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Han Yanyan closed her eyes as white light flooded everything.

When she opened them again, it was that familiar pure white space.

Qiao Wenxing, Qiao Chengyu, her wealthy father, all those well-dressed upper-class guests...

they all disappeared.

When a world ended, like a bubble bursting, all those people went with the world.

They could not be grasped or caught, like sand flowing through one's fingers.

Leo had called it 'quick transmigration'.

Han Yanyan stood there quietly, her hands fisted by her sides.

"My oh my, I was right after all.

How quick! It must have been pretty easy for you." Leo's ugly electronic synthesized voice sounded very happy.

What was this fellow so pleased about

"Well then, your mental chart looks much more stable now.

Let's hurry up and start the next world."

I see.

"I specifically chose something simple for you to let you relax.

You did great in this world, and honestly pretty well in the post-apocalyptic one, too.

Don't be so hard on yourself, you're quite talented..."

"What do I get, Leo" Han Yanyan asked abruptly.

"Huh" Leo's chatter came to an abrupt halt, as if his brain had short-circuited for a moment.

Han Yanyan had been a career novelist, and her mind had an excellent sense of imagery.

As Leo was at a loss, she could see vividly in her head the appearance of someone hiding behind their monitor and microphone, mouth open, brain shorted out.

It was **ing hilarious.

Too bad the laughter wouldn't come out.

"I completed my 'Quick Transmigration' mission objective.

What do I get" she asked again.

A few seconds later, Leo answered in a nasty tone, "You don't need to worry about that."

"You've made me your worker.

At the very least, I should know my salary, bonuses and benefits," she replied.

"Even if I won't get any, shouldn't I know at the very least when I can leave"

"Leave" Leo ridiculed.

"Where did you even get that idea from I'll say it again, don't even think about it.

Now go on, you've had enough rest, get down to work.


His voice suddenly lost it's animation and said coldly, "Mark."

Right from the start, Leo had been using this synthetic robotic sound to disguise himself as something like a 'system', an AI.

After some tentative probing, it wasn't hard to guess that this 'mark' was truly from a computer, and that was why it was so cold and emotionless.

Han Yanyan smiled grimly.

After the 'mark', there was a familiar trance-like feeling, as if she had forgotten something, as if a paragraph was missing.

But Han Yanyan was not perplexed and alarmed this time, because she had had an idea of what was going on even before she was marked.

"What are the mission requirements this time" she asked.

At first, Leo had asked her to make the target fall in love with her.

In the apocalyptic world she had been made a meat shield by Ding Yao, yet he had still praised her for doing a good job.

Then in the previous world, she had been required to make Qiao Wenxing regret his actions.

Although it had been simple and easy to accomplish, there was no coherency in these requirements.

After all, what Han Yanyan knew about 'quick transmigration' generally required a singular, clear-cut purpose.

That was why she had asked this question.


This time, it was Leo who stalled.

He hesitated for a long moment before answering, "Uh, well, just do what you did to Ding Yao last time.

You didn't do half-bad then."

"But I failed with Ding Yao." Han Yanyan had been in the last world for two years.

She could now speak of Ding Yao calmly, and didn't deny her failure.

"He didn't fall in love with me."


hard to say," Leo replied.

She could tell from his tone that he was eager to gossip, but though he was apparently itching to say more, something seemed to be holding him back.

In the end he could only give her a simple, vague, ambiguous order.

Han Yanyan felt her once calm heart being fiercely pulled.

It wasn't that she was still in love with Ding Yao.

She had been with Qiao Chengyu for two years - spoiled, loved, trusted, relied on, respected.

She wasn't so cheap as to still have feelings for Ding Yao.

It was merely that she just somehow couldn't catch her breath.

She couldn't let go of it after all.

"All right, all right, let's get to work!"

Leo switched over to the real computer system, and an electronic voice said coldly, "The world has been generated."

Han Yanyan's lips curled up in a bitter smile as she was dropped into the next world.


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