I, um...

tagged along on vacation haha.


I was planning on churning out some chapters while I was on the plane, but did you know that American Airlines makes you pay for WiFi even on long international flights How stingy! Bah humbug.




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