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At that time, Yao Chen was in his limo.

Han Yanyan had hidden her bug inside the car.  All of a sudden, she heard the sound of the car door opening, and then the voice of Sanhu saying, "Brother, this is the boy."

Noises indicated Yao Chen getting out of the car.

Fortunately, they left the door open and stood by the car talking, so the professional-grade bug allowed Han Yanyan to listen in vaguely.

"This is the boy!"

"He looks quite stupid.

To think he had the **ing guts!"

Yao Chen's footsteps sounded and his voice became blurred.

There was some dialogue in the distance, but she couldn't hear them clearly.

But then all of a sudden there was a scream that made Han Yanyan's heart twitch - it was Xiao Yang!

Footsteps approached.

Yao Chen had returned to the car.

Han Yanyan heard him say, "Deal with him according to the old rules."

She heard Sanhu respond, and then the door closed, and the voices were cut off.

All was calm and quiet.

Yao Chen should be coming home.

Aside from the mission, you don't need to care about anyone else.


Fuck it!

She called Jiang Ye immediately.

"Inspector Jiang! Xiao Jun has been exposed.

His life is in danger.

Locate him immediately and get him out!"

Jiang Ye was all washed up and ready for bed.

When he received this shocking phone call, he answered instinctively, "Got it, I'll go right away!"

He pulled on his shoes and ran out the door, making calls as he ran.

When all the calls were made and he was in his car holding the steering wheel, he suddenly realized something.

The mysterious informant had called him "Inspector Jiang" in a familiar tone, and had also known that Yang Jun's necklace had a positioning chip in its pendant.

What was even weirder was that they had called Yang Jun "Xiao Jun".

There was only one person in the police force who called Xiao Yang 'Xiao Jun', and it was one of his female subordinates, the one he was seeing.

They had already made things clear between them and were dating in secret.

She had handpicked Xiao Yang for the police force from among several equally outstanding fresh graduates.

Because of this, she was particularly close to the child, and instead of calling him Xiao Yang, she called him "Xiao Jun".

Jiang Ye felt it was quite odd.

But Yang Jun's life was currently at stake, so he didn't think too much about it.

On the other side of the phone, Han Yanyan was also stunned.

Just now, she had been possessed by "Policewoman Han Yanyan".

In that brief conversation, her emotions, her way of thinking, and her language habits had all belonged to "Policewoman Han Yanyan".

Was she having schizophrenia or something!

Han Yanyan pulled at her hair.

But then she suddenly stopped, and a thought flashed through her mind like lightning.

She had once suspected that Yao Chen was Ding Yao, but later she had come to doubt herself.

At that moment it suddenly occurred to her - what if Ding Yao was just like her In each new world, not only a new body, but a new character setting also.

As the person given the mission, she kept all her memories and knew clearly who she was.

Yet even so, she was often influenced by the character setting, and from time to time she was possessed by the character.

Then what about Ding Yao, who had no previous memory of the world Someone who had lost his memory and self would not experience schizophrenia, but...

completely accept the setting, wouldn't he

But if "Yao Chen" was just a character setting, was there any guarantee that "Ding Yao" was his real form More than likely "Ding Yao" was also just another character!

These thoughts lit up her brain like thunder and lightning.

She smashed and fused the doubts that had existed from the beginning with those that had come later, and slowly, something took shape, giving her a glimpse of the shadow of the truth.


When Yao Chen got home, he saw Han Yan sitting on the sofa in a daze.

The TV was on, and some unintelligible show was playing, but she obviously wasn't watching, because her eyes were glazed and unfocused.

"Hey! Is something wrong" He waved his hand in front of her eyes.

Han Yanyan woke up with a start.

She patted her chest and complained, "You scared me half to death! Why don't you make any noise when you walk!"

Yao Chen had just found his spy and was in a very good mood.

"What are you thinking about" he asked.

Han Yanyan sighed.

"About life."

Her old-fashioned tone amused Yao Chen.

He pushed her down onto the sofa, tore open the collar of her shirt and said, "Well come on then, let me discuss life with you…"

When the discussion about life was over, Han Yanyan lay softly on his chest, watching him light a cigarette.

Yao Chen inhaled a mouthful of white smoke and looked down at his little wife, who looked back at him with eyes as dark and deep as a bottomless pool.

"Yao Chen, you must have let me down in a previous life.

Maybe you used me to block a knife in a moment of life and death," she said.

"And now you've met me again in this life and it's going to end in tragedy1."

Yao Chen quaked with laughter.

"You've got it backwards.

It must have been you who let me down in your previous life, since you've fallen into my hands in this one."

"Ah!" Han Yanyan suddenly rose.

"I forgot to bring you some soup.

I've been cooking it all night."

After marriage, she had begun learning how to cook.

Yao Chen liked her like this.

Now that she was married, her heart had settled down.

No matter how reluctant she had once been, she was now willing to make a life with him.

He drank the soup Han Yanyan had made, his heart completely at ease.

Home was a relaxing place, and his wife was a reassuring person.


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