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It took Han Yanyan a few days to call Jiang Ye up again.

"He's still alive," Jiang Ye said.

"But his brain was severely deprived of oxygen.

He's still in a coma."

His tone was heavy with remorse.

Yang Jun was just like how his girlfriend and subordinate had told him.

Too young and ambitious, he had been caught while Yao Chen was cleaning up the spies in his organization.

It had been terrible timing1. 

Qingshui Bay was now being monitored, but Yao Chen's people were no longer dumping bodies there.

Instead, they had gone out into the suburbs to find a field and buried Yang Jun alive.

Jiang Ye's men had found and dug him back up via GPS.

He was now still struggling on the edge of life and death, and would likely end up being brain dead.

Han Yanyan asked Jiang Ye, "Inspector Jiang, do you trust me"

Jiang Ye was silent for a moment before replying.

"I believe you are a person who wants to bring Yao Chen to justice as much as I do."

"Then cooperate with me," she said.

An alliance had been reached.

With Jiang Ye as a partner, one got twice the result with half the effort.

The two of them framed Sanhu for the transaction's leak.

In May of last year, Han Yanyan had deliberately driven a thorn between Sanhu and Yao Chen.

Not only had this thorn pierced Sanhu, but Yao Chen as well, since what Sanhu could find out, Yao Chen also could.

These sorts of suspicions couldn't be explained away.

Explaining only added insult to injury.

All Yao Chen could do to reassure Sanhu was to treat him just as always.

But in doing so Yao Chen would surely wonder, If Sanhu has doubts, will he someday betray me Suspicion caused by suspicion was like poison in poison.

It could never be eliminated.

With Jiang Ye on the outside and Han Yanyan on the inside, the two cooperated to let out a smokescreen, making Yao Chen believe that the real traitor was actually Sanhu, and that Xiao Yang had just been a scapegoat.

In the end, Yao Chen and Sanhu turned against each other.

The internal conflict ended in one death and one escape.

Another of Yao Chen's brothers died, and Sanhu fled.

Yao Chen lost two arms at once.

Even after this, Yao Chen's suspicions had not dissipated.

He conducted another screening, and this time found several of Han Yanyan's bugs.

Fortunately, she was on the alert and immediately destroyed the software, erasing all traces of monitoring.

But from that Yao Chen understood that there was another mole at his side.

Though he had doubts about many people, he never doubted her.

The woman was his lawful wife.

Her whole heart and body depended on him to live.

She would suffer the most if he fell.

Logically, she was the last person who would betray him.

"He's found all my bugs.

I won't be able to take any further action for the time being." Han Yanyan told Jiang Ye.

Jiang Ye had long begun to think of this 'man' on the phone as an important partner and told her, "Be careful not to be found.


Is it possible for us to meet"

Han Yanyan smiled.

"Of course.

The day we meet will be the day I have collected enough evidence to bring down Yao Chen."

Yao Chen had lost his right hand men one after the other, and his suspicions gave birth to more imaginary fears.

Everyone in his eyes was suspicious.

Under these circumstances he began relying more and more on Han Yanyan.

He loosened his grip and gave her even more power, until she was just a tiny bit short of the core businesses she most wanted contact with.

But how could she gain Yao Chen's final, complete, trust

Yao Chen had been suffering successive setbacks this last while, and his mood had not been very good.

One day he looked at Han Yanyan and felt like he was lucky to have her by his side.

No matter how badly off he was, seeing her made him feel better.

No matter how ambitious one might be, in the end what made you feel warm were your wife and children on the hot kang2.

Hot passion in his heart, he pulled Han Yanyan into his arms and said, "Give me a child.

Have a son for me, and I will leave to him my entire fortune."

Surprised, she said, "We agreed..."

Yao Chen had mentioned having children when they got married, but Han Yanyan had been taking birth control pills the whole time they had been together.

She had told him she was still young and wasn't done with school yet, so she didn't want to have a baby.

She wanted to study and work for him, and if she had a child she wouldn't be able to leave it alone.

Anyway, she really was young, and it would only take two or three years to finish her studies, so Yao Chen didn't press her.

But right at this moment, Yao Chen all of a sudden desperately wanted a child.

"Stop taking birth control," he said.

Han Yanyan was uncertain about a baby.

Could those here in this world on a mission even have children

While Yao Chen was not at home, she went down to the basement and picked up a throwing knife.

"Leo, Leo," she called to the ceiling for that **ing pervert.

No reaction.

Did he have to be begged to come out every single time Han Yanyan rested the knife rest on her neck, rather like a loyal minister of old using his life to admonish the emperor, but there was still no response from Leo.

I'll just give it a shot, she thought.

Her hand pressed down slightly, and the sharp blade drew a line of blood on the skin of her neck.

Although she had avoided her artery, red blood seeped out immediately.

Han Yanyan held the handle and waited, but there as still no sign of Leo.

He doesn't dare.


In the last world, he had appeared whenever he wanted to, and he would show up as soon as she called.

But in the apocalypse, only when Ding Yao was far away did he dare to show, and even then he had hastily vanished.

Now here she was with Yao Chen not far away, in the same city, and Leo wasn't here even after having been called numerous times.

Han Yanyan had originally wanted to ask about the child, but with this harvest she had just reaped, the matter of the child was no longer important.

She blotted her wound with a tissue and smiled at the ceiling, then turned and went back upstairs.


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