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Most of the monitoring was useless information, but occasionally there would be something useful.

Jiang Ye waited for over half a year before the phone number that he had almost forgotten about once again lit up his phone screen.

This time, the police took out one of Yao Chen's underground casinos.

There were always ebbs and flows when sailing the underworld.

It wasn't that Yao Chen was being a sore loser, but that the police operation had gone so well that he and his brothers couldn't help but be angry.

Even ordinary men with a few drinks in them were rash and prone to anger, let alone men with blood on their hands.

Sanhu dragged an escort to the sofa, where he made her cry out shrilly, her blood-curdling screams rending the air over and over again.

Yao Chen had been smoking a cigarette and thinking about how the police could have gotten the news when the escort wailed so miserably that he was shaken from his thoughts.

Turning to glance at the awful scene on the sofa, he suddenly felt disgusted.

That night Yao Chen didn't return home until midnight.

There, a light had been left on.

The sound of the door closing woke Han Yanyan, who had been asleep on the sofa.

When she got up in a daze, her books fell to the ground.

Her re-examination was coming soon, and she had been doing intensive study recently.

Rubbing her eyes, she padded over to greet him, her hair a little mussed and her pajamas soft and comfortable-looking.

Yao Chen felt like before coming home and after were like two completely different worlds.

He couldn't tell which one he belonged to, or which one he liked better.

"You're back" she yawned slightly, her voice soft with that weak feeling peculiar to the state of drowsiness.

She stepped forward to help him take off his coat.

There was a half lipstick mark on Yao Chen's suit collar.

He could see it clearly, but Han Yanyan seemed to have missed it.

The other half, he guessed, should be on his shirt collar.

He couldn't see it, but she surely must have.

But Han Yanyan seemed to have seen nothing.

She covered her mouth with one hand and yawned, "I'm dead tired.

I'm going to bed, you should too." Then she turned to go.

Was it because of the casino, or from drinking too much All of a sudden, Yao Chen felt vexed.

He grabbed Han Yanyan and pulled her back.

She staggered.

"Han Yanyan, are you blind Can't you see this" He pointed to the position where there should be lipstick on his collar.

She seemed startled at first, but then her expression faded, and she answered indifferently, "What does it matter if I do Isn't this just how you are"

Yao Chen felt like he had had it with her 'faint' attitude.

"It's just how I am, so you don't even ask" he demanded, even angrier.

"Do you even care about me at all"

Han Yanyan contemplated him with her jet-black eyes.

"Would you stop if I asked about it"

Yao Chen froze.

Even though they were together, Yao Chen had always continued his life of feasting and pleasure-seeking.

Occasionally other women would leave scratches on his back while in the throes of emotion, but Han Yanyan had never asked about it.

It used to be that this made Yao Chen feel relaxed.

But now he felt angry.

He had finally become fed up with her "indifferent" emotions, bored with them, disgusted with them.

He wanted to see her laugh, cry, and be furious.

In his memory, once when he had tried to force her she had cried, kicking and biting him.

In their earliest days, she had fought him and resisted him.

Afterward it was all gone.

Ever since she had begun following him, it had all gone.

Han Yanyan shook off his hand and said lightly, "You're drunk, hurry and go to bed." She turned and started upstairs.

Yao Chen stared at her slender back, and malice welled up in his heart.

With malice in his heart, Sanhu had hurt an escort.

Deep down inside, Yao Chen was the exactly same sort of person as Sanhu.

After all, they had been brothers of the sword, split and shed blood for each other, a friendship forged by life and death.

How could they be brothers if they weren't alike

Yao Chen tore open his shirt and ran up the stairs.

Halfway, he picked up Han Yanyan, dragged her into the bedroom and threw her onto the big bed.

When he forced his way into her unprepared body despite her struggles, she screamed in pain.

But after that first scream, she seemingly stopped making a sound. 

"Why don't you cry Who don't you scream Scream!" Yao Chen gasped.

He rubbed her body.

It was far too rough to be a caress, almost abusive.

Han Yanyan drew a painful breath, but didn't cry.

"What's the use of crying" Her voice sounded intermittent, on and off like a scratchy radio.

"Anyway, you just want to hurt me."

There was a sigh in her voice, as if she had been waiting for this day for a long time.

Yao Chen froze.

Then he collapsed shamefully, like how an army in flight collapses like a landslide.


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