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Chapter 7 World One: the Stronger in the End-time World (4)

“Yes,” Han Yanyan said, “he said the search team is recruiting.”

Zhao Yuxuan was silent for a while and said, “The people recruited by the search team were gathered at the City Gate in the day after tomorrow.

The search team offered a meal and they went directly to the car.

All the people lived in this base are in the team.”

After Zhao said it, she paused for a while, and then said like looking for a supplement, “Do you make a bed I can help you.” Obviously, she heard something from Sun Lijun, which made her felt a little jealous and dreadful.

Han Yanyan pretended not to notice the changes in her mood and attitude just now, and asked, “Is there any water I want to wash the lunch box.”

Zhao Yuxuan said listlessly: “No, the water has stopped.”

There were originally six water plants in Nanling City, and now there was only one water plant that could work in the old town.

It was common that the water supply and power supply cuts.

“Oh,” Han Yanyan said, and she condensed water to wash the lunch box.

Zhao Yuxuan wasn’t surprised, she just said, “Are you a remarkable talent”

She looked for a while and realized that Han Yanyan’s power was not very useful, saying, “Qi Tongtong in 321 is also a remarkable talent, and she is also very weak.”

Han Yanyan asked, “What is she doing in the team”

Zhao Yuxuan moved her lips, “What else can she do except accompanying a man to sleep.

All the people on this floor live on this.”

Han Yanyan was silent.

Zhao Yuxuan didn’t care that.

She said with a little envy instead, “I heard that Ding Yao fancied on you You should serve him quickly and make him satisfied, then you will not worry about eating and drinking if you followed him.

If you are capable enough to make him your only man, there will be really nothing to worry about.

Han Yanyan said stubbornly, “I’m here to join the search team.”

Zhao Yuxuan’s expression cooled down, and she sneered as she looked at the unfurled bedding, the women’s clothes in the box, and some odds and ends.

These tattered things that they did not care before the end of the world were now all supplies and good things.

Whoever the ** will give it to a woman in the search team.

Han Yanyan had a fake loftiness.

She didn’t think of to be a prostitute but enjoy the benefit, and even looked down on them, so Zhao Yuxuan disgusted her.

Suddenly, Han Yanyan’s eyes were red, and she bowed her head, “My companion… died before entering the city.

He, he just died…” Then she choked.

It explained the matter.

Zhao Yuxuan’s disgusted feelings suddenly disappeared.

She sighed and said, “Okay, don’t be too sad.

Just get used to it.

However, living people must survive.

Take things easy, don’t keep thinking about the previous person.

A man like Ding Yao cannot be encountered if you missed, just cherish the present and catch his heart as soon as possible.”

She sat next to the bed, looking a little dazed, and finally said, “… everyone went through the same way.”

One of her feet was on a cardboard box, which wasn’t quite decent, but this beautiful girl didn’t care about it.

There was a sense of decadence that it didn’t matter what life was but just to live.

This was the most common state of ordinary people in the end-time world–alive.

Suddenly the phone on the bed rang, Zhao Yuxuan picked up lazily, asked for the room number, and stood up, “I’m going to work.

You can clean it up by yourself.”

Han Yanyan watched the girl go to work.

She put away the lunch box and took the key to open the door of 315.

There was electricity, and Nanling City had a hydropower plant, which had been operating continuously.

She turned on the light and saw that 315 was a large bedroom.

It was a long time when no one had lived.

It was empty.

There were only a mattress and no bedding on the bed.

There was some rubbish on the ground, and some were like torn clothes or rags.

Han Yanyan went to the bathroom and looked at the mirror.

It was the first time she had seen herself in this world.

The electronic sound was really stingy! She wanted the incomparable beauty but it didn’t give her, she wanted extraordinary strength but it didn’t give her.

Han Yanyan could not help greeting his ancestors in mind.

It even allowed Han Yanyan of the end-time world to directly use the face in the previous world.

This face was pure and beautiful.

However, in the previous world, she was constrained by the character set, who was more tender and delicate.

This world was better, there were fewer restrictions, and Han Yanyan could play freely.

She looked closer to the mirror and the skin was really good, with almost no flaws.

She turned her head and looked around.

She felt that this “Han Yanyan” was also 19 or 20 years old, and looked younger than the “Han Yanyan” who had graduated from the university and entered the workplace in the previous world, but there was no softness in the eyebrows, with a sense of indifference.

Although it was not the peerless beauty, this kind of substantial cleanliness can be more charming in this last age.

After all, too many beautiful women were devastated, such as Zhao Yuxuan.

Han Yanyan unscrewed the faucet, the pipe made a hissing sound, only a few drops of water flowed, and it was still rusty red.

Han Yanyan closed the water pipe, plugged the sink, and tried to condense the water.

She had condensed water several times this night, and she was much more proficient than when she was on the street.

She quickly condensed a basin of water, but she felt tired after exerting herself.

Extraordinary ability was like strength when they are used up, people will be tired, but after a while, it could be recovered.

She went to 317 to find a broom and dustpan and tore the rags on the ground into cleaning cloth.

During the time Zhao Yuxuan went out to “work”, she cleaned the room 315.

When she took the bedding to 315 and carried the box, Zhao Yuxuan returned.

She was exhausted and smelled of sweat and semen.

The water had stopped and she couldn’t take a bath.

This summer was really sad.

Seeing Han Yanyan holding things, she didn’t have the extra energy to ask.

She just said, “Pick up today”

When Han Yanyan was back to return her broom and dustpan, she stayed in her bathroom for a while before leaving, and when Han Yanyan returned to her room she was so tired that she lay down straightly Half an hour later, Zhao Yuxuan came knocking at the door and handed her a small half packet of biscuits.

There were not many cookies left, probably about four or five pieces.

“Thank you,” she said.

She looked much fresher and her odor was gone.

While Han Yanyan returned the broom, she left her a bath of water.

Han Yanyan picked up these biscuits, getting it on labor with a clear conscience.

Zhao Yuxuan didn’t leave, she hesitated and said, “Sun Lijun let me tell you, the search team doesn’t have meals these days here, you… don’t have a meal tomorrow.”

Han Yanyan’s hand picking up the biscuit was paused.

Both of them were silent.

Zhao Yuxuan said, “Don’t take it too hard.”

Han Yanyan said, “You haven’t reached the end of the road yet.” She raised her biscuit.

Zhao Yuxuan smiled slightly and shook her head.

A pretty girl came over holding three cans that looked like tin cans, and greeted full of joy, “Xuan Xuan.”

Zhao Yuxuan glanced at what she was holding and asked, “Canned meat”

The beauty enraptured, “I went to the top floor just now.” She also had a bad smell of sweat and seminal fluid.

After she finished speaking, she smelled at Zhao Yuxuan, “Are you taking a shower Isn’t the water stopped”

Before Zhao Yuxuan said anything, Han Yanyan interposed and asked, “Are you going to take a bath I sell water.

I am a water talent.”

The beauty then saw Han Yanyan standing in the door, “Who is she”

Zhao Yuxuan said, “New here, Han Yanyan.” She told Han Yanyan, “This is Qi Tongtong.”

Qi Tongtong nodded, “Come and get some water for me then.”

Han Yanyan went with her to 321.

Qi Tongtong’s room also stocked a lot of things, but much better than Zhao Yuxuan.

Zhao Yuxuan was hoarding whatever was needed or not, so it was particularly messy.

Qi Tongtong obviously was hoarding everything useful here.

In particular, she had more food than Zhao Yuxuan and her things looked better.

As far as the canned meat she was carrying now, Zhao Yuxuan didn’t have it.

The can was unpacked, and it was a bare iron can.

Han Yanyan asked it which turned out to be produced by the Nanling settlement.

“Did you come to Nanling just now” Qi Tongtong asked, “The Management Committee pulled back a production line from the outside last year.

Otherwise, the meat will not be stored well and it will be wasted.”

Wasted… Obviously, there were still so many people starving.

Women could betray themselves for half a steamed bun hoe.

Han Yanyan gave Qi Tongtong a pot of water.

She was very tired after giving water to Zhao Yuxuan, but she had took a rest before and felt easier now.

Qi Tongtong was more generous than Zhao Yuxuan and gave her a bag of instant noodles, sealed.

She kept screaming hot when she opened the box for instant noodles.

It was really hot.

In this hot summer, the windows of this hotel just open a slit from the bottom up and were particularly airless.

Han Yanyan asked, “Can’t the air conditioner be turned on”

Qi Tongtong said, “Limited electricity policy.

There is no electricity on the plug-in boards on the wall, the main switch charged it.

Only the top floor has electricity, and it is comfortable.”

Han Yanyan asked, “Do you want some ice” After speaking, she changed, “Do you want to buy some ice”

Qi Tongtong glanced, “Are you duel talent”

Han Yanyan said, “Well, water and ice.”

“Ice is pretty fierce,” Qi Tongtong said, “why are you still here”

“They’re terrific, not me.” Han Yanyan said, “Want it or not”

“Sure, what is the price” Qi Tongtong asked.

Han Yanyan’s eyes fell on her tin can.

“Well, you are greedy.” Qi Tongtong said.

The two pretty girls bargained for a while and finally dealt it.

Qi Tongtong gave Han Yanyan a tin can.

Han Yanyan condensed water in all the pots and pans and then frozen the water into ice.

She worked for more than an hour, and finally sat so tired that she almost collapsed on the carpet.

“It’s weak.” Qi Tongtong sighed.

It can be understood how Han Yanyan a dual talent mixed with them.

“I heard…” Han Yanyan gasped and asked, “Are you wood remarkable talent”

“Yeah.” When speaking of her power, Qi Tongtong replied lethargically, “as weak as you.”

Han Yanyan’s eyes fell on the row of potted plants on the window sill, “You planted them” Those potted plants were fruit trees, very miniature, like shrinking a grown plant proportionally.

Looking at these malformed works, Qi Tongtong was gloomy, “It wastes a lot of energy to be like that.”

She sighed, “Look at the wheat and rice in our yard, which are planted by our wood remarkable talents.

How awesome! I also want to be so powerful even in my dreams! Unfortunately, reality is cruel.”

Han Yanyan said, “Isn’t it possible to exercise our ability”

Qi Tongtong said, “Bull**! Who doesn’t know! The question is how many people can do it! The people who can do it are now remarkable! This is like losing weight before.

Which fat man doesn’t know that exercise can lose weight Well, how many fat men can really succeed “

Han Yanyan could not refute.

Breathing for a while, she stood up against the bed, holding her canned food and leaving.

“Ah, new!” Qi Tongtong called to her, “that canned food has a long shelf life, so keep it if you can keep it, and eat others first.”

Han Yanyan nodded at her, thanking her.

She returned to 315, feeling her feet were still floating.

What was more important was that there was a place in her head that was painful, like a needle stuck in her head.

This was a symptom of overuse of abilities.

Abilities can be enhanced through exercise.

Each time people push the limits, they will improve after recovery.

But this was easy to say and too difficult to do.

Just like Han Yanyan at this moment, her body was weak and powerless, her mind was like being stabbed by needles, but it was actually far from the limit.

But Han Yanyan’s life was now in the hands of the electronic voice.

Whether she can survive depends on whether the task can be completed in this world.

She dragged her sore body, filled a bathtub with water, then let it go, then filled it, let it go, then…

In her mind, it was tied up with thousands of steel needles.

She didn’t know in how many times the bathtub was filled with water, Han Yanyan finally fainted on the bathroom floor.

Zombie, end-time world, extraordinary ability.

The girl in a white sarong skirt.

Black long straight hair, pale faces.

Before fainting, Han Yanyan thought that the name “Han Yanyan” was truly deserved.


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